Far Cry 6 Barriga Criptograma Chest And Charts Location

Far Cry 6 Barriga Criptograma Chest

If a game has so many levels and a reward for each level will always keep you in a surprising state thinking about what type of reward the game would offer you. That exact feel, can’t be explained in words rather should be felt.

Barriga Criptograma Chest is a type of chest level that a player will encounter in the game. It demands you to find out two charts and only after placing the chests on the starting point you will be rewarded and the level will be completed.

Barriga Criptograma Chest

Criptograma Chest Barriga Walkthrough 1

This Criptograma Chest is not much of a complicated one and yet players sometimes struggle really hard to get through this Chest. As a first step, you will have to locate the chest location in the map and get into it to start your searching process in Far Cry 6.

Criptograma Chest Barriga Walkthrough 2

You will start in a building that is on the water so you will be able to see water all around you, and there will be a crocodile and a few fish near to where you stand.

Right next to the crocodile there is the starting point, where you will get to know about the Barriga Criptograma Chest which you will have to collect.

Criptograma Chest Barriga Walkthrough 3

There will be a boat near to the building and you can use it to search your chests. If you have been very keen on your playing you would have noticed a blue arrow mark symbol that is drawn on the wall which indicates the direction to travel.

Criptograma Chest Barriga Walkthrough 4

Using the boat go straight and you will be able to a white house after a few seconds of sailing. On the side of the house, there will be a blue marking that tells you the direction in which you have to follow. On the side of the house, there will be the first Barriga Criptograma Chest chart.

Criptograma Chest Barriga Walkthrough 5

After collecting the first Barriga Criptograma Chest chart take the same boat and sail on the left side of the first chart location.

Criptograma Chest Barriga Walkthrough 6

After a few distances on the shore, you will be able to view a white building, and on the wall of the building, you will be able to find the second Barriga Criptograma Chest.

The mission for Barriga Criptograma Chest will be completed after you collect the two charts and as a reward for that, you will be given a Chest Gear and you can go on with the next Criptograma Chests.

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