Far Cry 6 Zona-51 Weapon Location, Stats, And Mods

Far Cry 6 Zona-51 Weapon Location, Stats, And Mods

Zona-51 is a rank 4 rifle capable of a lot of damage. And when we say a lot, we do not mean just destruction, we mean damage that can completely wreck the landscape in front of you.

Yara is not on the top ten vacation destinations and it’s completely justified. The place has been ripped apart with war and revolutions for too long.

Anton Castillo has the island in his fist and his forces will stop at nothing to ensure that things stay the same way

Weapon Mechanics In General

You, the player, would have to combat Castillo’s forces, stir up and play your role in the revolution while staying alive. None of it is a cakewalk and that is exactly why you need the right kind of weapons in your arsenal.

Far Cry 6 has a total of 98 weapons out of which 49 are non-unique and the other 49 are Unique Weapons. If you find all the Unique Weapons you will successfully unlock the Armed to the Teeth trophy and achievement.

Let’s find out if Zona-51 is worth risking your neck for, shall we?

Zona-51 Weapon Stats

Far Cry 6 Zona-51 Weapon Stats
Weapon NameZona-51
Rate of Fire800

The Zona-51 is arguably the best rifle type of weapon in Far Cry 6, if not one of the best.


The Zona-51 is will completely destroy your enemies. With 800 Rate Of Fire and 30 magazines, the Zona-51 damages and devastates. It has a low velocity and its accuracy is average.

It’s quite great at stealth but abysmal at handling. Although the Zona-51 cannot be upgraded at the workbench, it has amazing attachments and stats that you can use!

Additional Reading: Dark Tech Gear Set can help you to complete your missions in stealth!

Where To Find Zona-51

Acquiring the Zona-51 will not be a walk in the park. In fact, Zona-51 is one of the hard-to-get weapons in Far Cry 6. Players will be able to find the four-star auto rifle waiting for them at La Divinidad Cathedral, located slightly Northeast of the “Old Pueblo” text on the map of Yara.

The Zona-51 will be hard to get as the Cathedral will be under the absolute control of FND. Scale the cathedral and sneak up at your enemies.

Kill the patrolling guard near the cathedral and after you’ve grabbed the key to the bell tower, enter it. Once you have entered the tower you will find a gator case to your right.

Other Rifles In Far Cry 6

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