Far Cry 6 BP-2 Weapon Location, Stats, And Mods

Far Cry 6 BP-2 Weapon Location, Stats, And Mods

The BP-2 rifle in Far Cry 6 has been ranked two on the rifle list. It is one of the most difficult to find as it can be found in crates and chests as a reward or purely based on your luck or can be bought from the in-game shops.

Far Cry 6 BP-2 Stats

Far Cry 6 BP-2 Stats
Weapon NameBP-2
Rate of Fire800

The BP-2 Rifle has great stats. This Rifle has a great Damage impact and accuracy. Also, it has great stealth. The velocity and handling of this rifle are also good but still lacking with respect to other stats.

These stats make this rifle worthy of the second rank it has. The rate of fire of the rifle is 600 and it uses 30 magazines.

BP-2 Rifle Location

The BP-2, the rifle can only be found from the FND crates or the Yaran Contraband chests. You can find this rifle while looking for Gun Powder.

While looking for this rifle, look for the FND Cache in the Bustamante Farm. There is a higher probability of finding the FND crates with BP-2 rifles.

You can also purchase BP-2, the rifle from Juan’s Arms Dealers’ in-game store, or the Guerrilla Garrison using Yaran Pesos.


This rifle can attach every mod except the Pointer Mods and Canted Sights Mods. Each mod has different Mods variety like the Ammo Mods are the standard round mods which are standard military-grade ammo that is cheap and can only be used by cannon fodder, the Soft Target Rounds deals heavy damage against unarmored targets and impairs damage against the armored targets.

The Poison Rounds deals poison damage over time also could cause poisoned enemies to turn on each other and the glass tip rounds that impair weapon damage.

The Incendiary Rounds deals fire damage in a small area that deals damage over time that impairs the weapon damage. The Armor-Piercing Rounds holds straight lines and penetrates helmets and body armors.

The Blast Rounds deals with blast damages and is greatly effective against vehicles and can break bulletproof windshields and impairs weapon damage. Likewise, the Muzzle mods have resolver Suppressors that slightly reduce weapon noise, greatly impair effective range and very quickly overheat.

The Muzzle brake improves horizontal recoil and Improves muzzle flash. The Russian Suppressor slightly reduces weapon noise and greatly impairs effective range and is quick to overheat. The American Suppressor Slightly reduces weapon noise and slightly impairs effective range very quickly to overheat.

Compensator Improves recoil in all four directions. The Large Cylindrical Suppressor Greatly reduces weapon noise and Slightly impairs effective range also Quick to overheat. The Large Rectangular Suppressor Slightly reduces weapon noise and Greatly impairs effective range also Slow to overheat.

The Resolver Suppressor MK.2 Greatly reduces weapon noise and Greatly also impairs effective range Slow to overheat. The Optical Mods has the resolver reflex sight which has improvised short-range sight, Red dot sight which has slightly zoomed-in short-range sight, Resolver Acog Sight which has improvised 4x mid-range optic, Micro reflex sight, and reflex sight which have short-range sight, Acog with 4x mid-range optic with the precision target, Specter Sight with 2x mid-range sight, Tactical sight 3x mid-range scope, Folding Sight, Resolver Reflex Sight MK.2 with advanced improvised 2x short-range sight, resolver Acog Sight MK.2 Advanced improvised 5x mid-range optic.

The BP-2 rifle has Rifle Mods as of Fast reload which improves reload speed, Headshot supremo which will reward you supremo charge on each headshot kills, Extended Mag with improved magazine size, Trigger discipline with improved aimed weapon damage, Fresh clip with improved damage after each first shot post reloading, Vampiric Triada with the chance of healing on dealing damage, High Ground with improved weapon damage to enemies below you.

Gut Wrencher with improved body shot weapon damage, Nimble Shooter which improves move speed while aiming, Keep it cool which improves suppressor cooling rate, Gunslinger which improves draw and holster speed, Press Your Advantage which improves weapon damage to enemies at lower health, Reload All which will reload all weapon by reloading only the attached weapon, Magic Fingers which improves the speed of replacing a partially used magazine.

Except for these two, any other Mods like Pointer Mods, Muzzle Mods, Canted Sights Mods, and rifle Mods are not available for this weapon.

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