Far Cry 6 Death Rites Weapon Location, Stats, And Mods

Far Cry 6 Death Rites Weapon Location, Stats, And Mods

Death Rites is a rank 2 rifle in Far Cry 6. The game is based in the fictitious land of Yara – where war has ripped the island apart into shreds. There is no peace, no stability and definitely no harmony.

To get out of the living hell that Anton Castillo has created here will be no small feat. And the more prepared you are, the better your chances at living will be. So will Death Rites be an invaluable addition to your arsenal? Or will it take you down in the war zone?

Read on to find out everything you need to know about Death Rites!

Far Cry 6 Death Rites Weapon Stats

Far Cry 6 Death Rites Weapon Stats
Weapon NameDeath Rites
Rate of Fire600

Death Rites is a special signature weapon of excellent quality. Although players will not be able to make any changes to the weapon they will be able to deliver a deadly blow with the Death Rites’ perks and attachments.

The Death Rites has an armor-piercing round accompanied with a compensator that makes firing in full auto very easy. The Death Rites is available in 4 Star modVampiric Triada. The Vampiric Triada lets you heal while you damage.

What’s more? It comes with a Headshot Supremo that grants you additional Supremo charge when you score headshots.

Finding The Death Rites

Players will be able to find Death Rites after completing The New Revolution mission. In the New Revolution mission you will find yourself playing with a single objective: infiltrate enemy boats, free prisoners and gain favor with La Moral.

After the mission gets over and you back to the mainland you will have to come to shore near some huts in a small village. You will be able to find it in Maldito, a small town on the southwest corner of Conuco located in El Este.

You will also be able to find it in a contraband location situated inside a burnt house in the middle of a town.

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