Far Cry 6 AK-47 Weapon Location, Stats, And Mods

Far Cry 6 AK-47 Weapon Location, Stats, And Mods

AK-47 is a very famous weapon known in literally every game. In most games, the AK-47 has established its power by the amount of destruction it brings.

But will it be just as destructive in Far Cry 6? Death, destruction, and chaos are just a normal Tuesday at Far Cry 6.

To combat Castillo’s forces and your enemies’ attack, you will need more than just will and miracles!

Far Cry 6 AK-47 Weapon Stats

Far Cry 6 AK-47 Weapon Stats
Weapon NameAK-47
Rate of Fire600

The AK-47 in Far Cry is a rank 1 Rifle capable of low damage, medium speed, low precision, low stealth, medium handling, 600 RPM, and a 30-round magazine.

The AK-47’s damage is lesser than many assault rifles and its handling and speed is average at best. There are clearly better weapons that you can include in your arsenal.

How To Find The AK-47

Players will be able to find the AK-47 from Juan’s Arms Dealers. Juan’s Arms Dealers will be marked on the map by a green icon and The AK-47 will be available to be purchased in exchange for about 500 Yaran Pesos.

You will also be able to find it from the Guerrilla Garrison in the first level. The AK-47 will be somewhat expensive so if you don’t want to spend money on it now, you can get it from Yara’s RND caches too.

These RND caches are not easy though. They are mostly controlled by the military, such as checkpoints, anti-aircraft installations, bases, and others.

To purchase AK-47 from Juan’s Arms Dealers you would need a Player Rank 1 and to acquire it from the Guerrilla Garrison – a Camp Facility built via the Construction Desk, you will need a Guerrilla Garrison Level – 1.

You will find that some weapons disappear after you have reached a higher rank. But if you’re unable to acquire the AK-47 even after fulfilling all the above-mentioned requirements you will need to get it from an FND Chest.

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