Far Cry 6 Urushi Weapon Location, Stats, And Mods

Urushi - Location, Stats, And Mods

The  Urushi rifle in Far Cry 6 has been ranked four on the rifle list. It is one of the most difficult to find as it can be found in crates and chests as a reward or purely based on your luck.

Far Cry 6 Urushi Stats

Far Cry 6 Urushi Weapon Stats

This Rifle has great stats. This Rifle has great velocity and strength. Whereas the Damage impact and accuracy are a little bit lacking but the stats of the handling of the weapon can manage them all.

These stats make this rifle worthy of the second rank it has. The rate of fire of the rifle is 900 and it uses 30 magazines.

Urushi Rifle Location

The rifle can only be found from the FND crates or the Yaran Contraband chests. You can find this rifle while looking for Gun Powder.

The Rifle can be found in the City of Esperanza, which is Anton Castillo’s home. The first challenge of this game is to reach the city safely despite the restricted airspace. So you have to fly close to there with the help of an air vehicle then use a wingsuit to enter the city.

After reaching Esperanza head down to the docks. There will be a building at the end of the dock with a strange wall facing out the bay.

Behind the wall, you will find many crates and in there you will find Yaran Contraband Chest next to a crate in which you will find an Urushi rifle.

You can also purchase this rifle from Juan’s Arms Dealers’ in-game store, or the Guerrilla Garrison using Yaran Pesos.


This rifle can attach a variety of mods which are Ammo Mods, Muzzle Mods, Pointer Mods, and Rifle Mods. The Ammo Mods are the Armor Piercing Rounds which are Rounds that hold straight lines and penetrate helmets and body armor.

The Muzzle Mods has a Large Cylindrical Suppressor which Greatly reduces weapon noise and Slightly impairs effective range also is Quick to overheat.

The Pointer Mods have the Laser Pointer which Improves bullet spread with firing from the hip. The Rifle Mods have Fresh Clip which First shot after reloading deals with improved damages and the Vampiric Triada has a chance of healing on dealing damage.

Except for these two, any other Mods like Canted Sights Mods, and Optical Mods are not available for this weapon.

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