Far Cry 6 Surf and Turf Weapon Location, Stats, And Mods

Far Cry 6 Surf & Turf Weapon Location, Stats, And Mods

The Surf and Turf Rifle in Far Cry 6 has been ranked three on the rifle list. It is one of the most difficult to find as it can be found in crates and chests as a reward or purely based on your luck.

Far Cry 6 Surf and Turf Stats

Far Cry 6 Surf & Turf Stats
Weapon NameSurf & Turf
Rate of Fire133

The Rifle has some excellent stats. This Rifle has a great velocity of 100. Also, it has incredible handling and damage. But the accuracy and stealth of this rifle are a bit lacking which can be still manageable given the other stats are good enough to cover for it.

These stats make this Rifle worthy of the second rank it has. The rate of fire of the Rifle is 133, and it uses 20 magazines.

Surf and Turf Rifle Location

The Surf and Turf rifle can only be found in the armory in Yaran Contraband. It can be found in the Crocodile tears Treasure Hunt is located in the Northeast of Aguas Lindas in the Madrugada region.

First, you need to start the treasure hunt by heading to the Augas Lindas region. From there travel to the northwest section. There you will find the Ortega Croc Farm northwest of the F.I. Escuedo Steel Plant and south of Ardiente Cay to where you can fast travel if you have already taken over the bases.

On the Croc farm, you will find a red shack near the goofy crocodile statue. Walk into the sack and interact with the red box near the multiple crocodile heads this will lead you deeper into the croc farm where you need to survey crocodiles.

Use the bow to keep quiet and take out all the crocodiles one by one. You can also collect crocodile meat by using a bow to get other rewards. Then jump into the pit and go to the wooden building with a red and blue roof.

There you will find the crocodile who killed Luis near which you will find his body. Collect the house key from there. After getting the key exit the place and use grapple on the windmill to enter the next house where you will find the box that can be opened. In the box, you will find Surf and Turf rifles.


This Surf and Turf Rifle has the Ammo mods, Optical mods, and Rifle Mods except for the Muzzle Mod, Pointer Mod, and Canted Sights Mods. The Ammo Mods have Armor Piercing Rounds that will have rounds that hold straight lines and Penetrates helmets and body armor.

The Optical Mods can have Acog which will have a 4x mid-range optic with a precision target. The Rifle Mod will have Extended Mag which will have improves magazine size and High Ground will improve weapon damage to enemies below you.

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