Far Cry 6 SSGP-58 Weapon Location, Stats, And Mods

Far Cry 6 SSGP-58 Weapon Location, Stats, And Mods

The SSGP-58 Rifle in Far Cry 6 is a four-star rifle that is easy to handle. It is one of the most difficult to find as it can be found in crates and chests as a reward or purely based on your luck. It’s in-game description stands as –

All-Rounder, Mid-to Long-Range, Hight Recoil
Point this at someone and watch the dark stain spread across their pants.

Far Cry 6 SSGP-58 Stats

Far Cry 6 SSGP-58 Stats
SSGP-58 Stats
Weapon NameSSGP-58
Rate of Fire750

The Rifle has excellent stats. This Rifle has a significant Damage impact and accuracy. Also, it has incredible handling and stealth. But the velocity of this Rifle is a bit lacking than the other stats which might affect the efficiency of the rifle but not to an excessive point.

The rifle supports 3 firing modes, namely, Semi Automatic (Single Shot), 3 Shot Burst, and Fully Automatic. Since this rifle has good handling and less recoil, you can use the automatic mode easily.

These stats make this Rifle worthy of the second rank it has. The Rifle’s fire rate is 750, and it has 40 bullets magazines. The magazine size can be extended to 54 bullets by using Extended Magazine.

Moreover, SSGP-58 accepts all the attachments available in the game ranging from Suppressors, Laser Pointers to Sights.

The rifle looks similar to the FAL rifle but has its modern look.

SSGP-58 Rifle Location | How to find it

The SSGP-58 rifle can only be found in the armory in Yaran Contraband. It can be found Inside of an FND Chest in the easternmost building of the True Yaran Academy in Valle De Oro. So, until you reach the level where you can unlock FND Chests, you cannot get this rifle. If you cannot find the rifle in this FND chest, you’ll need to find another one. Here’s a dedicated post for all FND Bases.

This is not a unique weapon so you need to buy this from the Guerrilla Garrison, buildable camp facilities. But for the purchase, you need to make sure that the building is of level 3, or else you can not purchase most of the weapons.


This SSGP-58 Rifle can’t use any of the mods like Ammo Mods, Rifle Mods, Muzzle Mods, Optical mods, Pointer mods, and Canted Sights Mods.

SSGP-58 Best Build

Since SSGP-59 accepts all sorts of attachments, it can become difficult creating a perfect build for your rifle. The best attachments are –

  1. Compensator
  2. Trigger Discipline
  3. Resolver Reflex Sight
  4. Gut-wrencher
  5. Laser Pointer

Moreover, using an Overclocked variant of SSGP-58 will provide you an advantage over other.


SSGP-58 Variant

SSGP-58 can be found in three variants as follows –

  1. SSGP-58 (Normal Version)
  2. SSGP-58 “Hi-Fi” (Improved Accuracy, Stealth and Handling)
  3. SSGP-58 “Libertad Custom” (Overclocked Damage: 3.4)
  4. SSGP-58 “Pagan: Control”

Why do Players Hate SSGP-58?

The Far Cry game community is full of creative strategies. Some prefer stealth over fighting, while some like to troll the enemy bots. But often, in communities like Reddit, players have reported not using it. Why is that?

The game becomes very easy once you have SSGP-58. If your rifle is upgraded and attached with proper mods, you can literally kill enemies within seconds. That is the reason why players don’t like this rifle due to its overpowered stats. We all love to play slow and fair game ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

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