Far Cry 6 45/70-T Weapon Location, Stats, And Mods

Far Cry 6 45 70-T Weapon Location, Stats, And Mods

45/70-T is a Far Cry 6 rifle with deadly accuracy. Who doesn’t know about Far Cry 6 and the amount of destruction it holds within? Defeating your not-so-friendly neighborhood villain is not as easy (or funny) as it sounds.

Armed without the very best weapons, you might as well be fighting a losing game. So do you include the 45/70-T in your hoard or do you choose another?

Read on to find out all about the 45/70-T and make sure you choose wisely!

Far Cry 6 45/70-T Weapon Stats

Far Cry 6 45/70-T Weapon Stats
Weapon Name45/70-T
Rate of Fire145

The 45/70-T is a rank one rifle with average damage and velocity but with amazing accuracy. Its deadly accuracy and stealth make it an invaluable addition to your arsenal.

With a 145 Rate Of Fire but poor handling, the 45/70-T has often been criticized for its supposed stealth ability. Players have asked makers to modify it and give it a damage rework.

Unlocking the 45/70-T

The 45/70-T is not a unique weapon and thus can be easily obtained from an FND Chest. For unique weapons, you would have to look for the Yaran Contraband Chest.

But acquiring the 45/70-T is not as easy as stumbling into an FND Chest. The FND Chest will provide you with completely random gear and will get you gunpowder too!

You will also be able to acquire the 45/70-T by purchasing it from Juan’s Arms Dealers. The Juan’s Arms Dealers is marked on the map with a green icon and a shopping cart.

You could also acquire the 45/70-T from Guerrilla Garrison – a Camp Facility built via the Construction Desk. Put your Yaran Pesos to use and get yourself a 45/70-T.

Some of these weapons might disappear from the shops after you have reached a higher rank. You will be able to acquire the 45/70-T after getting Player Rank and Guerrilla Garrison Rank 1 from Juan’s Arms Dealers and Guerrilla Garrison.

If you are unable to include the 45/70-T in your arsenal even after meeting all the requirements mentioned above you will have to find it from the FND Chest.

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