Far Cry 6 Viva Libertad Weapon Location, Stats, And Mods

Far Cry 6 Viva Libertad Weapon Location, Stats, And Mods

Viva Libertad is a rank 2 Unique Assault Rifle capable of a lot of damage when used properly. The fictitious land of Yara has never known peace. Whatever the concept of peace is, you sure won’t find its meaning here.

It’s been a war zone for a long long time and presently, an evil antagonist Anton Castillo is turning Yara into something much worse. Viva Libertad will help you survive the worst conditions.

In a world ripped into two, your Viva Libertad will have your back. How? Read on to find out all about it and more!

Far Cry 6 Viva Libertad Weapon Stats

Far Cry 6 Viva Libertad Weapon Stats
Weapon NameViva Libertad
Rate of Fire700

The Viva Libertad is capable of high amounts of danger although its velocity and accuracy is just about average. It’s mod loadout grants it a bit of improved accuracy and handling when you compare it to the original FAL.

It does reduce the capacity of damage and range but doesn’t address its small magazine size. It has a small magazine of 20 while it has a Rate Of Fire of 700. It’s great at stealth but quite bad at handling.

The laser pointer mod lets the Viva Libertad gain an improved accuracy by helping it aim better. The Fast Reload Mod or FAL helps you reload the Viva Libertad faster. Although the small magazine size is its biggest flaw it makes up with it with the help of mods.

The Headshot Supremo mod lets you get Headshot kills which in turn awards you with more Supremo Charges.

Where To Find The Viva Libertad

Players will be able to find the Viva Libertad at a house located right at the base of Punto Norte Lighthouse. You will have to reach the said location and enter the house through the front door. Proceed further and spot the Crocodile Crate on your right.

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