Far Cry 6 MS16 L Weapon Location, Stats, And Mods

Far Cry 6 MS16 L Weapon Location, Stats, And Mods

MS16 L is a rank 3 rifle in Far Cry 6. Far Cry has no scarcity of chaos. It’s full of adrenaline-thumping adventures. You can go on quests, side quests, missions and more while death and destruction looms all over you and the fictitious land of Yara.

To combat these situations and the powerful Castillo’s forces, Far Cry 6 has a whopping total of 98 Weapons amongst which 49 are easily purchasable but the other 49 are Unique Weapons.

Players finding all the 49 Unique Weapons will be successful at unlocking the Armed to the Teeth trophy and achievement!

Weapons like MS16 L can be easily found if you know where exactly to look. Read on to find out all about the Far Cry 6 MS16 L!

Far Cry 6 MS16 L Stats

Far Cry 6 MS16 L Stats
Weapon NameMS16 L
Rate of Fire133

“The MS16 is an updated take on an American battle rifle that dates back to the Vietnam War. Today, rifles like this are commonly used by Special Forces soldiers and SWAT teams with nothing better to blow their budgets on. The MS16s here were brought in by mail order. Hey, not every weapon on Rook Islands has a sordid history. So sue me.”

Survival Guide

The MS16 L in Far Cry 6 is a rank 3 rifle with a very low capacity for damage. It’s velocity is average at best and it’s accuracy is only a little better than it’s velocity.

With 133 Rate Of Fire and 15 magazine, the MS16 L is good at stealth and a bit poor in handling.

Where To Find MS16 L

Players will be able to find MS16 L from FND chests. The MS16 L amongst other non-unique weapons like FAL, BP-RUC, M16 A1 etc. are found in FND chests while the Unique Weapons can be easily acquired by the Yaran Contraband Chest.

The FND chests contain random gears and you might find some other gear instead the one you want.

You might find gunpowder in there too! Look for MS16 L in an FND chest present on the second floor of a pink house in Balaceras, south and across the bay from Castillo Señorial Tobacco Factory.

You will also be able to obtain the weapon from Juan’s Arms Dealers. The Juan’s Arms Dealers is marked on the map by a green icon with a shopping cart.

To buy it from Juan’s Arms Dealers you will need to be of Player Rank 9. Players can also try to buy it from Guerrilla Garrison – a Camp Facility built via the Construction Desk with the help of Yaran Pesos. You will need Guerrilla Garrison Level 2 to be able to get the weapon.

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