Turnips In Animal Crossing: How To Buy And Sell

Turnips In Animal Crossing

Buying and selling allow you to play with coins and points and this will increase your mind mechanism. Many people will have a dream to engage in such activities and this facility in the game is like a dream come true. But, most of the players don’t really know these features.

Turnips In Animal Crossing is a vegetable that you can buy and sell in-game. All you will have to do is to get them and sell them with the aim to make profits and the steps for it will be clearly explained below.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a recently released video game that is widely played in the gaming world. The characters move to a deserted island. This game will teach you more about social interactions and you will be given such situations as levels.

What are Turnips In Animal Crossing?

If you are a player of Animal Crossing for years, you would have known about the special characteristics or importance of Turnips. But, if you are a beginner then this message is for you.

Turnips are those that can give you a great opportunity to make Bells, though it is not available in the Star of the game. We understand your curiosity to get them but in order to get them, you will have to build a few things and use a character called Daisy Mae.

How To Buy Turnips In Animal Crossing

Turnips In Animal Crossing is an extraordinary way where you can get more points. If you wish to buy Turnips then you will follow these steps.

Buying Turnips In Animal Crossing

The main step that is needed to buy the Turnips is to make Daisy Mae meet your island. She’s taken over the job from her grandmother Joan and is now in charge of Sow Joan’s Stalk Market.

For every Sunday Daisy Mae will arrive on your island every morning between morning 5 AM- 12 PM(midday).

You have the opportunity to buy the turnips in bunches of 10. And for this process, you will have to build the Nook’s Cranny shop and as soon as you are done building the shop Daisy Mae will visit your town on Sundays, and then you can buy your Turnips.

When Should You Sell Your Turnips?

You can buy Turnips In Animal Crossing from Disy Mae who is visiting you on Sundays and you can also fix a price with her.

The above details are for buying but when it comes to selling those Turnips it is far more enjoyable. Other than Sundays every day the Nook’s Cranny will offer a certain price for your turnips.

It is similar to the Stock market. You get them at one price and you can sell them at another price. And it is not necessary that it should be a fixed one rather you can sell them at different prices on different days. The value of these Turnips gets changing every day.

Turnips Price by Daisy Mae in Animal Crossing

The Nook twins will grant you an offer of two separate turnips prices for a day. One will be before 12 PM midday and another one is after 12 PM.

So, for every day you will have two different prices for your turnips. And as a result, you will have 12 different prices throughout the week, so be careful in every decision you make.

The key to getting success in this game is to check every day and sell the Turnips for more than what you have spent. Normally the prices of these Turnips In Animal Crossing will range from 35 Bells to as much as 200 Bells per Turnip. The only way to get succeeded here is to check every day without fail, only then you can increase your points.

How to Check the Price of Turnips?

The trick in this game is that you will have to check the price of Turnips daily and you should know how to do them. And to know the price of these Turnips you will have to talk with Timmy and ask about Turnips. He will let you know the upgoing rate and the upcoming rates.

Reminder: Turnip Rots

There is an important reminder when it comes to Turnips In Animal crossing. Never forget that these Turnips can go rotten and you will have to sell them within that.

The turnips that you have bought can be safe for only one week and according to the strategy, they will be safe until the next Sunday.

In case if you are not able to sell those turnips within that all your Bell investment in this process will go to waste. These are all the details that you have to keep in mind when it comes to Turnips. It is quite an easy process and that you have to buy them and sell them within the time of its rotten stage.

Storing Turnips

It is really a serious problem when it comes to storing those turnips. You will definitely struggle really hard in placing them. But the reality is you can store them anywhere in your place. After getting those turnips in animal crossing you can place them on the floor of your home or outside near to the house.

Turnips Field in Animal Crossing

This will help you as a reminder of the turnips that you have purchased so that you don’t forget them by chance. Don’t place your turnips around the house like a messy one, but make sure to keep your place neat and clean.

What is a Good Price for Turnips in Animal Crossing?

You are well-known for the fact that Daisy Mae will visit your island and you will get a chance to sell your turnips in Animal Crossing. The prices of Daisy Mae will differ for every week and it changes continuously and no standard price is fixed for the turnips in animal crossing.

To summarize around 90 Bells is the minimum turnip price and around 110 Bells are the usual maximum. Though turnips are brought individually they are sold in a pack of ten.

To check the price of turnips very often you will have to check with Timmy and Tommy a couple of times every day. In rare cases, there is a chance to have as high as 500 or even 600 Bells for each turnip.

Can You Plant Turnips In Animal Crossing?

This is a frequent question that every player has in their mind and the more the content is made creative and fascinating the more are the questions come regarding that. Coming to the question, Can you plant turnips?

No, the game does not allow you to plant turnips. The only way to get turnips in this game is to buy them by spending certain bells. At first, the game allowed its players to plant turnips in animal crossing, but the latest edition does not allow for this process.

What Happens If You Bury A Turnip In Animal Crossing?

It is a well-known fact that turnips can help you to get more bells but there is a negative fact that holds the players from buying the turnips. The fact of being wasted within a week is that reason and many players try to find out an alternative way to store them.

Burying Turnips in Animal Crossing

And one such method is burying the turnips in Animal Crossing. By burying them the turnips will not get rotten over time. This will keep the turnips safe and it will also save you enough space.

By doing so, will help you to keep your inside house neat and clean. But do not forget to keep track of where you bury them, because you do rot after one week, so if you lose track then those bells will be a loss.

Some FAQs On Turnips In ACNH –

Where do you put turnips in Animal Crossing?

The only place where you can put turnips in animal crossing is in the ground. You have the opportunity to just drop them where you stand and you can move somewhere else to stand.

What is the best day to sell turnips in Animal Crossing?

Every day except Sundays is considered to be the best day to sell turnips in Animal Crossing. There is no particular day because the price can vary from one day to another so do not take much risk in keeping the turnips.

How do you Unspoil a turnip?

You don’t have any methods to unspoil a turnip. If you wish not to get your turnips to be spoiled you can change your clock one day forward and so your turnips will not get spoiled.

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