How To Tame Polar Bear in Minecraft

Tame Polar Bear in Minecraft

Minecraft has an interesting variety of animals in its biomes which are tameable and domesticable, and Minecraft Polar bears are one of them. This creature from the ice biome can be tamed but are not easy as the other ones like horses, chickens, panda bears, and sheep.

To tame polar bears, you need to first find a fish. Since fish is the favorite of the polar bear, it can easily become your pet once you feed it. If you feed two polar bears in the same way, you can breed them. But the question remains are which fish do polar bears like? Where can I find polar bears?

In this guide, you will get a guide on how to find and tame polar bears in Minecraft.

Minecraft Polar Bear

Polar Bear in Minecraft

One of the most interesting mobs, the Polar bear, can only be found in the Ice Biome in Minecraft. These ice-loving bears are accurately similar to the real Polar bears because of their white bodies. These mobs can be seen in both baby and adult forms.

These mobs can be found roaming alone or in groups of four at most. It is always advised not to go for the adults with a baby in tow, whether they are roaming alone or in a group, as they become more aggressive and may attack violently.

These Minecraft polar bears are hulking beasts that will make a very powerful pet in the game. These mobs can be used to attack, defend, and ride.

How To Tame Polar Bear In Minecraft

These Minecraft Polar bears can only be tamed by feeding them fishes of their choices. They have a selection of fishes that can be used as prey to tame them. To do so, first, you have to obtain fish. You can do it in any way. You can either catch a fish, steal from villagers or a castle, or get from random chests.

1. Catching a fish

Catching Fish in Minecraft

To catch a fish, you have to start owning a fishing rod. For that, you can follow one of the paths described below.

Getting a Fishing Rod

  • Crafting a fishing rod at a crafting table: To do so, you have to use three sticks and two strings in the crafting table, which will form the fishing rod.
  • You can try Fishing a rod from water.
  • Finding enchanted fishing rod from the underwater ruins: You can use the Potions of water breathing to go and explore the underwater ruins to find a fishing rod. The Enchanted fishing rod helps you get more fish in a short time.

After getting your fishing rod, you have to go fishing to the nearby water body. Make sure to go when the weather is nice, making the water exposed to the direct sun or moonlight as it will expose the fishing pole bobber, which will help you get a fish faster. If the fishing pole bobbers are not exposed to the direct sun or moonlight or may be interrupted by rain, the speed of catching a fish will decrease, increasing the time of waiting.

Other Means of Obtaining a Fish

Except for the fishing process, you can also get a fish in other ways like stealing from the villagers or raiding castles. You can also get the fish from random chests. If you don’t have other options, you can also kill a polar bear to get raw salmon, which these mobs are favorite.

2. Taming

Feeding Fish to tame polar bear

After you catch fish, you have to feed them to the tame polar bears. You have to feed several fish to each bear until a heart appears on top of their head. This will mean that the bears are tamed, and you can control them for your help.

What Do Polar Bears Eat in Minecraft?

Every animal in Minecraft has their own choice of food. They’re extremely fond of these food and love the players who feed them. The basic concept in taming involves that you first feed the food of their liking and they’ll become your pet in the game. Polar bears eat the following items from the game –

  • Fish


Which fish do Polar Bears like to eat in Minecraft?

Polar Bears like all types of fish.

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