How To Make String – Minecraft

How To Make String - Minecraft

Strings are a very common crafting material in Minecraft. Used in dozens of different recipes, strings are not something you can make with a crafting table or furnace. This handy material will often help you when you need to connect tripwires, make fishing rods, craft wool, bows, etc.

To make string in Minecraft, you need to first get access to cobweb. These cobwebs are acquired from the caves where spiders or any mobs are in abundance. These cobwebs are then placed on the crafting table to obtain strings.

This basic material can be obtained in many different ways, the best known among them is by using cobwebs.

How shall one acquire cobwebs? Where does one find spiders even? And provided you found cobwebs, how to should you gather them? Read on to find out answers to all of these questions and more!

Material Required To Make String in Minecraft

Find Cobwebs in Minecraft

The only material required is Cobwebs. This can be easily found in caves in Mining Shafts. To obtain cobwebs, you need to have Sword with a Silk Touch enchantment on it. This will ensure that whenever it’s broken it can drop cobwebs.

To find such Mining Shafts in Minecraft, you need to look around while mining below the ground. Any empty cave or passage may be a sign of a Mining Shaft nearby. Since these shafts are huge and spread a long way, you can find them easily but you have to bear with the process of mining.

How To Make String In Minecraft (Survival Mode)

String will available to players playing the game in Java Edition (both PC and Mac), Pocket Edition, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Windows 10 Edition, Nintendo Switch, and Education Edition. In the Minecraft Bedrock and Education Edition, players will have to use cobwebs to make a string. The task of finding cobwebs can prove very difficult.

Once you have gotten yourself some cobwebs you can try and convert them to make string as these can be used in many recipes in different levels of the game. Players can obtain strings by finding cobwebs first. Once you have found yourself a cobweb, you will have to take the help of shears to break and finally collect them. This will help you drop the cobweb.

Minecraft String Recipe

After you have collected it you can place it in your crafting menu which will then yield 9 strings. Although this process will help you get strings the vice verse of this doesn’t really work. You cannot use 9 strings to craft a cobweb.

Other Ways To Make/Acquire String In Minecraft

Players can also make strings in their inventory by killing a spider in Survival Mode. If you are not able to find any spider in your surroundings, you can always try tweaking with night and day to make a spider spawn. Players can also try summoning a spider using a cheat or spawn egg.

Attack the spider and it will turn pink with injuries and damage. Continue chasing the spider and attacking it. It will disappear after getting killed and it will provide you with either a string or spider eye.

Get Strings From Spiders in Minecraft

Mostly the spider dies only to leave behind string but there’s a fair chance of getting a spider eye too. Pick up these items before they disappear. If you don’t want to go through with this process you can try the cobweb one.

Players can try fishing for strings. This process has very low chances of helping you collect string but you can use it if you like. An unenchanted rod doesn’t really improve the situation but using a sea enchanted fishing rod will actually lower your chances of finding string down by 0.3%.

Did you know that wool can also be used to create strings? You will only require wool for this process. Collect wool and use it to make a string.

If none of these methods grab your attention or ease this process for you, you can try sleeping in a bed with a cat by your side. Especially if you sit beside one that hasn’t been ordered to sit tight you will have better chances of waking up with a gift from them. This step will increase your chances to acquire string by 16%.

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