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heart of the sea

Heart of the Sea is a rare item found in buried treasure chests. In order to find it, the player should follow buried treasure maps to get to the buried treasure chests. So, we’ll be providing you with a walkthrough about this mysterious item.

We’ve all been there when we need to use google for the info in-game items. Not only info, but how do we obtain it. Also, this article explains all the pixels around this Minecraft item. When it comes to Minecraft, it’s not only essential to understand the recipes of the things but also how the crafting varies around that object.

Besides, Minecraft has bloomed a lot in the past two years. It’s fascinating to observe a variety of items and recipes used in this game. It’s fascinating how Minecraft helps to develop children’s minds. They uncover new resources and then do extraordinary crafting to create amazing things like Glazed Terracotta, Golden Apple, Beacon, Daylight Sensor, etc. Usually, many rare items are used in crafting, Heart of the Sea is one of them.

What exactly is Heart of the Sea?

heart of the sea
Heart of the Sea in chest

Aquatic Update Phase One –

In May 2018, the game received the Aquatic Update. Players witnessed additions of many new items. In this update, devs added Dolphins, Icebergs, Blue Ice, Treasure Map, Buried Treasure, Floating Items, Carved Pumpkins, Ruins, and many more things. Heart of the Sea was one of them. Back then, there was no real use of this new item in Phase One of the update.

Aquatic Update Phase Two –

Mojang added many more things in this update. Sea turtles tanning on beaches, turtle eggs will hatch into cute baby turtles, Bubble Columns with Magma Blocks create downward flowing columns, and many more changes arrived in this phase. Heart of the Sea got an opportunity to craft conduits in July 2018 when Phase Two of Aquatic Update released.

How to obtain Heart of the Sea?

buried treasure chest to get heart of the sea
Image courtesy – stormfrenzy

Buried Treasure Chests are the only way to obtain Heart of the Sea. These chests are often located at seashores/beaches or on the ocean floor (less probability). If “Generate structures” option is disabled in world creation options, these chests are not spawned. These chests have a 100% chance of getting One Heart of the Sea item. There are sand/gravel blocks covering these chests most of the time.

buried treasure map to get to heart of the sea
Buried treasure map

How to find buried treasure?

Buried Treasure is a great way to find the Heart of the Sea item. Otherwise, you’ll have to trade it with the villagers and lose some of your important items to obtain it. Moreover, Heart of the Sea helps you to build Conduits, which can be an extremely helpful resource inside the water.

1. Go to Shipwreck

Firstly, Shipwreck is a wooden structure found in Ocean, Rivers, Beach Biomes. Also, Shipwrecks have small rooms that contain chests. Small shipwrecks have one chest whereas large shipwrecks can have up to three chests.

shipwreck minecraft
Shipwreck to find buried treasure map

2. Discover Map Chest

Each ship wrecks have up to 3 chests depending on the size of shipwrecks. You need to find Map Chest in order to find treasure maps.

Find map chest minecraft
Map Chest to get Buried Treasure Map

Next, drag the Buried Treasure Map to your Inventory.

Inventory swap of buried treasure map
Inventory swap of buried treasure map

3. Use the Buried Treasure Map

Now, use the map to locate the buried treasure and navigate to it. The X mark shows the location of Buried Treasure Chest.

Buried Treasure Map to find Heart of the Sea
Buried Treasure Map to find Heart of the Sea

Go to the marked location.

4. Start digging until you find the chest

Start digging around 10 blocks the marker because these chests are within 10 blocks around the map marker.

Buried Treasure Chest
Buried Treasure Chest

If you get this chest, Congrats! Your almost there to get Heart of the Sea.

5. Open treasure chest

Finally, Open the treasure chest and add Heart of the Sea to your inventory

Using this you can find Heart of the Sea easily!

What is the use of Heart of the Sea?

Crafting to form Conduit using Heart of the Sea and Nautilus Shell
Crafting to form Conduit using Heart of the Sea and Nautilus Shell

This item had no use from May 2018 to July 2018 during the Phase One of Aquatic Update. In July 2018, Developers realized that this needs to be used somewhere. One Heart of the Sea, together with Eight Nautilus Shells, crafts to a Conduit. Nautilus Shell is a rare item obtained from fishing.

This Conduit is a much powerful underwater block that is capable of killing hostile enemies and providing buffs to the players around it. When surrounded by 5×5 squares of Prismarine, Dark Prismarine, Prismarine Bricks, or Sea Lanterns as shown in the image below, Conduit can be activated. Its range increases as the number of blocks around it increase. Its range will increase drastically and also inflict damage over a large area when surrounded by more Prismarine blocks. It reaches its maximum capability at 96 blocks when surrounded by 42 blocks of Prismarine.

Conduit structure
Conduit structure

Conduit provides very important buffs such as better vision in water, an increase in mining speed, and most importantly immunity to drowning around it. So, if you are thinking to build an underwater civilization, then conduit is the most important part of your survival.

Why is Heart of the Sea an Important Item?

Minecraft is all about creating our own world in air, land, and water. In water, to order to build a bud structure, it’s very important to have a Conduit to survive. And the one to obtain conduit is to craft using Heart of the Sea with Eight Nautilius Shells.

Underwater home in Minecraft
Underwater home in Minecraft

Minecraft has always surprised us with new updates and new crafting recipes. Mobs, Audio loops, Branches, Cave and underground features, all these things make Minecraft more exciting. Additionally now with the knowledge of Heart of the Sea and Conduits, you can create your secret water base to surprise your friends!

Tell us in the comments what do you think about Heart of the Sea and Conduits.

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