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All 5 Minecraft Chests Explained With Thrilling Recipes

In Minecraft, everyone faces a time when their inventory is fully stacked and don’t know what to do now. This is where Minecraft Chest comes into play. Chests are a storage unit used to store your excess inventory. These chests are significant when you play Minecraft daily and have a lot of stuff to stack up.

Along with the default chest, many other types of chests are available in Minecraft, such as Double Chest, Trapped Chest, Ender Chest, Buried Treasure Chest, and Locked Chest. These chests are indeed used for storage but they also have their own functionalities. We’ll check the use of every chest in this post and its crafting process.

Origin of Minecraft Chest –

Back in January 2010, Chest was added as a necessary item in Minecraft. By that time, the chests were only obtainable from the surroundings. It was a week later of that update, they released another patch stating Chests now can be crafted. In short, the chests are in Minecraft for more than ten years now!

1. Normal Minecraft Chest

Minecraft Chest

A Normal Minecraft Chest is capable of having 27 slots. Each slot and have a unique item up to the stack of 64.

How to craft a Chest in Minecraft?

Ingredients –

  1. Planks – Any type of plank can be used to craft chest. A total of 8 planks are required to craft a chest successfully.

Crafting Recipe –

Place the planks, as shown below in the crafting menu. Make sure you leave the middlebox empty. You can use any plank in any order.

Crafting Minecraft Chest

Now drag the chest to your inventory and place the chest in the required place.

2. Double Minecraft Chest

Large chest

A double chest is capable of having 54 slots. Each slot and have a unique item up to the stack of 64. This chest is simply made by placing two normal chests side by side.

How to craft a large chest in Minecraft?

Ingredients –

  1. 2 Normal Chests – Planks are required to craft a normal chest. Then two normal chests are used to make a large chest.

How to make a Normal Chest a Large Chest –

Place two regular chests side-by-side to make a large chest as shown above to make a large chest automatically. No extra crafting steps are needed.

3. Trapped Chest

Trapped Minecraft Chest

The trapped chest looks like Normal Minecraft Chest, but it has a tripwire hook attached to it. This tripwire is useful if you want to trigger things like light a lamp when chest opened, etc. This chest is mainly used when you want to create some trap for your friends.

How to craft a trapped chest in Minecraft?

Ingredients –

  1. Normal Minecraft Chest – This can be easily crafted by using the above methods.
  2. Iron Ingot – An ingredient to create Trapwire Hook.
  3. Stick – Use planks to craft a stick if you don’t have one. Stick will be useful to craft Trapwire Hooks
  4. Planks – Planks will be used to craft Normal Chests as well as Trapwire Hooks.

Crafting Recipe –

Place Iron Ingot, Stick, and Plank as shown below and drag the Trapwire Hook to your inventory.

Trapped Chest Crafting

Now use the Trapwire Hook and Normal Chest to craft a Trapped Chest. Drag the Trapped Chest to your inventory.

Trapped chest crafting 2

Place the chest in the required place to use it. You can create insane traps using this chest.

4. Ender Chest

Ender minecraft chest

Ender Chest is one of the overpowered items in Minecraft. Imagine a chest that you can access everywhere in the world. This is precisely how an Ender Chest works. Ender Chest is accessible from anywhere in the world. This chest is extremely hard and takes almost two minutes to break with the default pickaxe. This chest also has 27 slots to fill the items, but the point that it’s accessible from anywhere makes it awesome.

How to craft an Ender Chest in Minecraft?

Ingredients –

  1. 8 Obsidian – Obsidian is formed when water flows over lava. They are pretty hard to farm and break. We need at least 8 Obsidian Blocks to make an Ender Chest.
  2. Eye of Ender or Ender pearl – Ender pearl is a rare item dropped after killing Enderman. This Ender Pearl can be used with Blaze Powder to make Eye of Ender.

Crafting Recipe –

Place the 8 Obsidian Blocks surrounding the Eye of Ender, as shown below. This will craft an Ender Chest.

Ender chest crafting

Now drag the Ender Chest to your inventory and place the chest in the required place. Now, Ender Chest can be opened from anywhere by pressing use control.

5. Buried Treasure Chest

Buried treasure chest

Buried Treasure Chests are often located at seashores/beaches or on the ocean floor (less probability). There are sand/gravel blocks covering these chests most of the time. This chest always contains Heart of the Sea item, which is very useful to craft Conduits.

How to find a Buried Treasure Chest in Minecraft?

1. Discover the Buried Treasure Map from Shipwrecks –

Firstly, go to Shipwrecks that are found in the ocean. Then search for the Map Chest inside the Shipwreck. Open the Map Chest and drag the Buried Treasure Chest in your inventory. Now open the map and locate the Buried Treasure Chest location.

buried treasure chest map

Now start digging around the X mark to find the chest. It’s usually located within ten blocks of the mark. After looking for some time, you’ll find it.

Find buried treasure chest

This chest contains rare sea items as well as some gold and platinum ingots.

Final Words

To summarize, chests are an excellent way to store your farmed items. Every type of chest has its unique crafting recipe and its usage adaptability. Minecraft has blessed us with numerous tools and utilities to make our survival easy. These small mysterious things have kept Minecraft alive for more than ten years.

Let us know in the comments what do you think about the journey of Chest in Minecraft.

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