How To Plant Bamboo In Minecraft

How To Plant Bamboo In Minecraft

To plant Bamboo in Minecraft, you need to have Bamboo in your inventory. Once you have the Bamboo, you can plant it on specific blocks that will grow. This grown bamboo plant then can be harvested to get multiple Bamboo.

Minecraft world has varieties of crops that can be used for different purposes. This walkthrough will get a guide about bamboo crops and planting them.

Plants In Minecraft

Minecraft has crops of large varieties. These crops are groups of cultivated plants or agricultural products like grain, vegetables, or fruit, etc. Among these Minecraft crops, you can have wheat seeds, wheat, beetroot seeds, beetroot, carrot, potato, poisonous potatoes, melon, pumpkin, Bamboo, cocoa beans, sugar cane, sweet berries, cactus, mushrooms, farmland, kelp, sea pickle, nether wart, chorus fruit, fungus, glow berries, etc.

Crops in Minecraft

These crops are harvested from themselves. For example, the wheat crop is harvested from fully grown wheat planted from wheat seeds, beetroot, and beetroot seeds are harvested from beetroots. Based on this, the crops are divided into two types one type of crop grows from the seeds of themselves, and the other grows directly.

Crops like wheat, melon, pumpkin are grown from their seeds. Whereas beetroot, carrot, potato, sugar canes, mushroom, cactus, kelp, sea pickle, etc., are grown from themselves. You can get cocoa beans from the cocoa plants, chorus fruit from the chorus plant, and sweet berry from the sweet berry bush.

Some crops can be grown only in a specific soil or environment. For example, cactus can be planted only on the sand blocks, mushrooms should be grown in dark areas, and on podzol, it can be grown into giant mushrooms by adding bone meal. Kelp requires an underwater condition to grow correctly. Sea Pickle requires coral blocks. The crops like nether wart can only be produced on the soul sand. The fungus can grow into giant size on nether if planted on nylium with bone meal.

Bamboo Crop in Minecraft

Occasionally players confuse Bamboo with sugar cane because of similar appearances in them. To avoid confusion among these two you should know more about bamboo crops and how you can find them. Bamboo plants are generally found in jungles and not close to water bodies, whereas sugarcane is mainly found near water bodies. Bamboo plants stay as a single plant, whereas sugarcane stays as four plants.

The bamboo plant’s appearance changes with its growth. When you plant bamboo, it takes the form of a tiny shoot without any hitbox. Then with each block growth, it gets changed length and width-wise. First block growth grows 2 pixels in length and width, and the top block has leaves coming off it.

Bamboo Growing in Minecraft

The top two blocks have leaves at the third block, and at the fourth block, the Bamboo expands 3×3 pixels. As the Bamboo grows, the leaves grow up and stay at the top three blocks. It changes their hitbox as it grows. The bamboo plant can produce 12-16 blocks.

Bamboo can be planted on grass blocks, dirt, coarse dirt, gravel, mycelium, podzol, sand, or red sand. Using bone meal speeds up the growth and grows by 1 to 2 blocks.

Bamboo crops are eaten by panda babies to fasten their growth. Bamboo crops can also be used to breed pandas. Players can feed the pandas bamboos and mate to have a baby. Bamboo crops can be also used as fuel in furnaces. Each bamboo item smelts 0.25 items, and bamboo stick smelts 0.5 items. Bamboo can be placed in a flower pot where it retains the designing its item form.

Obtaining Bamboo In Minecraft

You can collect Bamboo after killing a panda. Upon being killed, a panda drops one Bamboo. And upon the increase in level, the drop increases by 1. Bamboo can also be found while fishing in jungle biomes as a junk item.

Bamboos can also be mined with any tool and can be broken easily with the help of a sword. Bamboo shoot is the sapling form by which bamboo plant can be formed. It is nonsolid.

How To Plant Bamboo Crop In Minecraft

To plant Bamboo, you need to place a suitable block under the light level of nine or higher. You can choose any block from grass blocks, dirt, coarse dirt, gravel, mycelium, podzol, sand, or red sand.

Take a bamboo in your hand and simply press the Use button (right light for PC Java edition) to plant bamboo on the soil. This plant will then grow into the bamboo shoots which in turn will grow big.

Planting Bamboo Shoots in Minecraft

Then collect the items from underneath the grass by using minecarts with hoppers.

Now plant bamboo shoot on the grass block and surround the growing area upwards with glass blocks.

Now place a piston above two blocks from the grass facing the Bamboo.

Then Put an observer on top of the piston facing the Bamboo.

Now you have to power the piston by putting a piece of Redstone dust behind the observer.

But rather than just the regular-sized bamboo farm, if you want to make a giant farm, you can follow these steps below:

Start with marking out the area with any immovable light source for your bamboo farm. But keep in mind not to mark the excessive location as it may cause the server’s crashing.

Now make a simple two-way flying machine and start it and send it back.

Place hoppers or hopper minecarts under the farm to pick the items and make a storage area they deposit.

Now place an observer five blocks higher to connect to the automatic flying machine starter to look at one of the places where the Bamboo grows.

Bamboo Farm in Minecraft

Now place the Bamboo and let it grow till the indicating Bamboo reaches in front of the observer and then let the flying machine break the Bamboo and collect it.

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