How To Make A Creeper Farm In Bedrock

How To Make A Creeper Farm Bedrock

Creepers are mostly unwanted things. These thin and delicate look beautiful certainly, but can over time slowly wreck buildings and take down monuments with them. Seems unlikely? It’s always the most innocent-looking one, isn’t it?

Creeper Farm is a good way to capture these creatures and get gunpowder for yourself. Gunpowders are hard to farm since the creepers explode and takedown with you. So, this guide will focus on ways to create a creeper farm.

These dainty green things are extremely clingy (not unlike you) and wrap themselves around any support they can find to go wherever they can find the sunshine. Believe it or not, these creepers are a Minecraft’s player worst nightmare.

Building anything takes a lot of difficulty and energy. Creation of course is no child’s play. Thus the last thing you want to see on something you have created or have been creating is a creeper.

These dainty but dangerous things are one of the best sources of gunpowder in the game. A creeper farm is a handy thing to build as it will get you loads of gunpowder in Minecraft!

Materials Required To Build Creeper Farm Bedrock

To build a Creeper Farm successfully you will need the following materials –

  • Hoppers ×2
  • Chest ×2
  • Trapdoor (Lots of them!)
  • Building Blocks (Lots of them!)
  • Cats ×2
  • Lava Bucket
  • Signs ×4
  • Carpet ×12

How To Build A Creeper Farm Bedrock

Creeper Farm Pit

You will be able to build a Creeper Farm in any biome in the game except a mushroom biome. To build a Creeper Farm you will first need to make a pit that will be three blocks long and two blocks wide.

Creeper Farm Base

Once you are done with the pit you will have to make a 2×2×2 wall comprising solid blocks. Moving on, you will have to place three blocks diagonally on both sides of the pillars.

Then place the last block and extend it to make a line by joining blocks on both sides. Now join both the sides using blocks and repeat the same process on the other side of them. Meanwhile, start increasing the height of these blocks by one block.

Creeper Farm Trapdoor Roof

The entire ceiling of the Creeper Farm is made up of trapdoors to prevent the entry of mobs such as zombies or skeletons from spawning.

Creepers are very scared of cats, so you can use them to force these creepers into a death chamber. Now place a trapdoor right in the center of the wall.

Repeat the same thing on both sides. Start placing trapdoors on the top edge of the blocks. Build a roof. Add cats to scare off the creepers. You can lure in a cat with a piece of cod or salmon.

After you have tamed them you can take them to the roof and nudge them in the direction of the trap door. Repeat the process for both sides and do not forget to make their kitties sit. Light will obviously be able to pass through these so you can cover the roof with solid blocks.

Creeper Farm Pit Dig

Ensure no ray of light reaches the inside of the farm. Now place carpets on both in the same pattern and make sure you keep them two blocks away from each other.

Players can now place three trapdoors on both sides of the pit and go ahead and just switch them down. These trapdoors will help you block off the creepers.

Creeper Farm Lava Trap

Now you will have to make way for a water pathway that will further lead to hoppers connected to a double chest. Ensure that the path created by you is long. Create a lava trap right at the end of this pathway to kill creepers.

Place a sign above to hold lava off above. Whenever the creeper’s head strays there it will burn into the lava and die. You will be able to find the creeper gunpowder in your chest. After you’re done with the collection system the building of the farm will be complete.

It will work best when the player is present 120 blocks of the chest due to the unlit dark areas and caves. The farm won’t spawn creepers if the mobs are already taking up the space. You can also increase the number of stacks to increase the spawn rates of creepers.

Credits: Chapman Youtube

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