How To Make A Grandfather Clock In Minecraft

Make A Grandfather Clock In Minecraft

A house is not just brick and mortar. It’s made up of dozens of little things. Sometimes houses are peeled off paint, switchboard on the wrong side of the bed but sometimes it’s the only place you can call yours and be safe.

To Make A Grandfather Clock In Minecraft you need to gather a Clock, Bell, Daylight Sensor, Trapdoor, Building Blocks, Observer, and Item Frame. With a combination of these items in a specific arrangement, you can easily make the good ol grandfather clock.

A house in Minecraft isn’t all that different. In fact, one of the best parts about it is decorating it and leaving your favorite stuff all-around your house. It’s what makes your house truly yours. Vintage collector or not, we will show you how you can amp up the elegance of your Minecraft homes with a grandfather clock.

We’re pretty sure questions like how to make one? and which materials to use? are confusing you right now but fret not, our How To Make A Grandfather Clock In Minecraft Guide will answer all of your questions and more. Read on!

Materials Required And How To Acquire Them

materials required to build a grandfather clock

A Clock – Players will be able to make a clock by using materials such as Gold Ingots and Redstone Dust. Open your 3×3 crafting grid and place 4 Gold Ingots and Redstone Dust from your inventory. Players must pay attention to the distinct pattern in which the ingredients must be placed. Clock can be used to detect time and create time based circuits in grandfather clock in Minecraft.

Minecraft Clock

Players will have to place a gold ingot in the middlebox in the first row followed by another gold ingot placed in the first box of the second row. Now place another red stone in the third box of the second row. Place the Redstone dust in the middlebox of the second row and place yet another gold ingot in the middlebox of the last row. This will help you make a clock.

Minecraft Bell

A Bell – This elementary item is not something players can make or craft in the game. These are generated naturally in almost all the village variants and you can find them in the middle of a settlement. With the help of a pickaxe, you will be able to get yourself one. Bell will be used to rind the clock whenever time changes.

Minecraft Trapdoor

A Daylight Sensor – A Daylight Sensor will be available to those playing the game in Java Edition, Pocket Edition, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Windows 10 Edition, Education Edition, and Nintendo Switch. Players can craft a daylight sensor by using glass, nether quartz, and wooden slabs. Players can use any type of wood slabs such as birch, spruce, oak, jungle, acacia, dark oak, crimson or warped slabs.

In your crafting grid, you will have to place these ingredients exactly in the pattern that we tell you to else it would alter the end product. Place three glasses in the first row. Follow it up by placing three nether quartz in the second row. And then place three wood slabs in the last and third row. The daylight sensor will soon appear in the box placed to your right.

Grandfather Clock in Minecraft will have a daylight sensor on top to detect the day/night.

Minecraft Observer

An Observer – To acquire an Observer players will require materials like cobblestones, Redstone, and nether quartz. Players will need to place these materials on their crafting menu in a distinct pattern to get the observer. Begin by placing 3 cobblestones in the three blocks present in the first row of the grid.

Now place a Redstone in the first box of the second row followed by another in the second box of the second row. Place Nether quartz in the third box of the second row and follow it up by placing three cobblestones in the final row. You will acquire an observer now.

Minecraft Item Frame

An Item Frame – Players will be able to make an item frame with the help of materials like leather and sticks. Available in Java Edition, Pocket Edition, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Windows 10 Edition, Education Edition, and Nintendo Switch. To make an item frame players will have to place three sticks in the first row followed by three sticks in the third row. In the second row, place leather in the middlebox and place sticks on both of its sides.

Grandfather Clock in Minecraft will have an Item Frame to keep the clock inside it and provide a pathway to connect the clock and circuit.

Minecraft Trapdoor

Six Trap Doors (Spruce Wood) – Players will have to open their 3×3 crafting guide and place wood planks (any material like oak or dark oak can be used) in the first row of the grid followed by three more wood planks placed in the second row. Your trapdoor is made!

Minecraft Stairs

A Stair or Slab (Dark Oak) – To make a stair, you will need six wood planks of Dark Oak. Now players must pay attention to the distinct pattern to be followed in order to make a stair. Place a wood plank in the first box of the first row and then place two more wood planks in the first and second boxes in the second row. In the third row place three three wood planks.

Minecraft Dark Oak Log

Solid Blocks (Dark Oak) – To make solid blocks in Minecraft you will need to use materials like sand, gravel and white dye. Place these ingredients on your crafting menu in a specific pattern. Begin by placing a white dye in the first box in the first row. Place sand in the second and third box in the first row. Now place sand again in the first and second box of the middle row. In the third box add gravel and follow it up by placing gravel in the first, second and third boxes in the third row.

Players can choose any colour that they like but we are going with a dark academia aesthetic look so we’ll be using Spruce Wood Trapdoors and Dark Oak stairs and solid blocks.

What Is Grandfather Clock?

Grandfather Clocks have been there for eons. Well, at least that seems to be the case. Created around 1680, by the humble clockmaker William Clement. These tall towering weight-driven pendulum clocks are probably only seen in horror movies today.

In scenes where the house is cast in long creepy shadows and where things we fear to see lurk around after everyone has hit the haystack. Although today, these clocks showcase only class, vintage heirlooms, or horrific gory movies with bad plots, in bygone days they symbolized culture and the era of Civil War.

How To Make A Grandfather Clock In Minecraft

This Grandfather Clock design of ours will have a daylight sensor, so make sure you keep it in a room with ample sunlight and if not, a skylight to let some light in some at the very least. A good old daylight sensor when placed four blocks away from a window will ring 24 times per Minecraft day.

Daylight sensor for grandfather clock

To build a grandfather clock players will first have to place a daylight sensor four blocks above the floor and place the observer directly beneath it, facing upward at it. You will be able to look at the small red dot on the observer from below. This will allow the Observer to send pulses whenever the time changes in Minecraft.

This circuit will allow the grandfather clock in Minecraft to ring the bell whenever time changes. While placing the daylight sensor make sure you toggle it to be in daylight detector mode.

Attaching bell on grandfather clock

The top of the daylight detector will now have nine white cells instead of blue ones. The next step will require you to suspend the bell from the bottom of the observer. This observer is a handy thing that will detect when your daylight sensor is getting updated. It will then send a signal to the bell which in turn will ring.

Complete grandfather clock in minecraft

Players will now have to place the six trap doors on both the right and left sides of the clock, three to each of the sides, aligning them vertically. These will now act as the walls of the clock. You can place the trap doors directly on the bell. If you’re building the grandfather clock In Minecraft of Bedrock Edition, the trapdoors will automatically open when the observer outputs a signal. You can use levers to fix this issue.

The next step will require you to place the item frame right in front of the observer. Place the clock on it and remember that the clock on display will keep changing throughout the day. It is as fit as a fiddle and the clock and analog will work perfectly.

Players can either leave this the way it is or use optional blocks. You can put the optional blocks behind the wall to give off the appearance of having a wall. If you have used a slab you will need two blocks to cover the backside.

This will ultimately create a working grandfather clock in Minecraft that rings a bell whenever the time changes.

If you are someone who plays Minecraft Bedrock Edition you will have to add two levers to stop the trap doors from irritatingly flapping away all the time. Place two levers on bell level on the opposite side of the wall against the clock. Now just flip them and in case there’s another room on the opposite of the wall you can add another wall behind it to safely hide them away.

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