How To Make Mountains In Minecraft

How To Make Mountains In Minecraft

How to make mountains in Minecraft got you worried? Well our How To Make Mountains In Minecraft Guide will help you bid a teary-eyed adieu (okay maybe not so emotional) to these worries. Who doesn’t want to go trekking or view mountains?

Since time immemorial, mountains have both astounded and shocked humans. We just looked up and found these gigantic earthly structures touching the skies and thought to ourselves – how beautiful. Our curiosity certainly did get the better of us.

Yeti or not, we have ventured into the rugged terrains, scaled highest mountain tops and looked out at the world with awe. That’s probably the last thing that will help us in an alien invasion or robotic takeover of the whole world, but hey, at least it’s nothing a hot mug of coffee in the mountains won’t solve. So how to create these humongous beauties?

Which materials to use and how best to create them? Answering all of these answers and more below!

Materials Required

Following are the materials required to make mountain –

  • Dirt
  • Stone
  • Snow
  • Spruce Trees (Optional)

How To Make Mountains In Minecraft: Step By Step Process

Players will first have to make a slope with dirt blocks. If you start adding blocks on just some random flatland it will look very weird and not the least bit mountain-esque. Remember that while using stone blocks to create The next step in our guide will require you to create two points. Let’s say Point A and Point B.

Point A to Point B Minecraft

Add a few blocks to Point A and make the Point B immensely tall. Let it go higher and higher. Now you will have to join both the points. Do not go about it in a mechanical way, keep in mind the structures of natural mountains.

Joining Point A to B to make mountain

Readjust blocks if you need to. It’s important that you do it in a natural manner. If you add blocks in a calculated mathematical manner, all the beauty and charm of to make mountains will be lost.

Joining Point A to B to make mountain 2

Interspersed throughout your mountain structure should be dirt blocks too. You can replace them with snow later on. Once you have done that, in the next step you will have to add more points all around to make a proper mountain. Connect all of these to just one point at the top to get a rough skeletal structure of the mountain.

Avoid flat lines because they will literally change the shape of the mountain.

After you are done with that you can start connecting all the ridges with each other. Do not forget to start all of these points with dirt slopes first. Make ridges every 5 stone blocks or so and make your way to the top in this way.

Sloping Structure to make mountain

You can use at least 7 stone blocks at a time to extend a ridge. Make dirt paths all the way around your mountain structure. Now you will have to relentlessly feel in the spare spaces with ridges and dirt blocks. Do not make it all stones as it will make the mountain look very monotonous.

Make sure that you create a stair-like structure without any steep slopes or flat surfaces. This will create a good visual for your mountain especially if you are looking at it from a far distance.

You can later replace these dirt blocks with snow to make the mountains look colder. You can also add a variety of other textures such as terracotta, gray concrete powder mix to make the mountains look darker and moodier.

You can also add sections filled with snow. Now put on your thinking cap and ponder about the scenic beauty of these mountainous terrains, how to make them appear even more beautiful?

Final Mountain Structure

Add some spruce trees! Spruce Trees will require 18 blocks stacked on top of each other. To make your mountain look more beautiful you can add trees around the base.

Add tall Spruce Trees here and the small ones (half the size) on the top. Using small Spruce Trees on the up will help your mountains appear smaller.

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