Salmon Minecraft – Drops, Breeding, and ID

Salmon Minecraft - Drops, Breeding, and ID

Salmon Minecraft isn’t very different from the real ones that you can find in your local store. Salmon is a name assigned to many ray-finned species in the family Salmonidae, excluding the apparent differences. Having a life duration of 2 to 7 years, the Salmon is a pretty good storehouse of protein that can help anyone who eats it.

This rich protein source will help you maintain your bone health, prevent muscle loss, maintain skin elasticity while reducing signs of aging. These fascinating creatures are available in Minecraft too!

Confused about what to do with them? Or are you worrying about how to make them breed? Or are you unable to find them in the first place? Fret not; we will be answering all of these questions and more! Read on.

Salmon Minecraft Overview

“Salmon are common passive aquatic mobs found in oceans and rivers. They are a reliable and nutritious source of early-game food when cooked.”

Minecraft Wiki
Salmon Overview

Primarily found in river and ocean biomes, Salmon can explore the deep currents. To catch them, you will have to explore the underwater. You will be able to spot them, and as most of them enjoy each other’s company, you will be able to catch them too.

Fishing is a peaceful activity. On a breezy afternoon, to doze off while waiting for a fish to be captured is one of the most underestimated enjoyable things in life.

This activity will also help you acquire raw Salmon. You can start with catching a few Salmon just to gather some experience. Guardians and Elder Guardians have a 2.5% chance of dropping random fish for you upon death (25% chance of dropping raw salmon fish), while polar bears can boast a 25% chance of dropping 0-2 raw Salmon. This is after they get killed, of course.

Salmon Minecraft Spawning

Fishing in Minecraft To Catch Salmon

Players will find the deep versions of Salmon and Salmon themselves in groups of 1-5. You can find them in cold, frozen oceans and rivers. You can find them spawning 12-32 blocks underwater away from the land.

In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, Salmon can be found spawning in groups of 3-5. You will be able to find them in lukewarm, cold, normal, frozen oceans, their deep variants, and rivers (including frozen rivers).

Salmon also spawn on the surface of water bodies. You can find them spawning in small, moderate, and large sizes. A small type of Salmon has 31.5% spawning capacity, while normal Salmon has 52.6%. The big Salmon, on the other hand, has a 15.7% spawning capacity.


After you have killed a salmon, you will find that it drops –

  • A raw salmon or a cooked salmon if the salmon has been killed on fire. This will remain unaffected by looting. Receive 1-3 when salmon is killed by a player or tamed wolf.
  • There is a 5% chance of bone meal to drop in Java Edition.
  • There is a 25% chance of the salmon to be of small or medium size and a 25% chance again of 1-2 bones if you catch a large one.

How To Breed Salmon In Minecraft

Salmon cannot breed. There’s no possible way for players to make them breed. Salmon can only spawn, and you will either have to find a spawn egg or let them spawn naturally.

What Are The Uses of Salmon Minecraft

Following are the uses of Salmon in Minecraft –

Cooked Salmon For The Soul

Cooked Salmon Minecraft Recipe

Players will be able to use Salmon in many different ways. One of them is by cooking. You can cook raw Salmon over an open fire, furnace, or smoker to make cooked Salmon. Every cooked Salmon will get you 0.35 experience when removed from a furnace output slot.

You can also get yourself a cooked salmon by trading with a fisherman or a villager. Players can also find it in a buried treasure or a drop from a salmon dying on fire. Raw Salmon can restore 2 Food Points and 0.2 saturation, while Cooked Salmon can restore 6 Food Points with 9.6 Saturation.


Players will use Salmon to heal their cats with two hearts. Not only for healing purposes, but Players can also use Salmon to tame or domesticate cats, get them off of chests, tables, and other such places, breed cats or ocelots and make them grow up ten times faster. Salmon will also help you earn the trust of ocelots.


One of the many ways Salmon Minecraft can be used is by feeding them to dolphins. It will help you earn their trust and will help boost communication between you and the fellow dolphin.

Once you have whipped up a salmon for their hungry tummies, dolphins swim to their nearest shipwreck, chest, or underwater ruin. This will help you locate shipwrecks as if one of the chests has been destroyed; they will look for another one.


You can feed wolves with raw Salmon to heal them with two hearts. Cooked Salmon will help you restore their health by six hearts. This will only be possible in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, though.

Polar Bears

You can tame polar bears in Minecraft by feeding them many kinds of fish. You will have to catch some before you try to tame these ferocious creatures.

Trading Salmon

Fisherman villagers of apprentice-level have a 50% (BE) or 2⁄3 (JE) chance to buy six raw salmon and one emerald in exchange for six cooked salmon. In contrast, fisherman villagers of Journeyman-level can buy 13 raw salmon in exchange for an emerald (may vary as villager’s level changes).

Salmon ID

The item ID of Salmon is minecraft: Salmon, and its legacy item ID is minecraft:fish.

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