How To Lure Chickens In Minecraft With 2 Easy Steps

Lure chickens

Minecraft has a wide range of activities in the game as it allows a player to indulge in breeding and tamping processes which helps to lure chickens. Minecraft series has a vast set of characters with their significance and abilities, making players take those advantages and plan their tasks accordingly. Breeding and luring the chickens is one of the most straightforward tasks a player can do, as well as there, are many advantages of having chickens in the game.

Most of the players lure chickens in the game as it is easy to breed and can be used to create many other items. The chickens are mostly found running on grassy lands, and they make various sounds of their actions, making it easy to track them and know what they are doing. Breeding the chickens is very easy as you need to bring the two chickens together, mostly keeping them inside the fence.

Lure Chickens in Minecraft

How to lure Chickens in Minecraft with 2 easy process

Chickens in the minecraft arena are considered the passive mob located in grassy biomes that give you the advantages of producing the primary source of eggs, bare chickens, and chicken feathers. The entire narrative of their outfit is, they have tiny yellow color legs, wings that flutter anytime, a white color body as they are hopping and tumbling over a block, including with red wattles underneath their chops.

They have the mindset to ramble aimlessly in the whole fantasy world, but they are very sharp as they prevent themselves from falling off the cliffs. Players can listen to the chicken’s voice when laying an egg or cucking. For the process of breeding, chicken players need the collab of two chickens by feeding them seeds. After that feed, these two chickens breed until a heart appears on top that notifies a booming breeding process.

Chickens are considered the most leisurely minecraft animal for breeding by wheat seeds as they produce eggs used to create chicks. The demerit they have is the lowest rate in health power in the game session, and most fish only defeat it. Moreover, the chicken eggs can make various food items like pumpkin pie or cake.

breeding of two chickens

The fascinating factor about the chickens is that they are resistant to fall damage, thrashing their wings because they gradually plunge to the ground. If the chickens have enough space to breed with other chickens, it will privilege laying eggs every five to ten minutes. The laid egg sound will be delivered by a chicken.

Now you must be wondering how long does it take for a chicken to grow? Here’s a small video explaining that –

When they lay an egg, it must be audible to the player if they are close enough to hear, and it will also allow you to know the exact spot of that fresh egg. To lure chickens after you enter the game, put your hand filled with seed as they see and follow you until you break the line or go far away from the sight.

Process of Breeding

breed chickens in minecraft

There are two steps to lure chickens in Minecraft as well as it allows players to glimpse the breeding procedure of the chicken and view those baby chicks produced by them. There are a few requirements that you need to take in the process of breeding.

Fetch two chickens

One of the two processes to lure chickens is to fetch two chickens, as the players have the demanded material with them. They have the charge to fetch two chickens for the breed. If players face some issue to convey the chicken, they allow for summoning a chicken with the help of commands, or they can use breed egg.

Make usage of the seeds to lure chickens

The last process is to lure chickens to the nest and the final step is to select seeds in the player’s Hotbar. Take out wheat seeds in your hand. To feed the wheat seeds to chickens –

  • Press right button on the surface of the chicken once for a platform of education edition.
  • Move to the controller and tab to the ZL button for the Nintendo Switch platform.
  • Move to the PlayStation controller, tab to the L2 button for PlayStation four, and PlayStation three platforms.
  • Click on the surface of the chicken once for the platform of pocket edition.
  • Press right button on the surface of the chicken once for a platform of windows 10 edition.
  • Click on the ZL tab of the gamepad for the platform of Wii U.
  • Move to the Xbox controller, tab to the LT button for Xbox One and Xbox 360 platforms.
  • Press right button on the surface of the chicken once for a platform of (MAC/PC) Java edition.
baby chicken in minecraft

After the feeding of seeds approach is complete, you will notice a blossom of red hearts over the head of chickens as it notifies that each of these two chickens is appearing in the stage of love mode. Once players feed those seeds to the chicken, they move their heads to each other, and red hearts will continue on their heads.

Lastly, when the red heart bloom vanishes, an adorable baby chick will be standing there with them. Now, players have the characters of two grown-up chickens and one newborn chicken. Hence, this is an entire procedure of breeding chickens for players to know.


Can you tame a chicken in Minecraft?

No, you cannot tame or pet a chicken in Minecraft. Chickens are friendly mods and will follow you if you lure them with wheat seeds.

Can you dye chickens in Minecraft?

No, there is no direct way to dye the chickens. You’ll have to install mods in order to do so.

How often do chickens lay eggs in Minecraft?

Chickens lay eggs at random. There is no fixed time gap between two laid eggs. On average, it takes about 5 to 10 minutes for a chicken to lay an egg.

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