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Best Lighthouse Minecraft Builds

We can build many magnificent designs in Minecraft. Furthermore, there are numerous types of structures, blocks, decorates, everything you can think of. Lighthouse Minecraft is one of the best architectural masterpieces. This post will serve the best guide to build Lighthouse Minecraft.

Required items list to build Lighthouse Minecraft –

There are plenty of build items in Minecraft, such as oak logs, oak slabs, cobblestone, glowstone, oak stairs, oak planks, prismarine, obsidian, bricks, and many more. Though the duration obtainability and durability vary for each of these items, these items can be considered as suitable building materials.

1. Stone Bricks

Stone bricks will serve as basic building blocks for the lighthouse. They are pretty healthy as well as good looking.

Stone Bright to build lighthouse minecraft

2. Spruce and Oak Planks

Both Spruce and Oak Planks are easily obtainable and can be useful in building the lighthouse’s interior.

wooden planks

3. Door

You can have any door which suits your art styles.


4. White and Red Concrete

We’ll need white concrete as well as some other dyed concrete to have a good design.

white/red concrete

5. White and Yellow Stained Glass Pane

We’ll use white stained glass pane to add windows and yellow stained glass to cover the top light. These glasses will add a good touch to our lighthouse.

glass pane

6. Lantern

Lanterns are a great way to decor the interior of the lighthouse. They can be easily crafted using an iron nugget and a torch.


7. Smooth Stone Slabs

We’ll use smooth stone slabs to create a spiral staircase inside the lighthouse.


8. Red Nether Bricks

We’ll use Red Nether Bricks to cover the top section of the lighthouse.

red nether bricks

9. Redstone Lamp

Redstone Lamp will be our main light of the lighthouse.

redstone lamp

10. Daylight Sensor

Daylight sensor will be useful at lighting our lighthouse automatically in night.

daylight sensor

How to build a Lighthouse in Minecraft?

1. Create a circle base

Firstly, you need to decide the size and shape of your lighthouse base. We suggest you build a 9×9 circle as shown below. This will be good enough to make your lighthouse look big and also be spacious.

circular base to build lighthouse minecraft
Lighthouse design credits – Mr Mirror

2. Fill the first layer

Use spruce/oak planks to fill the first layer of your lighthouse. You have the freedom to use any other materials as per your need and decor styles. But building the lighthouse’s interior with wooden material gives it a good touch.

base of lighthouse

3. Build Inner Wall

Now, start building the inner wall using stone bricks as shown below. Make sure you leave a space for a door at the base. You can also build windows while building the wall.

inner wall

4. Place a door

Now, place a door at the entrance of the lighthouse minecraft. You can use any type of door as you wish, but according to us, Iron Door looks the best.

door of lighthouse

5. Build door decor (Optional)

Now add more details to the outside of the door. This will make our entrance look good.

door design

6. Wall designs

Add more wall designs as shown below. Make two hollow strips on each side to make it look pretty.

wall designs

7. One more layer on top

Use reversed stairs, as shown in the image, to create a good design.

top layer

8. White concrete layer

Now build a layer of 3 blocks height using white concrete. You can use red concrete too for this step.

white concrete layer lighthouse minecraft

9. Red concrete layer + Windows

Same as the white concrete layer, the red concrete layer will be of height three blocks. Just add space for the windows on the wall of red concrete. For glasses use, White Stained Glass Pane. Use spruce fence gate to add decks overs to windows.

red layer

10. White Layer again

Now make a white concrete layer of height four blocks on top of the red layer.

white layer second

11. Now one red layer and white layer again

For the last time, make a red layer on top of the white layer and make one more white layer above this red layer. Just as before, make gaps in the red layer for the windows. In the end, it should look like this –

red and white layer

12. Foundation of each floors

Now start making floor foundations at each layer. Make use of spruce/oak planks to do it.


13. Make floor base

Now make use of other planks to make floor base as shown below.


14. Place lanterns

Use a spruce fence and spruce fence gate to create a good slot to hang lanterns. This minute detail really makes your lighthouse minecraft look pretty.

lanterns in minecraft

15. Stairs

Create a straight center pillar using stone bricks. Then wrap the stairs using smooth stone slab around it in spiral form.

stairs of lighthouse minecraft

16. Complete every floor decoration

Now, complete making the decoration and stairs for every floor.

17. Make a top floor

Now its time to make a top floor. Make a top floor with stone bricks. Use iron railing to create a balcony effect.

top floor

18. Top Structure

Make a top floor structure, as shown below. On this top structure, we’ll build the light of the lighthouse.

top structure

19. Yellow Glass & Glass Panes

Now use your yellow glass and glass panes to create a window for your light. Place your glasses as shown below –

yellow glass

20. Foundation of glass panes

Now build the foundation of glass panes using red nether bricks.

red nether bricks foundation

21. Top Cover

Now cover the top of light house using slabs and bricks as shown below.

top cover

22. Use Redstone Lamp

Now place the Redstone Lamp in the middle and cover the lamp with Jungle Trapdoor.

redtone lamp as light in lighthouse minecraft

23. Use Redstone Dust

Place Redstone Dust on the top of Redstone Lamp. This will create a directionless switchable light.

redstone dust

24. Daylight sensor

Place the daylight sensor on top of the Redstone Lamp. Also, connect the sensor with Redstone dust from 4 sides.

daylight sensor to make lighthouse glow in light

25. Finishing

After our super hard work, the lighthouse is finally built entirely. This will glow the light at night, automatically using a daylight sensor. Also, add some more decors according to your need.

final lighthouse minecraft

Final Words

Our lighthouse is indeed one of the best structures in Minecraft. We can even make it better using some good design ideas but that’s a whole other part which we’ll cover later. To summarize, building Lighthouse is a piece of cake if you have good designing skills in Minecraft.

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