Genshin Impact Weapons Guide – All Tools To Win Any Fight

Genshin Impact Weapons Guide

Genshin Impact is one of the most popular and most played free online games of its contemporaries. But what is the most interesting part of it to make it notable? First of all, it is an action-role-playing game along with its beautiful fantasy atmosphere. Secondly, there are various playable charming characters with different potentialities and various weapons to devour their enemies. For all these reasons, Genshin Impact undoubtedly becomes a fantastic popular video game for, especially the young generation.

Genshin Impact Weapons Guide helps you to attack your enemies in the game. These weapons are further categorized into 5 different types. Every character is assigned a specific type of weapon from which he/she can play. However, these weapons can be upgraded to increase their damage.

Genshin Impact Weapons Guide

Genshin Impact Weapons Guides are the essential equipment types to help the characters damage their enemies during their quests. Presently, there are five types of Genshin Impact Weapons available in the game, and more importantly, one character can access only one type of Weapon. In this post, we will discuss various types of Genshin Impact Weapons and their progression.

You can reroll to obtain your desirable weapon in Genshin Impact. This method will surely help you obtain rare weapons.

Genshin Impact Weapons Guide – Types

There are five different types of weapons in the game. Each of these has different attack styles and damage output. Every character has a different mastery weapon.


Genshin Impact Swords

Swords are generally for middle ground battle and hand to hand fight as well. The speed of the Swords attacks is in between the slower attacks in Claymores and faster in Polearms. Characters who wield this weapon –


Genshin Impact Bows

Bows are generally used for long ranged attacks in the game. These can hit the monster with the charged attack as far as they can fix the mission. Characters who wield this weapon –


Genshin Impact Polearms

Polearms have the most rapid attack amongst other Weapons. Moreover, it is a quite better option to reach the goal. Characters who wield this weapon –


Genshin Impact Claymores

It generally limits the character to slow the attack than the other Weapons which handles many more hits per swing. These Weapons also have bonus damage to break Geo objects like Monster’s shield. Thus it is also an essential Weapon to attack enemies. Characters who wield this weapon –


Genshin Impact Catalysts

Catalysts are the Weapons, which have an extremely uncommon magical nature. All the attacks, including Normal and Charged, are considered to be Elemental damage. The element of the damage depends on how sharp the wielder’s vision is. Characters who wield this weapon –

Genshin Impact Weapons Guide – Rarity

All Weapons have a definite range of rarity from 1-star to 5-stars. Weapons having higher stars have larger scaling on their stats than the weapons with lower stars. But higher stars Weapons are not easy to obtain in comparison with lower stars.

How to Get Them?

The best Genshin Impact Weapons Guide is being astounding in its gaming and graphic nature makes the gameplay difficult with variation in obtaining certain weapons based on their quality and ease in obtaining. Here goes the list of complete weapons obtaining probabilities and possibilities you might face to get the weapons altogether.

  • 5-star weapons can only be obtained through Wishes those we obtain through the different parts of the gameplay.
  • 4-star weapons can be obtained from Wishes and even crafting can be done by Forging.
  • 3-star, 2-star, and 1-star weapons can drop from boss fights or be obtained from various chests in the open world.

How to Progress to higher levels?

You gain all the progressions as the character gameplay improves and increases in their level. With each increase the character gains more and better upgrades to weapons. This can be done when they increase to maximum level up to 6 times.

PhaseMax LevelRequired Adventure Rank

According to the chart, the character upgrades give the upgrades to the characters as they increase to the maximum level, such as 20, 40, etc., with corresponding adventure rank to 15, 25, etc.

Genshin Impact Weapons Guide – Statistics

Weapon rarity and their availability is judged using stars starting from 3 to higher. These give the character a bonus level corresponding to the basic level or level that the character currently is in. These secondary stats are of type:

  • ATK Weapons
  • DEF Weapons
  • HP Weapons
  • CRIT DMG Weapons
  • CRIT Rate Weapons
  • Elemental Mastery Weapons
  • Energy Recharge Weapons
  • Physical DMG Bonus Weapons

These weapons with stars higher than 3 have a passive alongside their secondary stats. Now, these passives relate to the passive talent which can improve in case of individual characters and their power. They help to increase the damage that the character deals with alongside the higher stamina in case of some talents. In other cases, they balance the talents as well which causes a reduction in certain parameters as well. As for talents they help in individual game as well as benefits the team.

Reference: miHoYo

Summing up

Genshin impact Weapons Guide play a vital role in this game. It is needless to say that these make the game more fascinating. The scaling variation of the Weapons make the game more challenging. But someone also needs to know about the progression and the process of obtaining before playing the game. Otherwise, player’s effort will go in vain.

So if you want to play the game, don’t forget to flick through this post once. It will give you a brief idea about the Weapons and how to use it to crack the game. Let’s play the game and explore the new version of happiness.

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