Genshin Impact Ganyu Abilities and Builds

Genshin Impact Ganyu

Finally released on September 28, 2020, Genshin Impact’s action-packed RPG has now been made available to play on various platforms, including Windows, Play Station 4, IoS, android. Developed by renowned company MiHoYo company which was best known for its previous super hit videogame Honaki Impact 3.

Genshin Impact Ganyu is a new upcoming character in the game. Being the playable character, her Cryo Vision can be helpful in difficult times. In this post, I’ll go through all of her abilities. Let’s dive right into it –

Genshin Impact is based on –

  • RPG game, commonly known as Role Play Game, plays by playing the role of famous characters. The game is said to get its inspiration from Manga The Legend of Zelda:
  • Breath of wild. The game features a fantasy open world and action-based battle system while using elemental magic apart from character switching.

Genshin Impact Ganyu – Bio

Genshin Impact Ganyu Appearance

“SWEET RAIN” in Mandarin or “Genshin Impact Ganyu” in English is an upcoming Genshin Impact character. The most loyal and emissary secretary of Liyue Qixing. She was first introduced in Teyvat Chapter Storyline Chapter 1, Act: Farewell, the Archaic Lord.

  • Name: Ganyu
  • Sex: Female
  • Rarity: 5 Stars
  • Weapon: Bow
  • Vision: Cryo
  • Affiliation: Liyue Qixing
  • Region: Liyue
  • Voice Actor (English): Jennifer Losi
  • Voice Actor (Japanese): Reina Ueda
  • Voice Actor (Chinese): Su Lun

Genshin Impact Ganyu – Personality

The successor of “Qillin, an illuminated beast” kingdom and secretary of Yuehai Pavillion Ganyu shows a quiet and reserved personality. In the words of Xiangling is that Genshin Impact Ganyu, whenever she visits Wanmim Restaurant, eats alone and all by herself. This itself creates a contrast of whether she follows the order given to her or is a bit reluctant. However, what makes her smart is her extensive past and love for storytelling.

Ganyu Personality

Her devotion to Rex Lapis makes Keqing believe that she must have gone through something to show such devotion for a single person. Cause of her age, she forgets very quickly and later many times, this leads her too embarrassed.

From Beidou’s perspective, she and Ganyu get on very quickly, suggesting there may be a broader side to her personality, which is left undiscovered. However, this side of her character, Beidou tends not to tell everyone and maintains a low profile, which would harm her reputation.

Genshin Impact Ganyu – Talents

Genshin Impact Ganyu is a half-human half-Adeptus hybrid with both characteristics, hard to find in humans and found only in Gods.Those large purple eyes, red velvet horns like goats make most people believe she is a headdress.

Genshin Impact Ganyu Talents

Attacking Talents

Liutian Archery: Being  5 starCryo element user, she uses a bow tremendously. Her aim matches the target precisely.

  • Normal Attack
    • Use this to Perform up to 6 consecutive Bow shots.
  • Charged Attack
    • Use this to perform a more precise and Aimed Shot.
    • Use this if you want a Cryo aura to accumulate on the arrowhead before the arrow is fired.
      • Charge Level 1: Fires off a Cryo arrow that deals in Cyro damage.
      • Charge Level 2: Fires off a Frostfale Arrow that deals in Cryo damage. T when hitting its target, it blooms, dealing AoE Cryo damage.
  • Plunging Attack
    • Use this to Fire off a shower of arrows in mid-air before falling and striking the ground, dealing AoE damage upon impact.

Genshin Impact Ganyu – Constellations

  • Dew Drinker – Constellation Level 1
    • After Taking damage from a Charge Level 2 FrostFlake Arrow or the AOE damage from a Frostflake Arrow, Bloom decreases enemies Cryo resistance by 15% for 6 seconds.
    • For Genshin Impact Ganyu, This Hit regenerates two units of energy.
  • The Auspicious – Constellation Level 2
    • Using this  Trail of The Qillin gains in 1 additional charge.
  • Cloud Strider – Constellation Level  3
    • Use to have Celestial Shower by 3.
    • Maximum upgrade is of level 15
  • Westward Sojourn – Constellation Level 4
    • Enemies standing within the AoE of Celestial Shower takes much more increased damage. This effect only strengthens over time.
    • The increase in damage begins at 5% and increases by 5% every 3 seconds, up to a maximum of 25%.
    • The effect is for 3 seconds after the enemy leaves the AoE.
  • The Merciful – Constellation Level 5
    • Use this to Increase the Level of Trail of the Qilin by 3.
    • The maximum upgrade is 15.
  • The Clement – Constellation Level 6

Using Trail of the Qilin causes the next Frostflake Arrow shot fired within 30 seconds not to require charging

Genshin Impact Ganyu – Builds

Genshin Impact Ganyu Talking

Considering Ganyu’s physical abilities, we have made a custom selection of High-quality DPS build. One needs to know that game focuses on both High Physical DPS Build and on High Elemental DPS build

Ganyu’s High Physical DPS build :

  1. Gladiator’s Triumphus – Used to increase the below-mentioned stats.
    1. HP
    1. ATK
    1. DEF
    1. Healing Bonus
    1. CRIT Rate
    1. CRIT DMG
    1. Elemental Mastery(not in percentage)
  2. Gladiator’s Intoxication – Used to increase the below-mentioned stats.
    1. HP
    1. ATK
    1. DEF
    1. Physical DMG Bonus
    1. Elemental DMG Bonus
    1. Elemental Mastery(not in percentage)
    1. CRIT Rate
    1. CRIT DMG
  3. Gladiator’s Longing –Used to increase the below-mentioned stats.
    1. HP
    1. ATK
    1. DEF
    1. Energy Recharge
    1. Elemental Mastery
  4. Gladiator’s Destiny
    1. It comes with an ATK bonus.
  5. Gladiator’s Nostalgia
    1. Comes with an HP bonus.

Ganyu’s real power lies in her Bows, so here’s the Best Bow recommendation To Increase Her High Physical DPS build. We will recommend using the four-star bow –Viridescent Hunt or the five-star bow- Amos, for Ganyu high DPS build.

Ganyu’s High Elemental DPS build.

Ganyu being the CRYO user she could quickly bring out and unleash the full potential of Blizzard Strayer Set.Our recommendation is to have these builds.

  • Icebreaker’s Resolve
  • Frozen Homeland’s
  • Frost-Weaved Dignity
  • Broken Rime’s Echo

Final words

Rare to find with the bow in her hand, reigning cryoneeds no introduction.While you might have used her all hidden power and talents, make sure not to forget about her celestial shower’s elemental skill. Ganyu coalesces atmospheric frost to summon Ice gem to exorcise pure evil.

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