Genshin Impact Barbara – All Abilities And Best Builds

Genshin Impact Barbara

Genshin Impact is the most playable game available across most platforms, and this helps users get access to any of the devices. Genshin Impact is an open-world game that is the most loved and recommended by the players because they love to fight, explore, and perform various tasks through the storyline, making it an interactive game. The second primary reason to play this game is that it features an Anime Theme; the characters look very attractive, which a player desperately wants to use.

Genshin Impact Barbara is characterized by a Hydro character, which means she holds the power of water. Her close combat attacks are mighty and provide melodies musical notes. Genshin Impact makes it possible for the players to roam around while exploring the environment full of various tasks and unlock different Anime characters, which are playable as per the user’s choice. The combat mechanics are beneficial, providing intensive fight animations.

Genshin Impact Barbara – Introduction

Barbara is the star of Mondstadt’s kingdom and turns out to be a shining idol. The citizens of Mondstadt claim that her sight makes all the problems disappear, and they love her presence in the kingdom. She is hardworking and tends to heal the wounds through her miraculous Hydro Vision.

Barbara is referred to as “The Deaconess of the Favonius Church” by all of the people from Mondstadt. Being praised by all of the citizens of the Monstadt, she never shows any signs of ego. She is humble to every citizen and always respect them. She owes herself to the city’s spirit of freedom.

Genshin Impact Barbara – Bio

Name: Barbara Page
Sex: Female
Weapon: Catalyst
Vision: Hydro
Rarity: 4 Stars
Constellation: Crater
Affiliation: Church of Favonius
Special Dish: Spicy Stew
Region: Mondstadt
Birthday: 5 July
Voice Actor (English): Laura Stahl
Voice Actor (Japanese): Akari Kito
Voice Actor (Chinese): Yuanyuan Song

Genshin Impact Barbara – Appearance

Genshin Impact Barbara has a small petite body type with hair colored in ash blonde and eyes colored in blue. She wears a white dress and is open near the shoulders stitched with blue frills, and alongside a golden lining is attached. She owns a block of heels with black flats and a cap of blue & white color with a gold cross in the front. This hat adds a good touch of a support character in her look.

Genshin Impact Barbara Appearance
Barbara Appearance

At her side, we can see a golden color spell book whose cover is in light blue, and a small charm hangs, which is attached to a black strap.

Genshin Impact Barbara – Personality

Barbara is the most adorable and charming for the kingdom of Mondstadt. People love it because she can make the problems disappear with her sight. Moreover, she has the power of healing the wounds with the help of Hydra Vision. All these characteristics make her the idol of Mondstadt kingdom among the citizens.

Genshin Impact Barbara is humble as well as respectful towards all the other citizens. This personality makes the citizens even love her more. With the extraordinary ability to heal people, she never became arrogant to any person. Such a good nature reflects on the players playing the game.

Genshin Impact Barbara – Talents

Barbara Talents
Barbara Talents

Barbara has 3 combat talents and 3 passive talents, just like any other character. The details of all of the talents are listed below –

Whisper of Water

The normal and charged attack is categorized as a Combat Talent type attack.

The normal attack can unleash four water splashes, which deal with Hydro damage to the enemies.
The charged attack deals AoE Damage, which consumes a certain amount of Barbara’s stamina.
The plunging attack in which Barbara plunges to the ground from mid-air providing damage to the enemies nearby. It unleashes AoE Hydro damage when she touches the ground.

Let the Show Begin

It is an elemental skill that is categorized under Combat Talent type attack.

This attack brings a shower of water droplets, producing musical notes forming a Melody Loop and attacking the nearby enemies with Hydro Damage. Alongside you get advantages of few perks like:

  1. The normal attack will heal Genshin Impact Barbara fully, and the allied characters nearby will gain a small amount of HP.
  2. The Charged Attack will generate 4x times the amount of healing.
  3. At regular intervals, a certain amount of HP will be recovered by the active character.
  4. The enemies get affected by the wet status, whoever comes in contact with the character.

Shining Miracle

It is an elemental burst talent that is categorized under the Combat Talent type. It does not deal with any damage to the enemies; instead, it helps heal the allied characters and the character, which is in the party with a large pack of HP and scales Barbara’s HP to the max.

Glorious Season

It is categorized under the Passive Talent 1 type. When activated, it reduces the stamina consumption by 12% while using the Let the Show Begin attack.


Categorized under Passive Talent 2 type. It extends the duration of the attack. Let the Show Begin by 1 second and a maximum of 5 seconds; this will only get activated when your character will get an Elemental Particle or Elemental Ord.

With My Whole Heart

It is categorized under the Passive Talent 3 type, which gets activated on achieving a Perfect Cooking with restoration effect, the chance of getting a double product is increased by 12%.

Genshin Impact Barbara – Constellations

Barbara Constellations
Barbara Constellations

Barbara’s Constellation can be achieved by leveling her up as soon as you reach the respective levels. Genshin Impact Barbara has six levels of Constellation, which are described below –

Gleeful Songs

The energy of Barbara will regenerate by one at every 10 seconds.

Vitality Burst

Let the Show Begin attack’s cooldown time is decreased by 15%, and while activating this ability, your character will gain 15% more Hydro damage as a bonus.

Star of Tomorrow

Shining Miracle level is increased by three, and a maximum of 5 levels can be achieved.

Attentiveness by My Power

Whenever Barbara hits her enemies by the Charged Attack, her HP will be increased by one and adds up to 5 HPs only.

The Purest Companionship

Let the Show Begin attack’s level increases by three, and the maximum upgrade level of 15 can be achieved.

Dedicating Everything to You

If one of you party character falls and Barbara is out of the field:

  1. The character is revived automatically.
  2. It can be used once every 15 minutes.
  3. The revived character’s HP is regenerated to 100%.

Genshin Impact Barbara – Builds

Barbara Healing Build
Barbara Healing Build

Genshin Impact Barbara has attractive Hydra type attacks which provide melodies songs along with attacking the enemies. The best type of build available for Barbara is a Hydro Healer Build. This build is very supportive of all of your party members.

Hydro Healer Build

This build is capable of keeping all your friends healthy. Unlike other support characters, this build doesn’t have any support for outgoing damage. Keep switching between the characters to provide heals as well as have a good damage output.


There are two weapons of Genshin Impact Barbara – Prototype Malice and Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers.

Prototype Malice

The Prototype Malice is an Elemental Burst which helps to regenerate Barbara’s HP by 4/4.5/5/5.5/6 for every 2 seconds and at max for 6 seconds. At the same time, all the party members gain HP by 4/4.5/5/5.5/6% every 2 seconds within the duration.

Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers

The Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers increases the attack by 24/30/36/42/48% for 10 seconds of the new or switched character summoned in the field; it only occurs once every 20 seconds.


There are two artifacts of Barbara, which are as follows –

The Exile

It helps to recharge Barbara’s energy by 20%. While using an Elemental Burst can regenerate 2 Energy for the party members every 2 seconds and a max of 6 seconds. You cannot stack this effect.

Maiden Beloved

The healing of Barbara is increased by 15%, and when combined with an Elemental Burst or Skill, it helps all the party members heal by 20% for 10 seconds.

Final Words

Barbara is a good conditional character who can keep your team alive in bad situations. In Genshin Impact, it’s imperative to have a healer in our team. A healer can provide good exposure for the damaged characters to attack more. Use the build mentioned above to make the best out of Barbara.

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1 year ago

TBH, Barbra is a good support and healer. Though she is not very good with attacks on enemies, she can create some damage with a electro character. Overall, I would say that Barbra is a great member to have on the team.

Pratik Kinage
1 year ago
Reply to  Lilliana