Genshin Impact Xiangling – All Abilities and Best Builds

Genshin Impact Xiangling

Genshin Impact has a dynamic team, and the most notable characters can be created from the group. Genshin Impact is extremely popular every day in the free-to-play series. Each team needs the flavor and the opportunity to battle the world with a variety of squads. With good teamwork, this game can be easy to play. But to apply good teamwork, you need to understand all the abilities of all characters.

Genshin Impact Xiangling may not be Genshin Impact’s most powerful character, but she is one of the finest. She lies on a line between the DPS and helps according to the way you build it. Hence, read on to know everything about Xiangling before taking her onto the field. Moreover, her Pyro ability can be advantageous to create Elemental Reactions.

Genshin Impact Xiangling – Introduction

Genshin Impact Xiangling, head chef at the Wanmin Restaurant and a waitress, serves tasty bubbling food at the tables. She is highly passionate about cooking and exalts hot and spicy food at its signature. She is the head chef and is running it next to her father, Chef Mao.

Xiangling Poster
Xiangling Poster

As a chef, Xiangling has no fear of trying multiple recipes and unique ingredients. Even though still young, Xiangling is an authentic master of cooking with all her abilities. Among the hearty eaters on Chihu Rock, she enjoys a strong reputation.

Genshin Impact Xiangling – Bio

  • Name: Xiangling
  • Sex: Female
  • Rarity: 4 Stars
  • Weapon: Polearm
  • Vision: Pyro
  • Region: Liyue
  • Constellation: Ladie
  • Affiliation: Wanmin Restaurant
  • Special Dish: Wanmin Restaurant’s Boiled Fish
  • Birth Date: 2nd November
  • Voice Actor (English): Jackie Lastra
  • Voice Actor (Japanese): Ari Ozawa
  • Voice Actor (English): Li Jiang

Genshin Impact Xiangling – Personality

Genshin Impact Xiangling is a famous cook at Liyue. She is very passionate about cooking and exalts hot and unique dishes in creating her trademark. Liyue has two competing customs and culture, which have been easily referred to as “Li” and “Yue.” Food lovers in Liyue are influential followers of one style or another and have long been engaged in a bitter contest to show their style’s dominance.

Xiangling was born into a family of restaurant owners and inherited her share of this displeasure. But she also wanted to take over the Wanmin Restaurant and be one of the first to oppose the status quo. Xiangling is known and is a very bold choice of cooling ingredients, ranging from a pincel of the mist flowers and a decline in slime condensing to a handful of unidentified flying insects and even hikers boxes.

Genshin Impact Xiangling – Appearance

Xiangling’s hair is long, indigo-black, and she holds in a bunch of twisted pandas. She’s got golden eyes on her face, a pale complexion, and an everlasting grin on either side of her hair, sporting a gold-paved hair clip.

Xiangling Appearance
Xiangling Appearance

Genshin Impact Xiangling is sporting a red front and back red ribbon brown and gold bodysuit. She has a gold belt that her red panda friend uses to wear around. Xiangling is wearing brown, fingerless gloves and boots alongside a twisted red ribbon.

Genshin Impact Xiangling – Talents

Xiangling Running
Xiangling Running


Normal Attack – It carries out up to five successive spear attacks.
Charged Attack – Absorbs any resistance in the lung and damages enemies in their way.
Plunging Attack – Jumps down from the middle into the field below and damages enemies along the route and handles AoE DMG on impact.

Guoba Attack

This ability calls Guoba the Panda. Guoba then attacks the enemy by breathing fire, which deals AoE damage. Guoba remains with Xiangling till the end.


Xiangling Elemental Attack
Xiangling Elemental Attack

Xiangling sends a Pyronadus spinning around her to demonstrate her control of both fire and polearms. As long as the capacity continues to deal with Pyro DMG to its opponents, the Pyronado can travel with your player.


The first passive attack of Xiangling is defined as Passive Talent 1. It tends to increase the Guoba fire range by 20 percent.

Beware, It’s Super Hot!

The final passive attack of Xiangling is defined as Passive Talent 2. When the Guoba assault stops, Guoba leaves the location where it has vanished with chili pepper. Chilli pepper set raises ATK for 10s by 10 percent.

Chef de Cuisine

The final passive attack of Xiangling is defined as Passive Talent 3. When Xiangling perfectly cooks an ATK booster, she has a 12% risk of making the product twice.

Genshin Impact Xiangling – Constellations

Crispy Outside, Tender Inside

The enemies harmed by the attacks of the Guoba have lowered their Pyro Resilience by 15% for 6s. This effect is useful to spam Pryo attacks on the enemy.

Oil Meets Fire

The last standard attack imposes the status implode on the enemy in 2s. When this time is over, 75% of Xiangling’s ATK will be exposed like Pyro DMG. This status acts as oil on the enemy creating Pyro damage on enemies.


Improves the Pyronado degree by 3. Updates as high as possible to a degree of 15.

Slow bake

The period of Pyronado has been raised by 40%. This level of constellation is very important in Support Build of the Xiangling.

Guoba Mad

Improves the Pyronado degree by 3. Updates as high as possible to a degree of 15.

Condensed Pyronado

All group participants can receive a 15 percent Pyronado DMG bonus for the length of Pyronado.

Genshin Impact Xiangling Builds

Genshin Impact Xiangling Builds
Xiangling Builds

Builds are instrumental in creating a masterpiece out of your character. These builds always create good support for your team or can make you an independent player. There are currently two types of builds available for Genshin Impact Xiangling, namely, Pyro Support Build and Pyro DPS Build. Both of these builds can be used in proper conditions to make the best out of them.

Pyro Support Build

This build focusses on increasing the damage of her talents and uptime of the skills. Pyronado can create good crowd control on the enemies. Increasing the duration of all talents will provide a pathway for your DPS characters to move in.


Both the Skyward Spine and Prototype Grudge proves to be useful in creating a support build. The elemental skills are enhanced by using both these weapons. You can choose any of them to create a Pyro Support.

Skyward spine

CRIT rises by 8%, and the ATK SPD expected ratings by 12%. Standard and charged attacks on enemies often have a 50% risk of activating a vacuum blade, accounting for 40% of APK and DMG in a small kit.

Prototype Grudge

Once a simple skill has been used, the DMG of regular and charged assault rises by 8% for 12s.

Artifacts Sets

Noblesse Oblige is the best artifact for the Pyro Support Build. The details of this artifact is given below –

Noblesse Oblige

Increase your Elemental Burst Damage by 20% at level 2.
Increase the Party Member’s damage by 20% for 12 seconds at level 4.

Pyro DPS Build

Pyro DPS Build is almost similar to her support built, but this build focuses on increasing the character’s base damage. Gladiator’s Finale gives an awesome boost in your damage output and is probably the best artifact for DPS builds. Make sure to use the Genshin Impact Xiangling’s elemental abilities to increase the base damage.


Crescent Pike

After the Elemental Orb/Particle has been retrieved, a regular and charged attack handles 20 percent ATK for 5s as DMG.

Artifacts Sets

Gladiator’s Finale (Level 4)

ATK+ 18 percent, if the wizard used as a sword, Claymore or Polearm, its usual attack DMG is boosted by 35 percent.

Bloodstained Chivalry + Gladiator’s Finale (Level 2)

Increase your physical damage by 25% (Bloodstained Chivalry) and increase your damage by 18% more (Gladiator’s Finale).

Final Words

Xiangling can be very flexible due to the builds in both support and DPS. Although she is not as strong as other S Tier characters, she can serve as a good substitute for DPS in your team composition. Genshin Impact has given a good pack of entertainment to enjoy the ever-lasting adventure.

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