Genshin Impact Steam – Is This Awesome Game Playable On Steam?

Genshin Impact Steam

Genshin Impact is one of the top releases of 2020-21 and managed to acquire more than 10 Million users within one week. With the animated characters and multiple roles, everyone wants to play Genshin Impact. Most importantly, this game supports crossplay, and you can play with your friends. Till now, the game has been added to Android, iOS, PC, and PS4.

Genshin Impact Steam gameplay

Genshin Impact Steam version is not released as of now, and it will never be released. miHoYo has managed to create its own set of installers, which manages the game files and its content. We all know that the Steam and Epic games are two rulers of the game distribution, but miHoYo has decided to launch the installer independently. There are different ways to install this game on each platform. In this post, we’ll look at the steam support for the game.

What is Steam?

Steam is a platform dedicated to distribute and release games. Many companies have their collaboration with Steam to make their release on the platform. As Steam has millions of users, many new unknown indie developers release their game to make a name in the gaming market. But for big companies, this collaboration might not be that good. Many games like Zelda, LoL, Fortnite have their own independent platform, and still, they are doing great.

Genshin Impact was also rumored to get released on Steam. But the developers created their own installer to play the game.

Why Do Players Want Genshin Impact Steam?

One good thing about steam is the management of games. It can manage multiple games easily and never cause any conflicts with other games. Moreover, the installer has CDN distributed over more than 15 servers to ensure that you get maximum speed while installing the game. With one click, you can install any game from Steam. This is the reason why players need Genshin Impact Steam. But unfortunately, we won’t get any steam version of this game.

genshin impact gameplay 2

Features of launching game on Steam –

  1. No hardware purchase required
  2. Playing from any PC
  3. Steam Sales
  4. Convenience for installing any game
  5. Buyer Protection
  6. Huge community

Will There Be Any Steam Version of Genshin Impact?

No, the Genshin Impact Steam version will never be released. miHoYo has already stated that they will never use Steam for the distribution of the Genshin Impact game. They have a separate lightweight alternative installer for PC.

Reasons Why Genshin Impact Steam Doesn’t Exists

There are several reasons for miHoYo not to release the game on Steam. They are as follows –

Monetary Cut

Steam takes 30% of the total sales done by any game. This number is huge compared to some other platforms. Moreover, if you can develop your own platform, you can increase your income by whooping 30%.

Unavailability of resources for China

Genshin Impact is an anime based game whose developing company is Chinese. With a lead for the Chinese market, all Chinese companies avoid releasing the game on Steam. Steam China was released 6 months ago, but still, many functionalities are not working for them. Moreover, the Chinese government is also more concerned about the allowance of external applications in China.

Lack of good Anticheat

Steam is struggling hard to create a good kernel-level anti-cheat system. This creates a disadvantage for the games released on them. That’s the reason why Genshin Impact Steam doesn’t exist.

From Where We Can Install Genshin Impact?

genshin impact install

You can install Genshin Impact from the official miHoYo site. Before that, check the system requirements of the game for all platforms. The developers have done a tremendous job of optimizing the game for low-end devices.

Final Words

Genshin Impact is a huge game, and players want them on Steam. But due to certain factors, this game cant is released over Steam, and all the players are not happy about it. With over millions of monthly users, Steam serves to be a great platform for the gaming community. Genshin Impact and Steam are like Fire and Ice. They both are good independently, but they can’t be together ever.

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