Genshin Impact Mona: All Abilities and Best Builds

genshin impact mona

Genshin Impact Mona Megistus is a honest astrologer who follows sincerely, her principles of accurate astrology.

A mysterious young astrologer who proclaims herself to be “Astrologist Mona Megistus,” and who possesses abilities to match the title. Erudite, but prideful.
Though she is often strapped for cash and lives a life of thrift, she is resolved to never use astrology for profit… It is this very resolution that has caused her to constantly fret about money.

-Description from the official game site.

Genshin Impact Mona: Bio

genshin impact mona

Genshin Impact Mona is born on 31st August and is a female. She functions using Catalyst as weapons in the “Mondstadt” Region. Her Special Dish is “Supreme Wisdom,” and her constellation is “Astrolabos.” You can obtain Genshin Impact Mona by getting the Wishes. Her Vision is given to be “Hydro.”

Genshin Impact Mona: Appearance

genshin impact mona appearance

Mona, at her first sight, will give you the most accurate impression of an astrologer. Her attire is astoundingly mystical and attractive, and it fits well on her fair skin and curvy build. The costume she wears is a combination of a blue blouse and a red cape that floats seamlessly from her back. Her hat sits on her head and curves as if it is the one that is doing all the fortune-telling.

Like any other magician’s, Mona’s hands are covered with black gloves and her legs with the same color stockings. She has flowing black hair tied into two pigtails, and at the end of each, you can see a decoration of a golden compass that is significant of her astrologer trait. Overall, Genshin Impact Mona is an asset to your team with her astrological skills and her integrity towards her abilities.

Mona’s Vision

mona vision

The Genshin Impact Mona has a deeply ingrained story behind her astrological character. As the tale unfolds, we come to learn that Mona’s characteristic fortune-telling is a present to her by her master and the only proof of their student-teacher relationship. Although this skill serves no real purpose sometimes, she truly preserves and values it. Mona believes in being modest about her vision and carries it everywhere she goes. She decides against being proud of it and takes great care of the teaching-aid she had received. She carries it along with her for every mission until we discover there is another congenital vision of her own dissolving her old teaching aid…

Genshin Impact Mona: Personality

mona personality

Genshin Impact Mona is a sturdy personality. What makes her shine out among other astrologers is that she believes in the very fundamentals of astrology and doesn’t sell out her fortune-telling for money. Other astrologers may speak very extravagantly about people, but you will not find Mona among them. Mona believes in being candid, no matter how pleasant or distasteful her results are.

Because of her astrological practice’s uprightness, she has gravitated many people to read for them their fortunes. This gives Mona ample resources for her research. However, research requires money to purchase the texts and apparatus needed for it. Mona’s income is only based on her work in The Steambird’s  “All Things Astrological” Column. Every book from Sumeru and Liyeu comes with a humongous price tag that leaves Mona dragging herself through the end of each month.

However, lack of money doesn’t stop the Genshin Impact Mona from practicing her gifts. She continues to help people through the oblivion they are trying to clear when they consult her.

Genshin Impact Mona: Quests

Genshin Impact Mona participates majorly in the “Story Quests” that the game provides.

She features in “Astrolabos-Act 1,” which is based on the character’s story. The act that Mona participates in is called “Beyond This World’s Stars,” and the game makes sure to walk you through the tale of her vision that primarily constitutes her character. Other than that, she has not appeared in any other quests, like the “Archon Quest.”

Character Trivia

Genshin Impact Mona is the first five-star character seen to use “Catalysts” as weapons.

Her name, “Mona,” is seen to have multiple possible origins. The northern European name is another form of “Monica”. The Old-English origin signifies her as the “moon” which suits her astrological career.

The constellation she has is Astrolabos which is Latin for “The Astrolabe

Genshin Impact Mona – Talents

Talents are the important part of the game where you can attack an enemy or aid a teammate. These basic sets of abilities are available for all characters. These abilities are divided into two categories as below –

Combat Talents

Ripple of Fate (Normal Ability) – 4 slashes that deal Hydro damage to enemies. With the charged attack, you can deal AoE damage on Hydro attacks. Plunging attack charges on all the enemies on the path and deals a massive AoE Hydro damage.

Mirror Reflection of Doom (Elemental Ability) – Deals an AoE Hydro damage on enemies four times every second. As soon as the ability sends, it triggers a big AoE explosion around it.

Illusory Torrent (Movement) – Increases movement speed with water. Upon ending the talent, it applies the nearby enemies with Wet status.

Stellaris Phantasm (Elemental Burst) – Traps all the opponents inside a bubble adding a Wet status on them. This bubble increases the damage we give on the opponents and also deals additional Hydro damage to them.

Passive Talents

Come ‘n’ Get Me, Hag! (Passive Talent 1) – After using the movement ability, Mona will trigger an explosion that attacks all the nearby enemies. This damage equals 50% of the Elemental Skill’s damage.

Waterborne Destiny (Passive Talent 2) – Gain an additional Hydro Damage Bonus on using Energy recharge.

Principium of Astrology (Passive Talent 3) – After crafting a Weapon Ascension, Mona has a 25% chance of refunding the charges for crafting the ascension.

Genshin Impact Mona – Constellations

Constellation is a set of buffs that you can get by leveling up your character. These constellations are meant to provide a bonus on your attacks and defense.

Prophecy of SubmersionWhen any of your party member gets hit by Omen, you gain –
1. 15% increased Electro damage
2. 15% increased vaporized damage
3. 15% increased Hydro Swirl damage
4. 15% increased time for Frozen effect
All of these effects lasts for 8 seconds.
Lunar ChainOn hitting enemy with Nomal attack, you have 20% chance of following it with charged attack. This effect can only take place once every 5 seconds.
Restless RevolutionThe level of Stellaris Phantasm is increased by 3. You can maximize the level up to 15 only.
Prophecy of OblivionIf your party member attacks an enemy affected with Omen status, they gain a 15% increased critical damage rate.
Mockery of FortunaMirror Reflection of Doom’s level is increased by 3. You can maximize the level up to 15 only.
Rhetorics of CalamitasAfter using movement ability, Mona gains 60% increased damage on her next charged attacks. This affects stacks every time you use charged attack. The maximum stacking limit is 180% and only lasts for 8 seconds.

Genshin Impact Mona – Builds

Builds are essential to make Mona perfect in the game. Certain builds are very much helpful against specific kinds of enemies. These builds can reduce the hard work to defeat the enemies.

Hydro Support Build

Hydro Support Build is best suited for mona due to her abilities and constellation powers. Her elemental burst provides huge support of the teammate to create space and attack the enemies. Following are the weapons and artifacts needed to build –

Weapons (Skyward Atlas or Favonius Codex) – Both these weapons are perfect for Mona to increase her own damage output. Skyward Atlas increases the elemental damage by 12/15/18/21/24%. Moreover, it has a 50% chance of generating clouds which can deal 160/200/240/280/320% damage on opponents. Whereas, Favonius Codex has a 60/70/80/90/100% chance of regenerating your energy after hitting critical attacks. This weapon works best after unlocking the level 4 constellation.

Artifacts (Noblesse Oblige + Wanderer’s Troupe OR Noblesse Oblige + Heart of Depth) – Noblesse Oblige is common in both sets. This artifact increases your elemental damage by 20% straight. Using Wanderer’s Troupe increases your elemental mastery by 80 points whereas Heart of Depth increases the Hydro damage bonus by 15%. Both of these options are viable for creating the best support build.

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