Genshin Impact Tartaglia – All Abilities and Best Builds

Genshin Impact Tartaglia

Genshin Impact is a new role-playing game that gained a whopping 10 million installs within a week. This game features several characters with different types of rarity. Released on 28 September, this game features some of the best-looking characters in action games. So far, there are 23 characters released, and each one has unique abilities and constellation. The game developers add more updates and more characters every month.

Genshin Impact Tartaglia is the rare character that is expected to release soon in the next update. Featuring a Hydro Vision and a Bow Weapon, this character is expected to be one of the S Tier characters. With a good white coat and pants, this handsome Harbinger is ready to start its Genshin Impact journey. Players are all waiting for this update to play him soon.

Genshin Impact Tartaglia – Introduction

Tartaglia is the youngest Harbinger in the Genshin Impact Lore. Despite having low experienced, he is the most lethal Harbinger. He is known for his ability to trick others into his trap, like a Villian who is quite cunning and active to trap all Genshin Impact heroes. He prefers to be alone and make his plans rather than depending on others.

Genshin Impact Tartaglia Preview
Genshin Impact Tartaglia Preview

Genshin Impact Tartaglia is famous for his manipulative personality that can trick any enemies directly into the trap. Although this Snezhnayan is famous for his cunningness, there lies a great warrior within him. He is quite of the good warrior himself and is ready to face any enemy face-to-face.

Genshin Impact Tartaglia – Bio

Name: Tartaglia
Constellation: Monoceros Caeli
Rarity: 5 Stars
Weapon: Bow
Vision: Hydro
Region: Snezhnaya
Sex: Male
Affiliation: Fatui
Voice Actor (English): Griffin Burns
Voice Actor (Japanese): Ryōhei Kimura
Voice Actor (Chinese): Dong Yu

Genshin Impact Tartaglia – Appearance

Tartaglia has those unique blue eyes to fool the enemies. His hairs are quite short and orange colored. He has a red Fatui mask (from his Affiliation), which he wears on his head’s left side. This mask adds a good touch to his character and also provides the link to his affiliation. He wears a white grey coat that has dark grey patterns. Folded the sleeves of this coat, he also has a ragged red scarf. His coat is open on from the below part. Moreover, his belt has a Hydro mark, which identifies his Vision.

Tartaglia Appearance
Tartaglia Appearance

In his banner released by miHoYo, he has a water sword in his hands and has an elemental attack spell behind him. The grey coat suits well with the blue water effects.

Genshin Impact Tartaglia – Personality

The personality of Tartaglia is unpredictable. For one moment, he is a kind, sweet friend, and another minute he is a ruthless enemy. This personality makes him the most cunning guy of Snezhnaya. He has devoted himself to the thrill and the enjoyment of any battle. As it’s said, “Everything is fair in love and war,” Tartaglia gives a perfect example of this quote. He can do anything to win the battle.

Tartaglia Fighting
Tartaglia Fighting

Tartaglia is also known to show his true self in rare moments where he gets rid of all the titles and armors and all the fame. But this can be observed rarely. Or maybe this might be a trap for some enemy, who knows.

Such unpredictable character always creates an excellent neutral site on the wars and decides to enter whenever there is a fantastic opportunity. Tartaglia is good to be trusted, but if you get too attached, you might get some big betrayals. He is an excellent self-confident guy who plays with his enemy’s mind and body both.

Genshin Impact Tartaglia – Talents

Tartaglia With Bow
Tartaglia With Bow

As Genshin Impact Tartaglia is yet to be released, there is no information on his talents’ complete breakdown. I’ll update the post as soon as we receive the 1.1 updates of Genshin Impact. As every character has six talents available, Tartaglia is also expected to have six. But as his rarity is 5 Stars, his attacks will be much more potent than any other game character.

UPDATE: Tartaglia is released on 11th November along with Zhongli and the following are the talents of this mysterious character –

Combat Talents

Combat talents are the basic abilities available to deal with your enemies. These talents are direct damage-dealing abilities.

Cutting Torrent

There are three different types of attacks in this talent. They are as follows –
Normal Attack: Attack six consecutive shots on enemies.
Charged Attack: You can charge your normal arrow to get more Hydro damage on the enemies. If you fully charge the arrow, you can apply for a Riptide status on the enemies. This Riptide effect makes the enemy burst when you kill it.
Plunging Attack: Deals AoE damage by creating a shower of arrows over enemies. (While using Foul Legacy, you cannot use Plunging Attack)

Foul Legacy: Raging Tide

Tartaglia Charged Attack
Tartaglia Charged Attack

Genshin Impact Tartaglia creates weapons out of the water and deals with Hydro damage on the enemies. These are Melee type weapons which are useful in close combats.
Normal Attack: Attack six consecutive strikes on enemies
Charged Attack: Uses stamina to deal with a slash on enemies using both the daggers. This attack also deals with Hydro damage.
Riptide Slash: If an enemy is affected by Riptide, you can use your Foul Legacy to hit the enemies to perform a Riptide Slash. This slash creates AoE damage. This elemental skill can be used only once 1.5 seconds.

Havoc: Obliteration

This attack is dependent on the stance of Genshin Impact Tartaglia. There are three types of stances available for this attack –
Ranged StanceFires a Hydro arrow dealing with AoE damage. This arrow also applies for a Riptide status on the enemy. You can only use this effect if you are away from the enemy.
Melee StanceFires a slash with his daggers dealing AoE damage. This attack is useful when enemies surround you.
Riptide Blast – If using Havoc on an enemy affected by Riptide, you create a Hydro Explosion that deals massive AoE damage on enemies. This attack can be called an Elemental Burst attack because of the amount of burst damage.

Passive Talents

Passive Talents are the talents that are responsible for providing the buffs on normal attacks.

Never Ending

This talent increases the Riptide duration by 8 seconds. This talent is significant if you are dealing with multiple enemies.

Swords of Torrents

When using Foul Legacy (Elemental Attack), all your normal and charged attacks will deal with critical damage to the enemies. This talent will also apply a Riptide effect on the enemy’s attack.

Master of Weaponry

This talent increases your party member’s Normal Attack Level by 1. Although, this talent is not useful for Genshin Impact Tartaglia himself, but can be extremely helpful for the allies.

Genshin Impact Tartaglia – Constellation

Constellation is a set of buffs that you can get by leveling up your character. These constellations are meant to provide a bonus on your attacks and defense.

There are six levels of Constellation of Genshin Impact Tartaglia. Monoceros Caeli is the full name of his constellation, and it offers some beneficial buffs.

Foul Legacy: Tide Withholder

This level decreases the cooldown of Foul Legacy: Raging Tide (Elemental Attack) by 20%. It’s useful to spam the Riptide effect on enemies.

Foul Legacy: Understream

After killing enemies affected by Riptide, you restore 4 Elemental Energy. This level encourages you to defeat the enemies on low health to restore your energy.

Abyssal Mayhem: Vortex of Turmoil

Foul Legacy: Raging Tide’s level is increased by 3. You can maximize the level upto 15 only.

Abyssal Mayhem: Hydrosprout

If the enemy is affected by Riptide, Genshin Impact Tartaglia will also trigger Riptide Slash when using Foul Legacy: Raging Tide’s Melee Attack. This trigger is executed every 4 seconds. This level will create an independent Riptide effect. That means using this will not have an effect on normal cooldowns.

Havoc: Formless Blade

Havoc: Obliteration’s level is increased by 3. You can maximize the level up to 15 only.

Havoc: Annihilation

When using Havoc: Obliteration in Melee Stance, the cooldown of Foul Legacy: Raging Tide is reset. This reset is only triggered when Tartaglia returns to Ranged Stance. This level of constellation is very useful to swap between the Elemental Burst and Elemental Attack.

Genshin Impact Tartaglia Builds

Genshin Impact Tartaglia Fighting
Tartaglia Fighting

Builds are essential to make Tartaglia perfect in the game. Certain builds are very much helpful against specific kinds of enemies. These builds can reduce the hard work to defeat the enemies.

Hydro DPS Build

Tartaglia Build
Tartaglia Build

The best build available for Tartaglia is the Hydro DPS build. This build scaled the Elemental Burst to its maximum level and can be used to deal with insane damage. With the level of constellations, he can be destructive as Diluc because of the cooldown resets.


So far, Rust and The Stringless are only two weapons of Genshin Impact Tartaglia that are viable to use. Both of them are very powerful and can be used in different scenarios.


Rust increases the Normal Attack damage by 40/50/60/70/80%. But this weapon has decrease Aimed Shot damage by 8/9/10/11/12%. Rust is very powerful to increase your base damage.

The Stringless

Increases the Foul Legacy: Raging Tide (Elemental Skill) and Havoc: Obliteration (Elemental Attack) damage by 24/30/36/42/48%. If Tartaglia has reached level 6 of the constellation, The Stringless is the best weapon for him.

Artifact Sets

Wanderer’s Troupe and Noblesse Oblige are the two best Artifact Sets for the Hydro DPS build of Tartaglia.

Wanderer’s Troupe

At level 2, it increases the damage of Elemental Mastery by 80.
At level 4, it increases the Charged Attack damage by 35%.

Noblesse Oblige

At level 2, it increases the Elemental Burst Damage by 20%.
At level 4, Using Elemental Burst will grant a buff on party members’ damage by 20%. This effect lasts for 12 seconds and cannot be stacked.

Final Words

Genshin Impact is a huge game, along with numerous characters and other in-game items. With every update, new characters and objects are introduced. Tartaglia is one of the upcoming characters, which is rumored to be super healthy. Let’s hope that this character reaches up to his mark.

Happy Gaming!

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