Genshin Impact Story: What it takes to make one of the best games of the year?

Genshin Impact Story

Genshin Impact is one of the most famous and highly rated games of this year. And with the beautiful and eye-catching design by miHoYo team was bound to the ledge on to the game community. Surely, this doesn’t eliminate the fact that it has a beautiful storyline and plot progression itself. What we mean is that its gameplay is a full packed combination of beauty and brains.

Genshin Impact Story starts with the two twins who get separated due to a lady God. The game further progresses as the character gains more information about her and tries to find the other twin. The story swings with multiple playable characters and NPC as you gain more power as you go further and develop the skills before encountering the god.

But before going with our words, check the rating of some of the famous game review portals and magazines.
Metacritic: 84%
PCMag: 4/5

An incredible open world and addictive exploration make for an anime-zing adventure.” – IGN

Based on the incredible rating, the producing team plans to expand the online universe with the upcoming updates. But if you still haven’t started playing Genshin Impact, here is a quick guide reflecting the Genshin Impact Story, so can you could go about careful and calculating moves to plunge into the world faster than anyone could. Or maybe you could go slow and enjoy the beauty.

Genshin Impact Story

The Genshin Impact Story is based in a fictional anime-based village Teyvat. It starts with a young twin brother and sister, referred to as travelers, reaching the gates when they encounter a mysterious lady God. The twins being warriors, take the character by mistake, and launch into a fight with God. The fight ends when they are all in mid-air, and the player gets to decide which character among the girl or the boy he/she wants to play with. The chosen get left, and the other one is cursed to a different world.

Genshin Impact Twins

This cutscene ends with a black screen where we listen to a beautiful character Paimon. Paimon will be the traveler’s companion for the rest of the game. And hence starts the journey to rescue the twin.

Traveler’s Worlds

Genshin Impact Story 1

The Genshin Impact Story revolves around some tiny villages, e.g., Mondstadt, where the Traveler goes diving through missions and gaining XP along with other weapons and tools. In Mondstadt, the traveler needs to eliminate a dragon, Stormterror, hovering over the kingdom, and destroying civilization.

Genshin Impact Story 2

After the events of Mondstadt, the next location is Liyue, where to find his/her lost twin, the traveler needs to discover a group called Fatui where the player meets Rex Lapis, the God of Liyue.

But here is the end of the Genshin Impact Story till now. The coming updates are to reveal more and more about the story and whether the twins will be found or not.

Genshin Impact Story – Places

Genshin Impact is all about a fantasy world divided into various regions, like Mondstadt, Liyue, Natlan, Sumeru, etc. These regions have further diverged into several zones. But recently, players can only  Mondstadt and Liyue. Mondstadt is considered the City of Freedom, and they worship Barbatos. Northeastern and Southeastern of the map occupy by Mondstadt and Liyue, respectively. Liyue generally worships the Geo Archon Rex Lapis, the greatest port in Teyvat.

Each place is inspired by a definite culture, architecture from the real world. Liyue is influenced by the Chinese, whereas, Mondstadt uses Central European thoughts.

Characters and the Mystery


Characters are entitled as ‘Traveler,’ one pair of twins split by an unknown god. But nobody knows their exact name. Although players can decide the characters’ names and gender, those siblings’ names were known as ‘Aether‘ for male and ‘Lumine‘ for a female character.

Paimon, the Traveler’s friend and guide as well is portrayed as the Mascot in the game. Paimon and traveler meet various people throughout the journey, and they love to gather different experiences.

The Knights of Flavonius are the warriors whose main goal to protect Mondstadt and its citizens. Many important characters lead the Knights of Flavonius. Jean is considered as the Grandmaster. Other remarkable characters are Lisa, a lazy but powerful wizard, Klee, an explosion expert, and Kaeya, a strong fighter. The traveler also met  Mona, an interesting astrologer, and Barbara, a beautiful singer.

Diluc, the ‘Darkknight Hero’ and  Archon Barbatos, who is worshiped as one of the ancient guardians of Mondstadt.

Liyue, the city influenced by the Chinese as responsible for Liyue Qixing, the group of merchants of the city’s commerce sector. Several characters are in this group. Ningguang and Keqing are an essential part of this group. Adepti and Rex Lapis are considered god, but unfortunately, Adepti is not worshipped by the citizens.

The Traveler also meets with Xingqui, a book lover, Qiqi, the Pharmacist, and Xiangling, the culinary skills expert, during their journey.

These two cities have a strained relationship with Snezhnaya, whose poisonous delicates, named Fatui always maintained a calm and composed look in contrast with the character. The Fatui are emerged by the Eleven Fatui Harbinger, possess powerful skills to use vision in place of the treasure known as Delusion given by Tsaritsa and Archon, the City leader.

Reference: miHoYo

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