Genshin Impact Weapons to surely make you win battles

genshin impact weapons

In this action role-playing game, owning five-star weapons developed and published by miHoYo demands a long wait or a huge monetary investment. Fortunately, Genshin Impact does allow access to several weapons with a rating of three and four stars. These weapons are made available in the open world and are also the ones you can create.

Genshin Impact Weapons are the sets of equipment that are used to fight with enemies. These weapons are of many different types. Depending on your choice, you can choose the good fighting weapon you need. Swords, Claymores, Bows, and Catalysts are the main forms of weapons in Genshin Impact. Earlier, Wishes were an important thing to complete the Genshin Impact builds. But now, you don’t need Wishes to finish your builds for your characters.

Genshin Impact Fighting
Genshin Impact FIghting

You’ll find a few four-star Genshin Impact Weapons better than the others of the same rating, but since the number is small, there is no harm in getting them all. As you will find out, four-star weapons have better base stats; the three-star weapons also offer additional benefits: they boast superior damage or crit modifiers. The following is a list of a few of the best weapons available. However, the weapon’s exact value is determined primarily by the character you want to use it for and the situation you want to use it in. Other factors like the enemies you are going after and what Genshin Impact artifacts you own also play a role in your selected weapon’s functioning.

Genshin Impact Weapons: Swords

Genshin Impact Swords
Genshin Impact Swords

Dark Iron Sword: three-star

Swords are excellent for combining melee DPS and elemental powers. Having the highest three-star sword Base Attack and increased Elemental Mastery boosts the character’s base attack by overloading, Superconduct, Electro-charged, or an Electro-infused Swirl reaction. The finest part of this weapon is that it is free, and you can easily own it by talking to Chen the Sharp in Liyue Harbour.

Harbringer of Dawn: three-star

This weapon works the best if the character’s HP is 90% above, wherein their Critical Rate will be increased by about 14%-28%. This is a brilliant weapon if you have a fine healer on your team and is used combined with the weapon’s secondary stat that increases Critical Damage.

Genshin Impact Weapons: Claymores

Genshin Impact Weapons Claymores
Genshin Impact Claymores

Debate Club: three-star

This weapon serves as an excellent damage dealer. It manages about 60% Attack Damage after a normal, charged attack or after an elemental skill has been used. The secondary stats add up additional attack power.

Whiteblind: four-star

Whiteblind is distinguishably useful for characters relying primarily on physical attacks. The help of this weapon is hugely dependent on the character’s play-style. However, this claymore increases Defence as a secondary stat.

Genshin Impact Weapons: Polearms

Genshin Impact Polearms
Genshin Impact Polearms

Genshin impact falls short on its polearm weapons. When three-star polearms are into question, this game does not offer many promising ones. A White Tassel can be of use if the character you are playing with functions on fast attacks. It uplifts the Critical Rate and normal attack damage. On the other hand, the Halberd is a reliable alternative with higher attack power and a passive that yields 160%-320% additional normal attack damage per 10 seconds of the attack.

Genshin Impact Weapons: Bows

Genshin Impact Weapons Bows
Genshin Impact Bows

Slingshot: three-star

There are multiple four-star bows available, but the slingshot is a must-mention. The shot that lands 0.3 seconds after firing causes increased damage of 36% to 60%. As long as fired from an appropriate range, this weapon can effortlessly be shelved among the four-star ones.

Favonius Warbow: four-stars

This bow can revitalize energy on every critical hit, giving higher energy recharge as its secondary stat. However, this bow is less useful to characters with a high Critical Rate or Elemental Burst. Nevertheless, the best part of this bow is that it is rewarded to you after the completion of “A Long Shot.”

Compound Bow: four-star

This particular Bow allows you to cause greater attack damage and speed. With this, you only need to hit the enemy with a normal attack or an aimed shot, and it will make for an overall decent bow to use. Along with it, it also grants a physical damage bonus.

Genshin Impact Weapons: CATALYSTS

Genshin Impact Weapon Catalysts
Genshin Impact Catalyst

Thrilling Tales of Dragons Slayers: three-stars

This weapon is all the more simple and effective as it sounds here. Each time you swap a character from your team, their attack power is increased by 24% to 48% for about 10 seconds.

The four-star Mappa Mare

The four-star Mappa Mare is a Catalyst type weapon that deals 44 Base Damage on your enemies. This weapon is insanely powerful at close-ranged combats. This weapon has 24 Elemental mastery points.

How To Get Genshin Impact Weapons

Few of the above mentioned Genshin Impact Weapons can either be crafted (four-stars) or found in chests (three-stars). You might have found yourself having most of the three-star weapons just by playing the game. To obtain the other four-star weapons, you can start making your own by going to a Blacksmith. You can find one next to the entrance to the city of Mondstadt or in the southern part of Liyue Harbor.

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