Crocodile Tears Treasure Hunt – Far Cry 6

Crocodile Tears Treasure Hunt

Undertaking impossible missions and completing them with full perfection skills are amazing defending talents among video game players. Competing with the skills the games also have a standard quality that tests the extreme action aspect of users.

Crocodile Tears Treasure Hunt is the adventure delivering search with various physical skills by player. It takes up efficient use of physical and mental fitness in all the aspects of the walkthrough.

Quest – Region and Other Information

Crocodile Tears Treasure Hunt Location
Treasure HuntCrocodile Tears
Sub-RegionAguas Lindas
RewardSurf & Turf (Rifle)
XP Reward150 XP

Madrugada, Aguas Lindas is the location of the Crocodile Tears Treasure Hunt. The player will be awarded 150 XP, Surf and Turf Rifle as a reward for completing the quest.

The entire quest is about sighting the crocodile farm and finding Luis’s stash.

Crocodile Tears Treasure Hunt Walkthrough

The mission begins at Madrugada and the player should be held there with his weapon. Before getting into adventure clear note relating to the quest is delivered to the player.

Crocodile Tears Treasure Hunt Walkthrough 1

And this box is just kept in front of the building on Crocodile Tears Treasure Hunt. Without any complications, the writings clearly depict the related information.

Simple parts are just over. Here comes the real action series. The player should start with moving to his left then climb the stairs and still should keep moving 2 steps towards his left on Crocodile Tears Treasure Hunt in Far Cry 6.

There he/she will spot a crocodile near the shed corner which is moving down opposite of where the person is standing.

Crocodile Tears Treasure Hunt Walkthrough 2

The player should aim and shoot it down. Then by jumping down survivor will come nearer to the dead one. And it doesn’t end with one life.

Another big crocodile is moving inside the shed and it also had to be killed in order to gain a key for the house on Crocodile Tears Treasure Hunt.

After killing now the player has to turn around and go out the same halfway back.

Meanwhile, he/she might have a chance to get attacked by the mini crocodiles. Though it doesn’t give huge injury it’s better for the player to defend it back again. Here is the halfway reach on Crocodile Tears Treasure Hunt.

Nextly walking straight towards the metal windmill the player has to stop there. With the use of a grappling hook, the player should reach the house.

The survivor should throw the grappling hook targeting the metal windmill and fly to the house which is halfway left to it.

There is no need of stopping here on the Crocodile Tears Treasure Hunt.

Crocodile Tears Treasure Hunt Walkthrough 3

Because by following the steps given above the user would definitely have got the key which he had obtained by killing the giant crocodile.

By using that key the performer can get into the house on opening the door. Here is the final stage of the mission.

Crocodile Tears Treasure Hunt Walkthrough 4

Inside the room of the house, the player will spot the destination of the search Crocodile Tears Treasure Hunt.

Finally, the winner gets the rifle and the mission has hereby successfully completed.

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