33 Animal Crossing Cutest Villagers To Melt Your Heart

Animal Crossing Cutest Villagers

You will find different types of characters that are cute in behavior and in looks. Some characters are stuck in our hearts and we wish to play the game again and again, especially for that character.

Animal Crossing Cutest Villagers are the villagers who look too cute and win the player’s hearts. The characters below mentioned are the player’s choice and you can find these characters in every Animal Crossing game.

1. Molly: The Duck

Animal Crossing Molly

This game ranks first when it comes to Animal Crossing cutest villagers and many players have commented on their love for this game. The creatures that are available in this game are so stunning and cute than a little duckling. You will happen to meet Molly, a new character in this game and you must protect her.

She will be seen first in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and her name is got from mallard since it refers to the breed she belongs to. She is well-known by all the players for her nature of chatting with the players who are there regarding the topics like weather and plants. She also talks about her house which also adds to the beauty of this game.

2. Boots: The Alligator

Animal Crossing Boots

Boots is one of the cutest villagers in Animal Crossing that can steal your heart and can make you want to pet it infinitely. Boots is undoubtedly the cutest villager that belongs to the Alligator species in the game. Other than just being a cute villager, Boots is also one of the cheeriest, kindhearted Jock villagers around in Animal Crossing. 

Boots also has a very adorable catchphrase that will make you go “Awww” when you hear it. The alligator is usually seen wearing the JEster outfit in the game but you can try providing it with the waistcoat outfit so you can see how cute one of the cutest animals in Animal Crossing gets cuter. 

3. Dom: The Sheep

Animal Crossing Dom

This is the second Animal Crossing cutest villagers game that is very cute and here in this game Dom is a sheep villager and you could know the reason why everyone is confessing this game to be a cute villager. He has puppy dog-like eyes and strikes really hard on the people who see it.

But Dom doesn’t like it in this way and prefers to do more exercise and often wishes to have a talk with the other villagers related to exercising. As an added advantage he has a lovely little house that has a perfect backyard and a setup related to that.

4. Anabelle: The Anteater

Animal Crossing Anabelle

One of the other cute villagers that you will find in your favourite game, Animal Crossing is Anabelle. This Peppy Villager is absolutely a star ready to shine and show its cuteness. This star trying to make it big from a small village is undoubtedly the cutest Anteater you will find in Animal Crossing seconded by the dearest Olaf. Anabelle is also most certainly a Pangolin which gives this cute little animal an added advantage. 

5. Kid Cat: The Cat

Animal Crossing Kid Cat

Kid Cat the Cat is one of the best Animal Crossing cutest villager games that can satisfy your expectations. Kid Cat is not about the entire game rather he is one of the five superhero-themed villagers amongst Filly the horse, Agent S the squirrel, Rocket the gorilla, and Big Top the elephant.

He has the characteristic to share everything in a secretive manner and it delivers with a sound like “psst”. It has been said that he is got as an inspiration by a popular Japanese franchise called Super Sentai. The cat villagers that are used in this game are considered to be most cute among others.

6. Stu: The Bull

Animal Crossing Stu

Stu is a sleepy-eyed villager with a house full of bugs. You don’t think an animal can like this can ever be cute? Then wait till you see this charming and cute bull with his cute sleepy eyes. 

Stu is undoubtedly the cutest Bull in Animal Crossing with an even cuter catchphrase, “moo-dude”. You will further go to loving his decor items like his scooter, phonebox and some other items in his house.  

7. Patty: The Cow

Animal Crossing Patty

Patty is one of the villagers in Animal Crossing that you must definitely meet. Its cuteness is something that is strong enough to melt your heart. Patty, the Cow will be very happy to see you and will talk a lot about Maglev Mike but you may not feel bored 

Many find it hard to find the cutest between Patty and another adorable Cow Norma but Patty gets the title “Cutest Cow in Animal Crossing” because of its very cute citrus tree top. 

8. Judy: The Cub

Animal Crossing Judy

This villager stands out in Animal Crossing’s cutest villager game because of its uniqueness and imaginative techniques. It is a recent release of Animal Crossing and it is absolutely cute of all. Judy has beautiful blue eyes and purple pastel hues and the sparkling eyes that it holds capture the player’s attention.

Judy is known for her love for music and her house furniture is cute made of wooden series and coated with bright colours. Though Judy has a very good look yet she is known for her snooty personality and acts so mean to both the villager and the player.

9. Beardo: The Bear

Animal Crossing Beardo

When we discuss cute animals in Animal Crossing you may only expect to find young cute little ones but here is someone that can surprise you. A good look at Beardo’s moustache will convince you how important it is to have this cute Bear on this list. 

The moustache combined with his detective outfit makes Beardo one of the most stunning and cute animals in Animal Crossing. Beardo, the smug-faced old animal, thus, is the cutest bear you will find in the game

10. Lolly: The Grey Cat

Animal Crossing Lolly

This Animal Crossing cutest villager is so strong that a character’s nose is given so much importance and is made so appealing to the viewers. Lolly’s original Japanese name is Ramune, which refers to a most refreshing Japanese soda and it adds beauty to the character’s features.

Her catchphrase is “bonbon” and when it comes to french it refers to Candy in meaning. Some players might feel that this catchphrase is a bit odd yet, is also the name of another villager.

11. Sylvana: The Squirrel

Animal Crossing Sylvana

This Animal Crossing cutest villager was first figured out in Animal Forest e+ but didn’t hit the rock until the return of Welcome Amiibo in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Her cuteness made to return to the game New Horizons. She is a squirrel and her facial expressions are most prominent in the game.

She is exactly like a normal villager who is the owner of a beautiful home, and it looks like a picnic spot surrounded by a cherry tree grove. And she loves to hear the song Spring Blossoms and comments on this song as her favourite one.

12. Piper: The Bird

Animal Crossing Piper

There sure are numerous cute birds in the game, Animal Crossing like the ones in New Horizon but none of them can beat Piper.

Piper sure is the cutest of the Bird species in the game with its shining feathers, flowery shirt and striped legs. Piper is a villager that has a cheery attitude and isn’t bothered by being called chickadee often. 

13. Egbert: The Chicken

Animal Crossing Egbert

Chickens are adorable creatures and the same is the case for the chickens in Animal Crossing. They are so adorable that you can find some of them to be intimidating. 

But of all of them, Egbert is undoubtedly the cutest. From its name to how it looks and dresses up, Egbert is the cutest Chicken you will find in Animal Crossing. This chicken’s confused face makes you want to give it a tight hug and tell it that everything is going to be fine. 

14. Sterling: The Eagle

Animal Crossing Sterling

Eagle usually gives us the picture of a bold, fierce-looking bird that is far from cute. But our friend Sterling here must be listed here as one of the cutest villagers in Animal Crossing. 

One look at Sterling will confirm for you how he is the cutest Eagle in the game. This Jock-type villager is quite entertaining, especially in the way he considers himself a gallant knight which is quite sweet. 

15. Kiki: The Black Cat

Animal Crossing Kiki

You would have seen this Animal Crossing cutest villager in every possible Animal Crossing game. There is a fact among the players that the name of this villager is from Hiyao Miyazaki’s anime film Kiki’s Delivery Service and you could see that a black cat is named Kiki.

Some players also state that Kiki may be the name that is derived from the sound of the word Kitty-Cat. Her body is fully covered with black colour fur and has an adorable eye that would melt everyone’s heart. The character of being a protagonist suits her better and is one of the best Animal Crossing cutest villagers.

16. Merengue: The Rhino

Animal Crossing Merengue

The designs that are used for these Animal Crossing cutest villagers make it to be noted down in our list. Many may suggest that the looks are similar to Tia’s with an outstanding combination of ideas.

Naturally, she is a Rhino with pale pink-coloured skin with whipped cream on her head and placing a strawberry to indicate as its horn is something very unique. Some players also mock her as partially a pig and partially a creamy cake.

She won’t change her clothing and it is a default one, the Chief’s Outfit which suits her food theme. There is a fan army for her designs and this makes them the Animal Crossing cutest villagers.

17. Shino: The Deer

Animal Crossing Shino

These Animal Crossing cutest villagers are new to the game and yet ranked high under the category of cutest villager through her designs. And to be noted, this is the only female deer character in the game Animal Crossing to have horns and unique eyebrows.

Her birthday falls on Halloween and it will be a grant celebration for all the villagers and players. She is an exact competition to Diana, another beautiful female deer, and competitors with her popularity. Many of the players prepare their hands in the area of art designs as soon as they hear these Animal Crossing cutest villagers.

18. Beau: The Deer

Animal Crossing Beau

If you are an Animal Crossing fan, you most definitely would have heard about the villager, Beau, the deer. Beau is the cutest of all the deers available in the game. Apart from having an adorable face, Beau, the deer wears the cutest reindeer jumper making him at the top of the cutest deer list. This villager also has a cute-looking nature-themed house. 

19. Rosie: The Blue Cat

Animal Crossing Rosie

These cat Animal Crossing cutest villagers are best and light out in the midst of another villager. Basically, she is a cat and appears in every game in Animal Crossing, and possesses a tough personality.

She also has a major role in some of the episodes of the game and she is a long-time character with a friendly character and adorable looks. If you are a senior player of this game, then definitely you would know its importance and the special feel that it gives you when she is around your character.

20. Cookie: The Dog

Animal Crossing Cookie

You could have come across so many cats in Animal Crossing cutest villagers but this one is quite different and surprisingly it is an adorable dog villager along with Bones and Goldie and you can choose them according to your tastes.

You would have found earlier that the characters of the villagers sometimes would be tough but she is very friendly and can act as an excitement. You won’t be able to see her in Animal Crossing: Wild World but can be seen in all other games.

To note down her cutest things, her shining eyes, pink fur, her default outfit, and sometimes her name adds to this list too. Her name is originally derived from treating dogs with “cookies” and her catchphrase of “arfer” also plays an important role.

21. Tangy: The Cat

Animal Crossing Tangy

We already discussed a number of cute cats that you can find in Animal Crossing. But none of them can beat Tangy in cuteness. In fact, Tangy is the cutest cat you will find in Animal Crossing. Tangy strongly resembles a fresh orange and it surely enjoys looking like the one which is evident from this villager’s always cheery attitude. 

22. Tia: The Cute Elephant

Animal Crossing Tia

This elephant Animal Crossing’s cutest villager is added to our list because of their cute teapot shape. Though it is an elephant there is also a mixture of teapot shapes and the pouring part of the pot suits really well as an elephant’s trunk.

And yes, Tia is her name which is more similar to the word tea and carries a cake every time you see her. This villager has grabbed attention because of its cute and stunning design and acts as being so delicate and sensitive as if she is like a real teapot.

The colour combination that is used for these Animal Crossing cutest villager are cute and the head region is separately coated with yellow colour to indicate like a top of the teapot. Isn’t it cute?

23. Pekoe: The Cub

Animal Crossing Pekoe

This Animal Crossing cutest villager is introduced in the game series: Animal Crossing: City Folk and is commonly known as Chinese villagers because her default outfitting and her hairstyle look exactly like a Chinese. Pekoe has a special hair design and is mainly noted for her cute innocent looks.

Her home decoration pieces of stuff are also Chinese themed and it looks stunning and it includes items from the Imperial series. On the cover of K.K. Slider’s song Imperial K.K., this villager Pekoe appears and this song is also Pekoe’s favourite song. She has blue-coloured eyes and wears a cute little skirt that attracts the players in all ways.

24. Poppy: The Squirrel

Animal Crossing Poppy

These Animal Crossing cutest villagers are small in size and considered the cutest ones because of their tiny bodies and have fluffy tails and big heads. Poppy first appeared in Animal Crossing City Folk and her popularity made her appear again in the Animal Crossing track in Mario Kart 8.

You will not face any difficulties in maintaining a relationship with her because she is really good at making friends and is kind to the protagonist.

Though there are other squirrel villagers in the game she is included in our list because of her attractive eyes. She holds a gun within her hand and yet acts very friendly with her fellow villagers and the protagonist.

25. Sasha: The Bunny

Animal Crossing Sasha

If you have been searching for the bunny Animal Crossing cutest villagers, then here it is. Sasha is a male bunny with big innocent eyes and seafoam-coloured fur. His ear tips, hands, and nose are coloured white and his tail and head are given a sun-rising yellow that perfectly suits her body colour.

But, when it comes to his personality he is a little bit lazy and is considered the best Animal Crossing cutest villager next after Dom, the Sheep. Her body is given a light green colour and it suits the other colours.

Many of the players mistakenly considered him to be a female because of his name, but his name given as Sasha does not have any explanation or references.

26. Maple: The Cub

Animal Crossing Maple

Though these Animal Crossing cutest villagers are cubs they look exactly like a bear with a dazzling look. She is introduced in every Animal Crossing game and has the stitches at a close second. She is in brown colour like a bear with a cute little white hat on her head.

She is coated with a light peach in colour indicating her blush and hair tuft are so sweet. You can never avoid this villager in your place. Her blushes show her sensitivity and kind character and are a very good villager when it comes to making friends.

27. Ione: The Blue Squirrel

Animal Crossing Ione

If your favourite colour is blue then definitely I’m damn sure you will go for these Animal crossing Cutest Villagers. She is introduced in 2.0 of the New Horizons game and they didn’t regret introducing her. Her designs and patterns are uniquely structured and the colours are imaginatively selected.

They have maintained a space theme and her tail is just the reflection of the space indicating the theme. Her name is also added to this because Ione in different languages is meant related to cosmology or mythology.

She does have other names like Spica and Vega and they are given based on Stars. 

Ione in Greek means for a violet flower and as a nymph when it comes to mythology.

28. Sherb: The Goat

Animal Crossing

He is one of the Animal Crossing cutest villagers and is newly introduced in the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. He is an innocent pale blue coloured goat with slightly dark blue coloured hair on his head and two brown horns yet looks so calm and sensitive.

Sherb has a lazy personality and is often indicated as the villager who gives information to the player regarding the bugs in the walls talking to him and when he expresses that he is really damn cute.

He maintains his house neatly and never messes with that, his house is largely in hues of green and purple. Sherb loves to take a nap and this fact is stressed by his own favourite song K. K. Slider song named Hypno K.K.

29. Chevre: The Goat

Animal Crossing Chevre

You might be quite familiar with Chevre, the Goat as she is the only goat that appeared in all of the Animal Crossing games. Her name ‘Chevre’ in French means goat. Chevre may be a normal girl but she is a star villager because of her cuteness and sweet behaviour. 

Chevre is undoubtedly the cutest goat in all of Animal Crossing and it is her sweetness and cuteness that made her the cutest of all. Furthermore, her catchphrase, “la baa” is something that none of us can resist falling in love with. 

There are a number of cubs that are extremely cute in the game Animal Crossing. Hence, spotting the cutest of them all may be harder. You may find all the cubs discussed above to be the cutest but the one that can surpass all of them in cuteness and become the cutest cub in Animal Crossing is June. 

30. June: The Cub

Animal Crossing June

This cute villager has a very cute hair flower that is mostly what makes it start out and be the cutest compared to the rest of the cubs. June is a very friendly villager and will befriend everyone irrespective of who or how they are. 

31. Lucky: The Bandage Dog

Animal Crossing

Most of the players don’t go for these Animal Crossing cutest villagers because the yellow eyes given in a black background are sometimes terrifying. Yet, he is a dog who is also cute when doing other kinds of stuff. But actually, he is a mummy or even if he is alive he looks like his face is covered with bandages.

He is a lazy personality and his regular activities include napping, snacking, and as a lonely individual. Though it is horrifying some of the players do vote for this villager and yes, that’s why you are reading about him here.

32. Goldie: The Dog

Animal Crossing Goldie

The villager, Goldie, The Dog is quite famous as it has appeared in all the Animal Crossing games so far. Goldie is the cutest of all the dogs mentioned above and in fact, it is cuter than all other dogs in the game. 

Goldie, the caramel-coloured girl, is not only a cute-looking villager but also has very nice behaviour that is cute. The pup is very chilled out and friendly. She is best-friend material. 

33. Julian: The Unicorn

Animal Crossing

If you want the horse Animal Crossing cutest villager then you can select this villager. Julian is a horse-class villager that is blue in colour. She has white corn in her head and her eyelashes bring out the beauties that she holds.

Her toes are black in colour and her cute little tail adds her to this list. Her nose is differentiated from the head region by giving the white colour and the combination of white and blue colour is really mindblowing and unique.

Cutest Villager of Each Species in Animal Crossing

  1. Dogs: Some say Goldies is the best dog in Animal Village and others say it is Lucky. But since we are comparing their cuteness we can with no doubt say Goldie is the cutest of all dogs.
  2. Frogs: Puddles is said to be the cutest frog in Animal Crossing.
  3. Bears: Beardo has the most votes for being the cutest bear in Animal Crossing.
  4. Cubs: June has to be the cutest cub in Animal Crossing.
  5. Alligators: Boots is probably the cutest alligator in Animal Crossing.
  6. Birds: Piper is the cutest of all birds in Animal Crossing.
  7. Bulls: Stu is the cutest bull in Animal Crossing.
  8. Cows: Patty sure is the cutest cow in Animal Crossing.
  9. Cats: Tangy’s name would be the most recommended if Animal Crossing fans were asked to name the cat they think is the cutest in the game. 
  10. Chickens: Egbert is definitely the cutest Chicken in Animal Crossing.
  11. Eagles: Sterling is probably the cutest Eagle in Animal Crossing.
  12. Goats: Many find Chevre to be the cutest goat in Animal Crossing.
  13. Elephants: There is no doubt that Tia is the cutest elephant in Animal Crossing.
  14. Anteaters: Anabelle is the cutest of all the anteaters in Animal Crossing. 
  15. Octopus: Marinna will probably have the most votes if Animal Crossing fans are to choose which Octopus is the cutest in the game.
  16. Pigs: Peggy is cuter compared to all other pigs in Animal Crossing.
  17. Penguins: Roald, the iconic penguin villager is definitely the cutest penguin in Animal Crossing.
  18. Hamster: Apple is undoubtedly the cutest Hamster in the game. 
  19. Rhinos: Hornsby has to be the cutest of all Rhinos in Animal Crossing.
  20. Rabbits: Sasha the nice-looking bunny is the cutest of all rabbits in Animal Crossing. 
  21. Ostriches: Phoebe, the colourful-looking Ostrich is the fan favourite ostrich in Animal Crossing. 
  22. Ducks: Molly is considered to be the cutest Duck in Animal Crossing. 
  23. Monkeys: Tammy is the cutest monkey in the game as it is very colourful. 
  24. Deers: Many consider Beau to be the cutest of all deers in Animal Crossing.
  25. Tigers: Bianca with her beautiful colour schemes is the cutest Tiger in Animal Crossing.
  26. Squirrels: Ione may be the cutest squirrel in Animal Crossing.
  27. Wolves: Vivian has a lot of fans and so is probably the cutest fox in Animal Crossing. 
  28. Gorillas: Rocket with his amazing aesthetic is the cutest Gorilla in the game. 
  29. Hippos: Betty is probably the cutest Hippo in Animal Crossing.
  30. Koalas: Lyman with his unique colour scheme is the cutest Koala in the game. 
  31. Sheep: Dom is considered to be the cutest sheep in Animal Crossing. 
  32. Mice: Penelope may be considered the cutest mouse in Animal Crossing.
  33. Kangaroos: Astrid the very unique-looking kangaroo definitely is the cutest Kangaroo in Animal Crossing. 
  34. Horses: Julian is the fan favourite when asked about the cutest horse in Animal Crossing. 


Who is the most loved Animal Crossing villager?

Stitches and Bob are probably the most loved villagers in Animal Crossing.

Is Coco a rare villager?

No, Coco is just another normal villager.

What is the rarest Animal Crossing villager?

Since, there are only three animals in the Octopus species, Octavian, Marina, and Zucker become the rarest villagers in ACNH.

Is Bianca a rare villager?

Yes, Bianca is rare villager.

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