Make Potion of Harming in Minecraft With 2 Simple Steps

potion of harming

Brewing potion of harming and trails in minecraft allow the players to create their fantasy world with a factual set of chores in the Minecraft game. The game is survival-based, and the sandbox will enable players to live as per their ideas and construct fascinating architects and brews to take advantage of fellow creatures as per the need to make a well-defined task. A player can enjoy this game in both the mode of single and multiplayer for various platforms of Nintendo Switch, Xbox series, windows phones, android, and many more.

Players can make multiple potions in the game session to be more exciting and worthy. Players have the advantage to heal themselves, or they can be the cause of damage. The portrait of this potion of harming appears as a negative influence in their first appearances. There are no positive effects which a player can receive after taking this harmful potion of harming. It only leads to damage on players, but specific applications help them turn this effect onto the rival during the game session. A vast range of elements is present in this potion compared to other brews.

Elements required in making of Potion of Harming

Making of potion of harming in minecraft

Important Requirements

Fermented Spider Eye1
Potion of Poison1

The first element of making any potion player should remember that there must be a water bottle made by the glass that can hold that potion. Players can create their drinks glasses by gathering sand and putting them for smelting in the furnace. You must collect three stakes of glass to assemble three glass bottles. You can allow clicking on the right button on the surface of any water source to fill those bottles with water.

brewing stand

Players should keep in mind that before producing some demerits in the game, you should have the trail of merits to save yourselves, so, before making the potion of harming, you should make the potion that heals them. The glistering melon was a part of producing the healing potion.

For making the brewing stand, you need to fuel them with the help of blaze powder; if there is no fuel player will not able to brew the potion on the brewing stand. Therefore, you will require the brewing stand to brew the harmful potion. Players should encounter the blaze for receiving the blaze rod that is required, but it is a challenging path to find.

After that, players direct the nether wart as it grows worldwide, so you should visit them first. Players will also find the blaze in nether fortresses, where nether warts usually spawn. At last, for achieving the harmful potion from healing potion, players require a fermented spider eye.

Hence it would help if you had three water bottles to store, glistering melon for the potion of healing, blaze powder for fueling. Brewing stands for brewing potion, nether wart for spawning, and fermented spider eyes to separate harming potion from healing potion. All these elements need by the player to make the harmful potion.

Stages in assembling the potion of harming

Players start this journey of making the potion of harming in Minecraft in two different stages-:

Stage 1: Making the requirements for the potion of harming

requirements for potion of harming

In the beginning, firstly gather some sand in the furnace. After that, we compile the element in making the healing potion. Begin the formation by collecting some melons. You can also view them in the savannah village, or players can grow these melons independently if they find the melon seeds in an abandoned mineshaft or the dungeon area. A player can alternatively purchase some melon seeds from trekking traders occasionally.

After that, break these melons and make them slices that are required. Players have the edge of receiving glistering melon, but they come forward to take the gold bar to make those melon slices into the glistering melon. They should steer into mines and start fetching under ‘Y’ in level 31. You have the chance to hunt down some gold. For mining gold ore, players need the iron pickaxe.

To attain a gold bar to slice those melons, player collects some gold ore and keeps them in the furnace for smelting. During smelting, players should assemble the material for fermented spider eyes. Begin the process of tracking down some sugarcane. You can find this sugarcane anywhere as you can fetch it near water blocks, riverbanks or quickly grow on dirt and sand. You can grab some of this sugarcane for increasing its own if you see some.

Now, players have the section of all harvested sugarcane, their sand, and cooked gold. They will need to fetch the brown mushroom as they can easily find it in a dark oak forest. Another area to find the brown mushrooms is in dark caves, swamp biomes, or players can quickly bring them from nether.

Lastly, players need to chase some spiders for the fermented spider eyes as they usually occur at nightfall. Players should kill the couple spiders to attain their spider eye drop by drop, which is not considered a rare drop compared to numerous mob drops. Position all the objects in storage and prepare to trek to the nether.

Now, players are willing to go for nether to attain the blaze powder, blaze rod, and nether wart. Construct the nether outlet and start chasing down your fortress. Once you find the fort fetch everywhere for blaze spawner or blazers. You are allowed to kill some of the blaze enemies until you attain a few blaze rods. Trek near your fortress till you reach the room filled with red fungus and a stair. Collect some nether wart and move back to that surface.

Stage 2: Potion of harming

instant harming potion damage

Now, players have all possible elements to create a potion of harming. It would be best to make the brewing stand by assembling a blaze rod and three elements of cobblestone on the crafting table. Collect your glass and construct your glass bottle to store the potion. Put them in the shape of ‘V’ on the crafting menu to create a glass bottle on the crafting table.

Place some sugarcane in the crafting menu that you harvest, to compose some sugar out of them. Now right tab on the surface of the water source to fill that water bottle. Then frame the glistering melon by putting the gold bar on the crafting menu to produce gold nuggets. Hold melon slice and gold nuggets and place the melon slice in the middle square, and put gold nuggets surrounding that melon.

In this manner, you receive the glistering melon nature. Lastly, position the spider eye, brown mushroom, and sugar anywhere in the crafting menu to create the fermented spider eye. Then right tab on the brewing stands to unlock its UI. Serve the base, three spaces with your water bottles. Now put the blaze powder on the left slot top for fueling the brewing stand.

Then, convert some blaze bars into blaze powder and place them on the brewing stand. For the potion of harming players, gather some awkward potion to brew first. Now, cook the nether wart after putting them in the slot of the brewing stand for further use. It will lead to the conversion of bottles into an awkward potion. In the ingredient space, put the glistering melon to brew the healing potion.

Now, lastly, put the spider eye to complete the process of brewing, and you will receive the potion of harming in the game.

Usage of potion of harming

Usage of harming potion

As the word says, potion of harming means harming you if you consume it for fun. It will lead you to lose your energy of three entire heart life. But also, if you are eager to take this potion, then hold it in your hand and then click on the right tab to sip it. You will receive the damage of three hearts once you complete the drinking.

The advantage of these potions is to convert them into the splash-harming brew. You will make the mixture of gunpowder in the ingredient space and the harming potion at the base of the brewing stand. After 20 seconds, the brewing potion will transform the bottle and make it throwable. It will neglect the armor rating in the game.

Hence it is proven that neither enchanted armor nor netherite armor will reduce the damages that you intake from the potion of harming.


How long does a potion of harming take to effect?

The potion of harming does not take time to show the effects once consumed. It is probably one of the fastest potions that work instantly and grant death to you.

How much damage is caused by the Potion of Harming?

Initially, the harming potion of level one will instantly cost you 6 points of damage. The damage increases by six if the level of the brew is increased.

How to make lingering Potion of harming?

To obtain the lingering potion of harming, you need to mix (instant damage) harming potion with the dragon’s breath in the brewing stand.

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