How To Change The Minecraft Biome | 5 Unique Biomes


Just like our earth, Minecraft has a variety of environments to explore. These environments consist of varieties of minecraft biomes inspired by the reality around us, like planes, forests, deserts, mountains, etc. Different biomes have different creatures and adjustments to cope with the biome’s conditions. But unlike the real world biomes, you can change the biomes in Minecraft world.

Minecraft biome throws various weather changes in the game and makes it suitable for grinding favorable items in a specific environment. Every biome has its habitat with multiple mobs, objects, plants, etc. Explore it thoroughly to find the item you are looking for as per your requirement.

Changing the Minecraft Biome

biome change command

While in a game, if you feel like changing a biome or want to spawn a mob, then you can easily do it by following the below steps:-

  • Go to the command box and type there “//wand.”
  • Then go to inventory and find the axe.
  • With the axe, go to the area you want to change, then do the left click.
  • Then go another side to set the boundary for changing the biome, then right-click here with the help of the axe.
  • Then go to the command box and type “//setbiome <biome of your choice>.”
  • For changing the biome, the selected area must be about 154 blocks.
  • After completing the procedure, you have to leave the game and rejoin it to work properly.

Upon rejoining the game, you will find that the selected area will be changed to the Minecraft biome that you chose.

Minecraft Biomes

How to change the Minecraft Biome

The Minecraft biomes are divided into five categories.

Lush Biome

These are primarily green areas situated in plain lands. The Lush Minecraft biome includes plain biomes, forest biomes, Dark or roofed forest, swamp, jungle, and Mushroom fields.


These are the basic of the Lush biomes, which includes many mobs and a hotspot for spawning many passive mobs like pigs, cows, sheep, etc. These are commonly used for villages with Non-Playable Characters.


Similar to the forest in the real world, Minecraft forest also includes a lot of tree species. These include a variety of oak and birch tree. You can also find tiny flowers and mushrooms here and there.

Dark Or Roofed Forest

dark forest biome in Minecraft

It is a forest of dark oaks and giant mushrooms, and it is one of the most dangerous forests in Minecraft. The shady oak trees grow tall and form a dense canopy. This situation creates a dark and gloomy atmosphere in the forest. It is also a hotspot for the spawning of hostile mobs. Though it’s not habitable, you can still find some woodland mansions.


These are the shallow water bodies filled with discolored water and grass and the oak trees, vines covering them. These swamps have lily pads, and blue orchids only found here. You can also find clay here. If you are lucky enough to go here on a full moon night, then you might discover witch huts and slimes.


It is similar to the forest Minecraft biome, mostly the tropical rainforest. The jungle mainly consists of tall trees with vines. It is also a special place because it is the only place where ocelots spawn.

Mushroom Fields

The Mushroom Fields are the rarest Lush biomes. These fields are primarily located far from the landmasses and use mycelium instead of grass. Instead of tall trees, you will find only giant mushrooms. This place is also not very favorable for spawning.

Cold Biomes

These biomes are mostly cold areas like extremely hilly mountains, Taiga, etc. This biome has mostly dull grey- bluegrass with beautiful views.


mountain biome in Minecraft

These mountains have some extreme hills with green-blue grass with them, and it consists of some isolated oaks and spruce trees spread over the areas. This biome has beautiful cliffs, waterfalls, peaks, valleys, overhangs, and stunning scenic views.

This biome may have more underground cave systems than other biomes, so you can also make a shelter and make underground treasure rooms there. These place also holds a significant risk of damage or death because of falling from the rocky outcrops.


This biome is similar to mountains and filled with spruce trees. You can find wolves here. This place is colder than the mountains as the water can freeze into ice.

Snowy Biome

It includes Snowy Tundra, which is completely covered with snow and has blocks of frozen water ice. This place is good spawning of wolves.

Dry Biome

This Minecraft biome includes dry areas like deserts, Savanna, Badlands and is mostly sand.


desert biome in Minecraft

Deserts are abundant with cacti and have rare desert wells among the other dry biomes. It has small mountains of sand as it is only made up of sand. You can also spawn Desert temples in large deserts.


It mainly consists of dull and dry grass along with some acacia trees. It also resides on the borders of deserts and mesas. It is also favorable for spawning Llama, horses, and Non-Playable Characters.


This biome is also known as Mesa and spawns close to the Savanna Biome. These biomes have different colored clays, Red Sand, and natural terracotta. These clays and natural terracotta can be quarried and dyed for decorative purposes. You can also find dead bushes and cacti sometimes, which makes it a rare biome.

Ocean Biome

This Minecraft biome mainly consists of areas under large water bodies. Under the water, there is a landscape present with gravels, water, clay, abandoned mine shafts, and caves. This biome also contains islands with some vegetation.

How To Know Your Current Biome?

If you feel lost while playing in Minecraft world and could not get a hold of your current biome location, press the F3 button. It will give you a heads-up display to look at your information and contains much information about your area and biome. You can look at the Minecraft biome name in the upper left corner.


Which biome is best for living in Minecraft?

The mushroom field biome is the best for living in Minecraft as it provides unique creatures to encounter along with the many small villages. It is one of the rarest biomes to live.

Where can I locate badlands in Minecraft?

Badlands is located in the warm ocean, savanna, and desert biomes. It is a unique minecraft biome that does not contain any passive mobs.

Which is the 3rd rarest Minecraft biome?

Snowy Taiga mountain is the 3rd rarest biome which contains steeper slopes and more profound gorges. It also consists of a few landscapes which hold snow-capped ground and trees.

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