How To Tame A Minecraft Spider (With Mod)

How To Tame A Minecraft Spider

In Minecraft, there are more things to collect than just treasure chests and weapons. In Minecraft world, you have many mobs which you can tame and keep as a pet to use later on. Among these mobs you have done, horse, cat, parrot, mule, skeleton horse, and spider are tameable.

To Tame A Minecraft Spider, you first need to install the Mod. In vanilla Minecraft, taming is not supported for spiders. For the very reason, first install the mod on both client and server and feed the spiders with any meat to tame them.

In this post, we’ll go through the mods which you can use to tame the spider and types of meat which you can feed to a Minecraft spider.

Which Mods Support Adding Pet Spiders?

There is a mod released on CurseForge named “Seba’s Tameable Spiders Mod“. This mod is capable of adding tamable spiders which can follow you around. First, download this mod and install by placing it in mods/ folder of your Minecraft installation. Make sure you do this for both clients and servers.

Apart from tamable spiders, this mod also adds different types of spiders each with different behaviours.

Note: This mod is not compatible with the famous spiders 2.0 mod on curseforge.

All the following sections will now focus on pet spiders post-installation of the mod.

What are Pet Spiders in Minecraft?

Minecraft Pet Spiders are quite common mobs in Overworld biomes in light levels of 7 or less. These mobs are tameable and rideable. It can be regarded as a good pet due to its good hp and climb walls. These spiders behave neutral or hostile based on their levels.

The spiders behave neutrally at light levels 12 and more and behave aggressively at light levels 11 and below. These spiders have a common hitbox measurement of 0.9 blocks height and 1.4 blocks width. These mobs have an attack strength of 2 to 4.

These minecraft spiders are hostile towards players till light level 11, but that does not make them harmful. They are harmless until they are attacked. These hostile spiders can see up to 16 blocks in light while chasing you.

They can, But while chasing, if the spiders fall or cause any indirect damage, it would go back to a neutral state from the hostile state. But before coming back to the normal state, they move forward blindly for two seconds and can climb up any wall in its path, so you need to be careful about that.

These minecraft spiders can’t go through the world border. If it tries, then it will start to climb the world border.

While trying to get rid of the spider by arrows, you should be in the detection range as when shot by the arrows; spiders tend to follow the direction from where the arrow was shot. Even if you move away from your position, it will still follow you till you enter the detection range.

These spiders are immune to slowing while walking through the cobwebs. It has speed, strength, regeneration, and invisibility effects.

On being killed, these minecraft spiders drop either string or spider eyes which can be used later on so, keep them in your inventory.

For spawning the spiders, you can use the spider spawn eggs or use cheat codes. But using a spawn egg is easier. You can also create a spider jockey by spawning a spider with a skeleton on its back.

How To Tame A Spider In Minecraft

Like other mobs like horses, minecraft spiders are also tameable and rideable (post mod installation). You can also use them to make maps and be a cool pet with its armor if you want to have a pet that can attack. You can also use them as guards.

Taming A Minecraft Spider

To tame a spider in minecraft, you need to have patience. For that, you need to start with finding a spider.

Then upon finding it, you have to feed it any kind of meat then wait for a while for it to finish eating. Now you can pet this little mob. But while riding this, you have to use the saddle for a safer ride.

Points to Note While Taming A Minecraft Spider

  • While finding a spider, try to find one in broad daylight as they are not easily noticeable in the dark.
  • Feeding the correct type of meat to the spider will also help you tame the spider faster. You can use Raw Fish, Cooked Fish, Raw Pork, Cooked Pork, or Mushroom to feed it. You can also feed bonemeal to maintain your authority over the spider.
  • Completely pet before putting a saddle on it, or it might attack you.
  • Wait till the eyes of the spider turn completely green from red.
  • Only skeletons can ride the spiders.

With these steps, you can completely tame the spider without any worries.

These spiders require more effort than your regular minecraft mobs, as they can be used individually.

Upon being tamed, they would follow you from afar from a web tile. During the mob attacks, they would defend you rather than attack you. They will help you out from creepers also.

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