How To Make A Minecraft Pickaxe

How To Make A Minecraft Pickaxe

Minecraft Pickaxe is a very handy thing. The point of a pickaxe can be used to break and pry ground. It is also amongst the top farming essentials. The axe part is used for hoeing, skimming, and chopping through stubborn roots.

Normal dried and hardened soil can be broken by a simple pickaxe too! It will help you in the same way in Minecraft, so make sure you create a perfect Minecraft Pickaxe to last you long!

Confused about how to make one? Read on to find out all you need to know!

Things You’ll Need To Create A Minecraft Pickaxe

To make a Minecraft Pickaxe players will require the following materials –

  • Sticks
  • Relevant Materials (like Wood Planks, Cobblestone, Gold Ingots, Diamond and Netherite)
  • Crafting Table
  • Smithing Table (to be used for netherite upgrades)

You will have to start your pickaxe-making journey with wood. The more you continue up the chain the more your material for pickaxe will improve. You can mine up wood to get stone and then use the stone to mine up an iron.

Similarly, an iron pickaxe can be used to mine up to diamond. Last but not the least, diamonds can be used to mine ancient debris which in turn can be used to make netherite.

How To Make A Minecraft Pickaxe

To make a Minecraft Pickaxe you will have to follow some simple steps mentioned below!

You can begin by collecting some wood logs with your hands. Place the wooden logs you have just gathered in your crafting menu to turn them into wooden planks. Now make a crafting table and grab four wooden planks.

Place these wooden planks in your crafting menu. Then place your crafting table down. Make some sticks while you are at it. Now split these planks into a column two high (taking up two boxes) in the crafting menu.

Once your sticks are made you can use the rest of your collected wooden planks to make a pickaxe. But we are not done yet.

Pickaxe Recipe in Minecraft

To craft a pickaxe you will have to place two of the sticks into the 2nd column. And then place three wooden planks above the sticks in the same row. This pickaxe will help you mine your way to literally anything in the game.

The recipe for each pickaxe will remain the same as the last. You will only have to replace the material that stays on top with the next one. Meanwhile, you can use the wooden pickaxe you just made to gather stones. You can use the gathered stone to create a stone pickaxe.

You will be able to find stones around mountains. You can dig below the dirt layer present on the surface to find stones. Now you can use your pickaxe to mine these and soon it will provide you with cobblestone.

Grab at least three pieces of these. You can work with the same arrangement but instead of using wood, you can use cobblestone. Now you can use the cobblestone pickaxe to mine iron ore.

You will be able to find iron ore in derelict cave systems and they can be spotted by their brown specks. After you have gotten yourself some iron ore you can place them into a furnace and just wait for it to smelt perfectly.

You can follow the same formation and have iron ingots replacing the previous material.

Now before you leap onto the idea of diamonds we need to discuss the golden pickaxes. Gold mines the exact same blocks as the stone. Although it mines faster than iron it does not last very long. You can find gold ore below “Y” Level 31.

The gold can be spotted easily by the yellow specks. Now smelt the ore in a furnace to get yourself some gold ingots. You can use these gold ingots to make a golden pickaxe.

Although this pickaxe looks distinct it is useless when compared to the iron one. The iron pickaxe lasts four times as long and they do not help you mine diamonds. You can skip this one out as it seems pretty unnecessary.

Now you will have to find diamonds. Diamonds are pretty rare so you might have to wait for a few hours or days. You will be able to find diamonds below “Y” layer 16 or next to the lava. You need not smelt Diamonds.

Diamond Pickaxe Recipe in Minecraft

You can mine them out with the help of your iron pickaxe. Be extra cautious and make sure there is no lava falling before committing to breaking the diamond. Now place the collected diamonds on your crafting table along with some sticks.

The Diamond Minecraft Pickaxe is the second-best pickaxe in the game. It can mine literally everything in the game (except for bedrock) and can be used to mine ancient debris too!

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