6 Ways To Make Villagers Follow You In Minecraft

Make Villagers Follow You In Minecraft

Making wandering villagers follow you might just be a job for sirens or devastatingly beautiful witches but a Minecraft player will most certainly love to know how to pull it off. Sometimes you cure a zombie and he just keeps standing there like he is still one, without a brain. Sometimes you might like for a villager to help you with your farm or trade something with you, but like wild cubs they keep disappearing off.

These unruly villagers can be made to follow you, but it’s a tough task as it is. Minecraft players will need the help of villagers to run a productive farm successfully but what to do when they keep running away? How to make villagers in Minecraft follow you? Keep reading to find answers to all of these questions and more!

Ways To Make Villagers Follow You In Minecraft

Making villagers follow you in Minecraft is one hell of a job. Especially when you get to know how childish all of them act and how difficult it is to make them follow you. Things have a habit of springing upright when you thought your babysitting era was over.

But fret not, we will show you ways in which you can make them follow you. Most players get confused between two options: should we just breed them or make villagers follow us? Let’s find out which ones work the best.

1. Using Boat

Name it awkwardness or peer pressure but when you build a boat and place it near them, villagers seem to be more eager if not downright willing to follow you. After you are done building a boat, you can put it near the bank or where the villager is standing.

Villagers travelling on Boat Minecraft

This will make them hop onto the boat with you. You can then take the boat to wherever you want to take it. Remember to add some pistons while building the boat if you are going near some jagged regions. This will help you maneuver the boat safely.

2. With The Help Of Minecart

Like the previous method, this one also involves transporting villagers to make them follow you. Just like we used a boat to transport them in the last method, we can now transport them in a minecart. Players will first need to build a minecart with the help of iron ingots.

Making Villagers follow you using Minecart

You will need five iron ingots and you will need to place them in a distinct pattern so as to not alter the end product. Place five of the ingots from your inventory into a U shape pattern. The minecart has merits of its own. It’s faster than a boat and you can use it on land itself. This way you can make villagers follow you till the minecart travels.

3. Zombie Villager

It does sound crazy, doesn’t it. When you spot a zombie you are supposed to run in the opposite direction but here we are, asking you to cure a zombie before he gobbles up the grey matter in your head. In this method, players will have to spot a zombie villager and allow it to chase you (the plot thickens but trust us).

Keep letting them chase and once you have brought them to the place you wanted them to come to, you can cure them.

Converting Zombie Villager to Normal Villager

Curing a zombie villager thankfully, doesn’t require much. Players for instance, will have to make the Splash Potion of Weakness. Trap the zombie villager and make sure they’re protected from the sun. Give them the potion along with a golden apple. Now just wait for them to turn back into a normal villager!

To summarize, you need to make zombie villagers follow you and then cure them to make normal villagers.

4. Funnel ‘Em In

This method will involve you making a long hallway around a villager that you need to capture. You can then close off the access point behind them, leaving only another point open for them to travel through.

Funneling Villager to Follow you

This method is very time consuming but you can try it if you find none of the other options appealing enough. But in this method, players will not be able to herd a lot of villagers into following them.

5. Multiple Villagers And Boats (Using Lead)

This method will help you herd a lot of villagers with you. It will also make sure that you do not lose any of them on the way. There are basically two options: players can either dig a deep canal barring chances of all escape or use a system of fences and gates.

Multiple Villagers Using Boat

The canal method is quicker and less time-consuming. After digging up a canal you can set up a service to carry villagers in the boats to their destination or wherever you need them to be.

6. Following Villagers Mod

Players can also give mods a try if they want villagers follow you directly. ‘Following Villagers’ mod for instance, will help you make the villagers follow you as long as you have an Emerald Care with yourself.

Villager Customization Mod Minecraft

This mod has also been updated to be compatible with the latest 1.14 version of Minecraft. This is only available for players playing the game on their PC though.

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