How To Block Spiders from Climbing In Minecraft

block spiders

The intent to block spiders from climbing is to let players know about barriers that may help to block spiders because they are constantly messing up our buildings. Minecraft has created a virtual world where we encounter an enormous range of living organisms, but the spider is one which we tend to avoid. Various elements can or cannot block spiders from climbing in Minecraft.

We need to know how spiders are summoned as well as their natural occurrence which is also irritating. The webs created by spiders on the buildings constructed by us makes it look terrible; therefore, we tend to block spiders and keep a distance from them. There are many blocks that spiders avoid climbing, but it is mostly not possible to use them in our construction work. So, we have also figured out a way to block spiders from climbing our buildings.

How spiders summon in Minecraft?

How to Block Spiders from Climbing

Before proceeding to block spiders, we need to know to summon spiders as we have the advantage of calling spiders by using a game command cheat. You have to turn on the cheat in the Minecraft world to run these commands. Here is the process to enter a command in a game.

Open a Chat dialog box

We can access the command in Minecraft through a chat dialog box. Game controls help execute the chatbox, but it differs from Minecraft versions.

  • To open the chat dialog box tab, click the T button for the Education edition platforms.
  • Proceed to the controller, then click on the right arrow tab on them for the platform of the Nintendo switch.
  • Proceed to the controller, then click to the right tab on the D-Pad for the Xbox one platform.
  • To open the chat dialog box tab, click the T button for the (MAC/PC) Java edition platforms.
  • To open the chat dialog box tab, click the T button for the Windows 10 edition platforms.
  • Proceed to the controller, then click to the right tab on the D-Pad for the PlayStation Four platform.
  • Click on the chatbox on the top of the screen for the Pocket edition platform.

Enter a command

spider summon command

This is to demonstrate the command for the version of (MAC/PC) Java edition. To summon a spider in Minecraft, the command is: /summon spider.

Enter this command in the chat dialog box, you will notice that it gets to suggest a few drop down while entering the command. Then tab to the enter button to execute the command. Once you have entered the cheat, you will witness the spider spawn in your game world. It needs permission to run the command, it is essential to turn on the cheats in your minecraft game world. 

The console log appears on the lower left side of the window as “Summoned new spider,” which implies the spider has spawned in the player’s game world.

Spider summon commands

Minecraft is available in multiple platforms with a different command to call the spider in the game as it varies on various interpretations.

1. Education Edition / 1.14.31

/summon spider  [spawnPos] [spawnEvent] [nameTag]

2. Nintendo Switch / 1.16, 1.17 & 1.18

/summon spider  [spawnPos] [spawnEvent] [nameTag]

3. Xbox One / 1.11.4

/summon spider  [spawnPos]

4. (MAC/PC) Java Edition / 1.8, 1.9 & 1.10

/summon Spider [x] [y] [z] [dataTag]

5. Windows 10 Edition

/summon spider 
/summon spider ~~1 ~

The second command is to summon a spider, one block above the existing position.

6. PlayStation four Edition (Pocket Edition)

/summon spider 


  • spawnPos: x y z coordinates are the spawn point for the spider. There is the possibility that if no coordinates are selected, the spider only spawns in the existing spot. [Optional]
  • spawnEvent: name of the spider’s game event. [Optional]
  • nameTag: custom name allotted to the spider that occurs as a name tag on top of the spider.
  • x y z: Here, the spider has the spot to spawn in coordinates of x y z. There is the possibility that if no coordinates are selected, the spider only spawns in the existing area. [Optional]
  • dataTag: It allows to set a property for the spider as {NoAI:1}, also called compound NBT tag

How to block spiders from climbing?

blocking the spider

There are not many ways to block spiders from climbing the construction buildings made by you. We can restrict or block spiders from crawling all over the building by creating a wall made of fences and then placing a few more blocks on top of it. This design will prevents and block spiders from climbing over the buildings easily.

Once the spider reaches the top of the fence, the block placed above it restricts it from moving ahead as it collides to the extended part of the block. This construction makes the spider hang below the block, which is kept on the top of the fence. On the other hand, we can use honey blocks to slow down spider climbing effectively and signs to block spiders from moving up.

Which elements cannot block spiders from climbing?

Various Solid blocks

There are various solid elements which cannot block spiders like-:

  • Dirt: It is the most standard dirt block used in Minecraft. It allows players to mine dirt by forming any item in the game as it can also create with bare hands. It can mine fastly with the help of shovels and can make various handful dirt types
  • Wood: It is a block with bark texture logged on all six flanks. It is also called hyphae, comes in eight types known as oak, birch, acacia, crimson, spruce, jungle, dark oak, and warped
  • Stones: These are the blocks in Minecraft found in mountains and underground surfaces
spiders cannot enter small block

It also has transparent blocks such as:

  • Iron bars: These are the barricade blocks made up of irons that is mined with the help of a pickaxe
  • Glass panes: These are the alternative of glass blocks made by glass that is mined with the help of a tool enchanted with silk touch. 
  • Fences: It is the same as a barricade block similar to the walls in Minecraft, but with bars, players can easily see through its opening. 

Other blocks

  • Ladders: This solid block helps to climb walls either horizontally or vertically. It is positioned on the sides of the blocks. 
  • Vines: It is also known as non-solid blocks put against vertical flanks of the solid blocks. 

Which elements can block spiders?

Here are a few blocks that don’t intercept our movement and also helps to block spiders.

  • Grass: It is a non-solid block of plants that grows by dropping wheat seeds. The color fits with the grass block and depends on the biome color.
  • Sugarcane: These are the blocks found in the overworld near water space as a 1-4 block tall plant. It is an essential crafting element. 
  • Fire: It serves as a neutral non-solid block that can be quickly applied near flammable blocks
  • Flowers: These are the blocks that come in various varieties of color and shapes used for decoration in Minecraft. 
  • Water: It naturally generates in the overworld as a fluid substance. 
  • Lava: These are the blocks that emit light fluid that help cause a fire found in the lower area of the Nether and overworld
  • Nether portal: It serves as a gateway between the nether and overworld extents. 


What frightens the spider?

The spiders in Minecraft fear the iron golems and players. As soon as any of the two reaches close to them, the spiders become hostile.

Do spiders avoid climbing the signs?

Yes, the spiders cannot climb the walls fitted with signs. But to protect your building from spiders, it would be weird to cover the walls with signs.

Can buttons stop spiders from spawning?

As spiders require only one block with 3×3 horizontal space to spawn, placing a button on every 3rd block can stop the spiders from spawning.

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