7 Awesome Uses and Farming of Sweet Berries Minecraft

sweet berries minecraft

In Minecraft, we need many food items to demolish our hunger. Just as in real life, if we don’t eat, we have to face the consequences of it.

Sweet Berries Minecraft is one of the edible items in Minecraft. Its obtained from Sweet Berry Bushes. These bushes are found everywhere in taiga biomes. They are also found in the snowy taiga biome, but they have less chance to generate Sweet Berries Minecraft.

What is Sweet Berries Minecraft?

The primary usage of Sweet Berries Minecraft is to destroy your hunger. These bushes have dark green colored leaves and red-colored berries attached to them. By destroying the bushes, you can get Sweet Berries.

They have excellent usage capabilities. Like you can trade them with the villagers to obtain rare items, slow down your enemies and deal damage to them, and many more.

What can you do with Sweet Berries Minecraft?

Apart from the consumable item, there are numerous other uses of Sweet Berries Minecraft. We’ll list them as below –

1. Creating Sweet Berries Bush

Sweet berries minecraft

You can plant Sweet Berries on a Grass Block, Dirt, or Farmland to create a small Sweet Berries Bush. This small bush will eventually grow into a large Sweet Berries Bush.

2. Sweet Berries as Food

You can eat Sweet Berries to fill two hunger points. This is easy to carry an item, which helps to survive in explorations.

3. Fox Breeding

Fox breeding minecraft

Sweet Berries are very useful if you want to have a fox as a pet. You can feed Sweet Berries to breed them. Feeding them will make the fox to trust you and not run away from you.

4. Entity Movements and Damage

Sweet Berry Bushes can make the playing entities slow down including players. The movement speed of entities is reduced to almost 66% of their normal speed. They will also deal with two damage every 1 second. So beware while moving in Sweet Berry Bushes.

5. Bees Pollination

Bees can pollinate Sweet Berry Bushes. This will increase the honey level in beehives and bee nest by 1.

6. Emerald Trading

villager trading minecraft

Sweet Berries can be traded with villagers for Emerald. It takes 10 Sweet Berries to obtain 1 Emerald from trading.

7. Composter

Placing Sweet Berries have 30% chance to raise the level of compost by 1.

How to build Sweet Berries Minecraft Farm?

sweet berries minecraft farm
Farm Credits – Avomance

Minecraft framing is one of the most important skills to learn. Farming helps you to generate useful items without having your own attention to it. So let’s start building our farm –

1. Build Barrel Slot

barrel slot sweet berries farm

Dig the ground to a 3×1 rectangle and place a Barrel in the middle of that rectangle. This Barrel will be used to collect the berries from the farm.

2. Place the Hopper

hopper sweet berries farm

Now place a Hopper on one side of the barrel to fill the barrel automatically.

3. Oak Block

oak block sweet berries farm

Now place the Oak Block above the Barrel.

4. Placing Rails

placing rails sweet berries farm

Now place a Powered Rail above the Hopper and 4-5 blocks of Normal Rail in front of it. Then, place Powered Rail again at the end of the rails. Lastly, place an Oak Block at the end of the Powered Rail as shown above.

5. Levers

Levers sweet berries farm

Now place two levers each on both sides of the Oak Blocks, as shown above.

6. Minecart With Hopper

Minecart with hopper sweet berries farm

Now place Minecart with Hopper on Powered Rail.

7. Glass

ground glass sweet berries farm

Now place the Glasses around the rail track. It’s good to observe the moving cart.

8. Dirt Layer

dirt layer farm

Now make a layer of Dirt Blocks above the rails. This will allow the Hopper to collect items from the Dirt.

9. Wood Layer

wood layer farm

Place the wooden blocks on top of the glass. You also use stone if you wish.

10. Main Structure

main structure sweet berries farm

Now make the main structure above this layer as shown. This should be of a height of two blocks.

11. Plant Sweet Berries

plant sweet berries minecraft

Now plant the Sweet Berries on Dirt blocks.

12. Cover The Top

top glass sweet berries

Now cover the top of our structure using Glass Blocks.

13. Spawn a Fox

fox berries

Now, make the fox to go inside our farm. By the way, foxes love Sweet Berries very much. If they take a bite from Sweet Berry Bush, the Sweet Berries is automatically dropped below. After placing the fox inside the farm, close the side with Glass Blocks.

13. Turn on the Levers

levers sweet berries farm

Lastly, turn on the levers on both sides of Oak Blocks. This will make out Minecart to run back and forth to collect the Sweet Berries.

14. Collect Sweet Berries Minecraft

Now, you can easily collect the Sweet Berries from the Barrel. This farm is very easy to implement and also reliable at the same point. If you’re thinking of planting more Sweet Berries, then increase the number of foxes inside the farm because foxes are the main reason for working on your farm.

How to Eat Sweet Berries Minecraft?

Sometimes, it can be quite confusing for new players to understand the basic concepts of the game. To eat Sweet Berries, you need to follow these steps –

  1. Open Minecraft game and farm Sweet Berries as suggested above in the post.
  2. Once you have Sweet Berries in your inventory, drag the Sweet Berries into a usable part of your inventory.
  3. Now scroll the mouse until you get Sweet Berries in your hand.
  4. Finally, to eat them press Right Click on your mouse button.

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Final Words

To summarize, Sweet Berries Minecraft is of very much importance. It’s also easy to farm them. Without farming techniques, we can easily farm an insane amount of berries every day. These berries are very useful in trading items and protecting our territory.

Let us know in the comments if you have more ways to use the Sweet Berries in Minecraft.

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