How To Attract Cows In Minecraft

How To Attract Cows In Minecraft

How to attract Cows in Minecraft? Why do I need to attract them in the first place? How do they make any situation more advantageous? How to milk them (pun intended) for my own benefit? New players might still be wondering about the roles of these animals in the game but Minecraft-worn players will most probably already be aware of the dozens of merits and advantages that animals can provide you with Animals in Minecraft are awfully useful.

All of them have some use or the other. The world of Minecraft is full of animals passive, hostile and neutral. But if you know how to use them (and lure them), you will do just fine. Domestic animals like cows, chickens, sheep, and pigs will provide you with delicious meat, milk, leather, wool, and eggs. Now that you know how beneficial these animals can be, wouldn’t you like to know how to attract them?

In this article, we will find out how best to lure cows! Answering all your questions and more, keep reading to know how to attract these cud-chewing pals!

How To Attract Cows In Minecraft

Attract Cows In Minecraft

You do not need magic, force, or too much of your brain to attract cows. These simple-minded creatures ask only for a few simple things in their life. And thank god, they are not asking for a stable job in a crumbling economy because then all of us would have no way to actually lure them near us.

To attract cows in the game, players will have to use wheat! Cows love wheat and as long as you have wheat with yourself, cows will come to you. Take wheat in your hand and they’ll follow you as long as you have wheat in your hand. Moreover, they can climb 1-2 blocks if you hold wheat in your hand. So don’t fear that you need to travel in a straight line to lure them.

Cows are immensely helpful creatures and will provide you with leather which in turn will help you armor. You can also craft books with these. But that’s not all, players can also right-click on cows to milk them!

How To Build A Farm For Cows

Farm For Cows

To build a farm for cows (or other animals) you will first need to build an enclosure to keep your pals in. The outdoors is great and a large field will work for you if you have cows. The next step will require you to add fences and gates.

Create a barrier for mobs or other players to make sure they can’t jump in by making fences that are one and a half blocks high. You will need wooden sticks to create fences as they will join quite easily after being placed together.

Create a gate in your fences for you to enter or go along with the animals. Players can right-click to open or close them. Otherwise, you can create a carpet and place it on the fence, this way you can jump directly on the fence and hop around without worrying about opening gates.

Animal Happiness System

When animals fulfill certain criteria like access to water, food, grass, and space, they will yield benefits. When they are all happy and content they will drop more loot, amp up chances for multiple babies while breeding and provide you with more XP. This also acts as an important lesson for people to learn how to treat animals!

Drops From Cow

A cow can drop leather and raw beef. These are important items for your survival in the game. Leathers can help you make books that can be used for enchanting, and trading. Whereas, raw beef is an excellent source for cooked beef which is great food.

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