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Dark Oak House Minecraft

A house in Minecraft isn’t that different from a house in real. Maybe mortar will suit your preferences, or dark oak is what you need. Perhaps your dream house is something of suburban-style, with a garage and spacious porch. Or is a wooden house more appropriate for you? Or maybe what you require is something completely the opposite of a suburban house or little cottage?

Dark Oak House Minecraft is one of the many houses you can create in the game. Players use many (not even kidding, many) materials and architectural designs inspired by actual life buildings or monuments to build a house. Most often than not, people use their dream designs to bring their concept of home into virtual reality while playing.

A beach house, perhaps? One with a swimming pool and tropical designs? Well, whatever your preferences for the home are, making a house in Minecraft is not a cakewalk. But if you know exactly how to build one, you will not face many issues while trying it out in the game itself. If a dark oak house minecraft is exactly what your dream house looks like, or you want to create one, you have come to the right place—confused about materials and the process itself? Read on to find out answers to each of your questions!

Materials Required To Build Dark Oak House

Materials Required To Build Dark Oak House
  • Stones (128)
  • Cobblestone (198)
  • Glass Panes (96)
  • Cobblestone Stairs (16)
  • Spruce Wood (128)
  • Dark Oak Wood (342)
  • Dark Oak Log (209)
  • Dark Oak Stairs (450)
  • Trapdoor (32)
  • Fence (159)
  • Grass (20)
  • Torch (12)
  • Doors (4)

How To Make A Dark Oak House Minecraft

First, we will have to make a stone platform 16 blocks long and eight blocks wide to create a strong foundation for the house. Dig out sixteen grass blocks and fill these empty, vacant spaces with stone blocks.

Base of Dark Oak House

You already know the dimensions, so dig up grass blocks accordingly and fill it all up with stone. Once you have the outline made, you can start digging the rest of the grass blocks inside the design of Dark Oak House Minecraft.

Are we done with that? Cover it all up stone blocks, and then grab some cobblestone blocks.

The next step will require placing these cobblestone blocks right next to the stone blocks. Your cobblestone blocks should be placed around (eighteen blocks long and ten blocks wide). Keep adding cobblestone blocks on top of each other to create walls of the house.

Wall of Dark Oak House

The height of these walls should be five blocks high. Now to create windows in these walls (you won’t want to die of suffocation in your own home, would you?), you will have to take out four blocks on a side and fill them with glass panes. You can then make another window one or two blocks away in Dark Oak House Minecraft.

Door Dark Oak House

You can also make a single-window by removing just two cobblestone blocks and filling them with glass panes. After you are done with the windows on both sides, you can move on to the door. Remove four blocks and place two dark oak trapdoors in their stead.

Dark Oak House Window Upper

Place cobblestone blocks in an upside-down manner on top of your windows and door. Add symmetrical windows and make sure all of them are equidistant from each other. Fill all of them with glass panes. Now grab some spruce wood planks and fill in the ceiling.

Done? The next step will require you to place some dark oak blocks on every ground floor corner. All of these should be five blocks high.

Dark Oak House First Floor

Add five dark oak blocks right next to the ones you have already made and give a space of two blocks before creating another duo of dark oak columns. Grab some regular dark wood and place these in the gaps between the columns to add extra touch to Dark Oak House Minecraft.

Right, where your door for this floor should be, place three dark wood blocks on top of each other on both sides. Place a dark oak door on the front two cobblestones. Then place dark oak wood stairs upside down above the doors. Connect these throughout the front structure, fill in the gaps.

Dark Oak House Wooden Blocks

Now on the top, you can grab some more dark oak planks and keep covering them. Fill in the spaces left with glass panes to turn them into windows. You can now connect the two pillars on the side with dark oak planks (two layers).

Make dark oak columns with two blocks of gap and fill in these gaps with normal oak wood (just the bottom/base part). Turn the rest of the space into windows by adding glass panes.

Follow the exact same process on the other side. On the last and final side, place blocks on both sides and leave a gap of two blocks. Create more pillars using two columns and fill in the bottom layer with normal wood to create wooden floor for Dark Oak House Minecraft.

Dark Oak House Roof Side

Move two blocks up and place upside downstairs. Fill in the top with planks. Next, fill in the gaps with glass panes to turn them into windows. Place eight blocks of ordinary oak on the sides and add another single block on the second farthest block from the center.

Fill it in with a glass pane and follow the same process on the other side. Place four blocks on top of the glass panes. Add two blocks on top of them in the middle. Repeat the same process on the other side. Now connect it all with sideways blocks. Keep moving these a block high every time you finish one line. The topmost blocks should be placed side by side.

Now keep going down a block with every line you finish. Get inside and place five blocks right beside the door. Connect the beam above, remove the blocks already present. In their place, add more glass panes to fill the space in.

Add two blocks of oak on top of these glass panes and add side-facing blocks right behind them. Place upside-down stairs and join them in the center. Fill in the gaps by adding more stairs and connecting them to the roof.

Create a sort of parapet by using more planks and making them hang over the roof. Cover the whole roof in this way.

Dark Oak House Roof Cover

Add upside-down stairs on the sides too. Add oak wood stairs on the front followed by upside-down stairs underneath it. Add regular facing stairs on the front now and do the same thing on the backside of the house.

Grab some torches and place them on the front of the house near the windows on both floors. Place two rows of dark oak wood on the front in the middle of the whole structure and repeat it on the backside. Add three layers of the same oak wood on the left side, followed by four layers on the right side.

Once you are done with that, add eight more blocks on the front layer closely followed by dark oak wood stairs placed upside down. Keep putting these stairs till you have reached the ground of Dark Oak House Minecraft. Add some grass blocks on one of the sides of your house surrounded by some trapdoors.

Dark Oak House Gardening

Do the same thing on the ground floor on both sides. Add white tulips and azure bluets (or any other flower you like) to these grass. Add dark oak fences on the top and continue throughout the build. Add blocks of the fence on each corner.

Dark Oak House Fence

Add more blocks and create columns on the ground floor with equal gaps between them. For the front, you can leave three blocks gap to create columns. Do the same on the backside. Go inside and move to the right corner.

Remove the cobblestone blocks and add stairs down. Add upside-down stairs on the back of these stairs. Grab fences and join the wall on the top where the staircase ends. You can grab your shovel and create yourself a pathway in any way you like.

Here you go, your Dark Oak House Minecraft is ready to use and have enough space to bring your friends over.


Following are some of the FAQs regarding Dark Oak House –

How do you make a good dark oak house in Minecraft?

Just collect a lot of Dark Oak and then start building the base and then add a nordic roof which suits the design.

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