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Minecraft sea pickle

Minecraft is famous for its countless in-game items. Although there are many items in this game, developers have managed to make sure every item can be used in multiple ways. The same story goes for the Minecraft Sea Pickle. In this post, we’ll drive you to the world around sea pickles. Let’s dive right in.

minecraft sea pickle

Minecraft Sea Pickles are small organisms inside water. They emit light and are mostly found in colonies. Sea Pickles can be easily broken with any tools. Each colony can drop the same number of pickles it contains. For example, the colony of 4 pickles will drop the exact 4 sea pickles. You can stack them up to 64 pickles.

What exactly is Minecraft Sea Pickles?

Minecraft Sea Pickles are underwater entities that emit light. These pickles are mostly found in colonies and can be easily harvested with any tool. Each of these pickles can be used to increase the compost in your garden, create an underwater lamp, and many other things. Let’s have a look at its uses –

What Are The Uses Of Minecraft Sea Pickles?

Sea Pickles can be used in many ways. These are listed as follows –

1. Underwater Source Of Light

miencraft sea pickle as light

Sea Pickles produce light when placed underwater. One single sea pickle emits light of level 6. A colony of sea pickle produces light of level given by formula –

light_level = 6 + (num_pickles - 1)*3

So, a colony of 3 sea pickles produces a light of 12 levels and a colony of 4 sea pickles produces a light of 15 levels.
This is very useful if you have an underwater house and you want to decor it with some light-emitting object. Also, there is a pale green glow from the pickle when placed underwater.

2. Compost

If you place a sea pickle in composter, there is 65% chance that your compost level will rise by 1. An average of 10.77 sea pickles are required to completely fill a composter. For those who don’t know, composter is very useful item to recycle your food and plant items into Bone Meal. Bone Meal can be used as fertilizer for most plants.

3. Production of Lime Dye

Sea Pickles are one of the items necessary to make Lime Dye.
Lime Dye can be used to give a light green color to glasses, carpets, beds, boxes, wool, and almost everything.

lime dye crafting

To make a Lime Dye, you must put Sea Pickles and any fuel into the furnace. Then after a few seconds, Lime Dye would be formed as a product from the furnace.

4. Create a Lantern

Minecraft Sea Pickle can be used to create a gorgeous lantern. To create a lantern, place many Sea Pickles close to each other, then surround it with water, which will make them to glow. Make sure you surround the whole structure with glass, otherwise your water will drain out.

What Achievements You Can Earn With Sea Pickles?

Achievements are the in-game challenges for the player. These achievements can help the player to learn new things in the game. The following achievements can be earned using Sea Pickles in Minecraft –

1. One Pickle, Two Pickle, Sea Pickle, Four

To get this achievement, you need to place four Sea Pickles in a group. Placing those Sea Pickles will unlock the achievement One Pickle, Two Pickle, Sea Pickle, Four.

Where To Find Minecraft Sea Pickles?

Minecraft Sea Pickles are easy to find if you know where they grow. Sea Pickles grow on top of Coral Blocks in Coral Reef. Coral Reef is very easy to locate and accordingly, our Sea Pickles too. Each Coral Block has a 1/6 chance of generating a Sea Pickle Colony. Each colony can have up to 4 Sea Pickles.

How to make a sea pickle farm in Minecraft?

Minecraft Sea Pickle farms can be made easily using a similar technique to that of farming kelp. You can make Sea Pickles using pistons and Redstone powder with observatory blocks. Just place the Sea Pickles alongside with bone meal. And keep the observatory block attached to the piston with Redstone. The piston will break the matured Sea Pickles every time it grows.

sea pickle farm minecraft

It takes 1 Bone Meal to produce 10 Sea Pickles from our farming technique. Make sure you use maximum surface area to harvest the Sea Pickles. Larger surface area guarantees the maximum production of Sea Pickles.

If you want an automate the process of putting farmed Sea Pickle into the chest or barrel then attach hoppers to the bottom side of the piston. These hoppers will collect the Sea Pickle and send them to the chest.

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Minecraft Sea Pickles are easily farm-able items that can be used to produce lime dyes in bulk or help in composting. Farming is a great technique to mass-produce any useful items. That said, based on your interest in farming, I’ll suggest you read this –
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What is the maximum Sea Pickles/hr you can get from your farm?
Let me know in the comments.

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