Minecraft Dungeon Spookier Fall: The Scarier The Better

Minecraft dungeon spookier fall

Minecraft Dungeon Spookier Fall arrives with a bag of tricks and treats for the players. Minecraft’s second such event has been highly anticipated after 2020’s Spooky Fall.

The Minecraft Dungeon Spookier Fall is designed to be spookier, scarier, and better. Nintendo Life calls it tastier than a pumpkin spice latte but that’s just touching the tip of an iceberg. Keep reading to find out more about the Minecraft Dungeon Spookier Fall!

Minecraft Dungeon Spookier Fall

Autumn has just arrived. Winter is patiently waiting at the door and it’s time for Halloween. But pumpkin spiced latte and apple pies are not all that make autumn special.

Minecraft dungeon spookier fall theme

Halloween, for example is in the autumn air and you can’t obviously blame people for sniffing out ghosts everywhere. Minecraft Dungeon Spookier Fall knows exactly what their players need and has designed a Halloween-themed event with new seasonal rewards, mobs, and trials.

Bid a tearful adieu to the ancient cobwebs, scuttling spiders, creaky floorboards, and a whisper in the chilly gust of wind, Minecraft Dungeon Spookier Fall makes Halloween scarier in a better way.

Running from 13th October to 2nd November, the event is free for all and has “heart-pounding seasonal trials, cursed rewards, and monstrous mobs ready to scare the creeper out of you.” The outdated ideas of Halloween celebrations are long gone. Now, if a door creaks, we put oil in it, if it closes out of its own accord, it’s probably the wind or the door itself is automatic.

Cobwebs in a house would mean terrible housekeeping while sudden gusts of chilly air would mean you left the AC on. The Minecraft Dungeon Spookier Fall on the other hand includes a vast array of modern-day Halloween celebrations paired with the vintage values we all adore.

Players can collect a variety of new themed items including Cackling Broom, the Phantom Bow, the Skull Scythe, and the Spooky Gourdian armor set. Fans of Halloween festivities will also be able to enjoy Mojang’s Spooky Gourdian creator set which will be released for Minecraft’s Bedrock edition.

Minecraft dungeon spookier fall gameplay

Do not be down if you don’t have Minecraft Dungeons, you can still join in on the fun by downloading the free Spooky Gourdian Character Creator Set for Minecraft Bedrock Edition on Switch.

Minecraft Dungeon Spookier Fall Key Features

Dungeon Creeper – Battle it out against new-and-nasty mobs in the thrilling new action-adventure inspired by the classic dungeon crawlers!

Multiplayer – Choose four of your most fearless players to fight against everything spooky in co-op mode.

Power Up – Start unlocking loads and loads of unique items and weapon enchantments for devastating special attacks.

Options – Customize your characters the way you want them! Fight up all close and personal with melee swings, hang back with ranged attacks, or tank it out through swarms of mobs, shielded by heavy armor!

Epicness – Draw out the evil Arch-Illager and see if you can triumph over him. Keep questing throughout treasure-filled levels!

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