How To Get Pet Simulator X Pog Cat

How To Get Pet Simulator X Pog Cat

Pet Simulator X is a Roblox game that allows you to garner in a lot of coins you probably would have already spent in real life. But the game is not just about collecting coins, it includes even more stuff! Players can also collect diamonds to buy themselves different types of eggs that will eventually hatch into amazing yet ferocious creatures.

With Pet Simulator X, you can have a pet Dragon or a pet Bunny you can keep by your side. The Pet Simulator X Pog Cat is amongst the many pets available that you can obtain in the game.

And who doesn’t like beautiful and exotic pets, right? A pet who can snuggle in while you’re sleeping and take your place in the bed by pushing you out on the floor or a pet who can’t stop drowning you with drool when you finally return home is literally the embodiment of purest love.

Read on to find out how to get Pog Cat!

Pet Simulator X Pog Cat: In A Nutshell

Pog Cat Looks

Pog Cat is an epic creature that can be hatched from a Pog Egg. The Pog Cat also hides a lot of variety within itself. There are four types of variants of the Pog Cat – Pog Dog, Pog Variant, and Pog Immortuus along with Pog Cat.

With an 8-8.5 level and 24-25 Golden Level, the Pog Cat has a 49% chance of hatching from a Pog Cat. The Pog Cat is a re-skin of the Cat and is also the only pet in Pet Simulator X that had its stats changed. It is also a Tier 3 Exclusive Pet that was initially inspired by the very popular and famous Twitch Emote PogChamp.

Due to this rarity, the Pog Cat Value ranges around 100-150k Gems in in-game currency.

The Pet Simulator X Pog Cat became available to players from the 11th of September 2021 to the 18th of September 2021 on an update released by Big Games Simulator. Amongst the first limited pets that can be obtained without the help of Robux, the Pog Cat is also achievable PogChamp Achievement.

How To Get Pet Simulator X Pog Cat: Step By Step Process

If you’re still looking for a way to get yourself a Pog Cat or are still scrounging for answers to all of your questions, read on. But before you go on dreaming about acquiring yourself a Pog Cat, you will have to rank “Impossible” or higher.

First things first, to get a Pet Simulator X Pog Cat, players will have to head out to Spawn Island. The Spawn Island is where dozens of eggs are available for purchase and once you reach the island, you will find yourself facing several eggs. Now you will have to turn around to face the buildings. You will spot a tall and very blue building located to your left.

Pog Cat in Pets List

The next step will require you to head over to the mentioned building and stand at the door. Now players will have to open their chatbox and type out “Knock Knock.” Then press the Enter key. Lend an ear and listen carefully.

After you can hear a knocking sound on the door you will know that you are on the right path. If you haven’t ranked Impossible or higher in the game, you will not be allowed into after this.

Once you are teleported inside you can then get your very own Pet Simulator X Pog Cat. Don’t start celebrating and popping off your champagne bottles just yet though, there is still a catch. The Pog Egg is a pretty random pet and is certainly not free.

Hatching Pog Cat in Pet Simulator X

A simple Pog Egg costs 11 billion Fantasy Coins so it will possibly burn a large blazing hole in your virtual pocket. There is still a 49% chance that this egg will hatch so be positive but don’t set your hopes too high.

Note: In case you are facing unnecessary trouble hatching a Pet Simulator X Pog Cat you can try selling off some Pog Animals that you don’t actually need or want anymore. You can sell them off and save some money in this manner to purchase yet another Pog Egg.

How can you get golden Pog Cat in Pet Simulator X?

To get a golden pog cat, you need to first obtain 10 pog cats. When you have 10 normal pog cats, you can easily combine or fuse them to make a golden version of Pog Cat.

How to get Dark Matter Pet Simulator X Pog Cat?

The Dark Matter version of Pog Cat can be obtained by combining 35 golden pog cats or 350 normal pog cats. Earlier, it was using 100 golden pog cats but after a new update, the count has been reduced to 35.


Here are some of the FAQs while obtaining Pog Cat –

Can you still get POG cat in Pet Simulator X?

Yes, you can still get the Pog Cat from the egg. But since the egg cost is high and probably to get pog cat is low, not many players get pog cat easily.

Is Pog Cat the rarest pet in Pet Simulator X?

No, the pog cat is not the rarest pet in Pet Simulator X. The Huge Pumpkin Cat is the rarest pet in Pet Simulator X.

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1 year ago

how to get the pog cat in 2022

Pratik Kinage
1 year ago
Reply to  bilal

Only two ways to get pog cat-

1. Open Pog Egg
2. Trade