How To Make Nether Portal With Water And Lava

How To Make Nether Portal With Water And Lava

Wondering about how to make a nether portal with water and lava? Worry not we will help you make your own nether portal without a diamond pickaxe! Let’s get real. None of us own a bunch of diamonds lying around (in real and in the game) just waiting to be used. A Nether Portal is very important in Minecraft.

For starters, players will not be able to acquire Ender Eyes – craftable Minecraft items that used to find the stronghold. Players wanting to get themselves an ender eye will have to first kill an enderman. Kill him and acquire an ender pearl. Now you will have to go into the Nether (sounds ominous, doesn’t it?)

Once you have done that, you will have to look for a blaze to kill to get some blaze rods. These blaze rods can be later crafted into blaze powder. Players can then craft both blaze powder and ender pearl to create an eye of ender.

Ender eyes won’t just help you find the stronghold, they will also help you create the end portal and end crystal. But to go back to where we started, how do to make a Nether portal with water and lava only? Especially when you have no diamond pickaxe to mine at least 10 blocks of obsidian?

Our How To Make Nether Portal With Water and Lava Guide will help you through the process without letting you lose your mind over diamonds.

Read on to find out all about it!

How To Make Nether Portal With Water And Lava (Without Diamond Pickaxe!)

It is impossible to create a Nether Portal without using both lava and water. When water is poured on lava it automatically changes to obsidian thus helping players with no diamond pickaxe to make a Nether portal quickly. If you have hit a dead end with the diamonds and the pickaxe you can read the following process to make Nether Portal without one!

First things first, players will have to acquire seven iron to craft two buckets. One of them will be Flint while the other one will be Steel. After you are done crafting these buckets you can start with the next step.

Nether Portal With Water And Lava 1

Fill these buckets with water. You will only require one bucket of water for the rest of the task. You will need to search a bit now. Although lava pools aren’t rare things they’re not too common either. You will only have to wait for a few minutes though.

There must be at least 10 lava source blocks in the pool. Make sure the lava pool appearing near you has ten lava source blocks because without them you will not be able to make a nether portal.

Nether Portal With Water And Lava 2

Once you have found yourself a perfect lava pool you will have to walk at least 15 blocks away.  You will have to build it from a distance to make sure your water doesn’t accidentally pour into the lava pool and turn it into Obsidian.

Nether Portal With Water And Lava 3

You can then build a wall four blocks wide by five blocks high. Now remove the two blocks that lie right in front of the wall. You will have to make sure that the two buckets you crafted are next to each other on your item bar. This will help you switch between them faster.

Nether Portal With Water And Lava 4

Now fill the empty bucket with lava. Start filling both the holes in ground with lava and place your water against the wall above them. This will help you turn the lava blocks into Obsidian blocks.

Nether Portal With Water And Lava 5

Keep continuing the same way with all spots to make the Nether Portal. After you’ve repeated the process for each spot and filled 10 spaces you will be ready to use both Flint and Steel on the Obsidian. Light your Nether Portal!

Don’t rush into the Nether Portal right after making it though!

Using A Ruined Portal To Make A Nether Portal

Players can make a Nether portal without a diamond pickaxe, water, or lava. Surprised? Count us in! There are ruined portals scattered throughout the Minecraft map in every biome. These ruined portals will help you get to your nether quickly and will also help you with loot in chests and gold blocks for you to mine.

The ruined portals always have some obsidian blocks hidden in its midst. It’s a half-completed nether portal in a way and to complete it you would have to find the missing pieces.

Look for a ruined portal with most pieces still in it to make it easier for you. May the odds be ever in your favor!

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