4 Ways To Get Out Of A Hole In Minecraft

out of a hole

There’s no scarcity of holes in Minecraft that you may fall in, and to survive that, you would have to know how to get out of a hole in Minecraft. Minecraft throws many unexpected challenges on you, which can be very competitive to deal with it. So, from falling deep inside a hole in Minecraft and getting out of a hole, you need to learn about the methods.

We do not want to be stuck in a hole while performing pre-defined or own tasks, as it can be very time-consuming to get out of a hole. There are various methods to escape and get out of a hole in Minecraft; you need to decide which method will ideally help you to get out of a hole. Let us deep dive to know more about the techniques and their process.

Get out of a Hole in Minecraft: Step by step process

get out of a hole in minecraft

Harvesting metals could be good for you and your inventory unless you find yourself in a hole you cannot climb or escape. But you do not need to lose your mind worrying over it yet. There are a few ways to get you out of this tight spot.

1. Block Method

block method

The Block Method will first require you to collect all the blocks around you that you have harvested while digging. The blocks you may or may not have before stocking up are also included here. Now you will have to jump high up in the air.

Every time you jump, place a block under your feet. You have to keep doing this until you have reached the top. If some of the blocks have turned into gravel or some other substance, you can keep jumping and adding blocks under your feet.

2. Stair Method 

stair method

If you don’t have enough blocks to get out of a hole, you can use the Stair method. It’s not as easy as the previous method, but it will have to do. The first step of this method will require you to find the bottom block of the wall of the hole in which you are stuck.

You will have to delete all of the blocks present above it as far as you can reach. Now climb on the bottom-most block and find the second bottom block of the wall in the hole. Remove the blocks above it and find the third bottom block. You can then keep repeating this process until you reach the very top of the hole. These blocks will act as a staircase for you to get out of a hole. This is a very time-consuming process.

3. Water Method

water method

The Water Method will be a good option for us who are lucky enough to have a bucket of water with them. You will first need a spade or a pickaxe if you can. The spade or the pickaxe will help you with digging. You can also dig without these helpful tools, but it will be a time and effort-consuming process in that way. You will have to select the bucket of water and tap on a surface as high as you can reach until the water flows down.

Now you will have to let the water float you up to get out of a hole. The next step will require you to use your pickaxe or spade to make a small two-block crevice in the wall near you. You can then go into it and get the water back into the bucket once again. Keep repeating the same process, and you will eventually surface out of the hole you were stuck in.

4. Crevice Method

crevice method

The Crevice Method will require you to be extra careful. It is a hazardous method, and you will need a spade or a pickaxe again with the blocks you have collected while harvesting. Without the help of a spade or pickaxe, it will be tough to carry out the steps in the process.

The first step will require you to make a three-block high crevice in the wall. You will have to make sure there’s one step or a bottom block on which you can jump. Now that you have a three-block high crevice on the opposite wall, you can jump on it.

The next step is trickier and makes the Crevice Method a tad bit riskier. As you keep moving, you will want to make an aperture on the opposite wall again, with not much floor left as you would have already removed it. You would have to make the three-block crevice using blocks on the opposite wall but a slightly higher surface. If you don’t have many blocks to spare, you will have to save a few to make the floor on the opposite crevice jump on it. If you fall and die, you will mercifully be out of the hole, but all of your materials will be lost.

These are the four methods to get out of a hole in Minecraft. Before relying on any procedure, you need to decide which will be perfect for the situation, as a few methods are either time-consuming or very risky.


How to escape a one-by-one hole?

To get out of a one-by-one hole in Minecraft, you need to choose the Block Method to get an easy exit from the hole you are stuck in.

How to get an exit from the Black Hole?

Firstly, you need to increase the screen brightness to make things visible. Now, follow the Stair Method, place the stairs diagonally in the upward direction, which will help you escape the Black Hole.

How to get out of a hole in Nintendo Switch Minecraft?

You need to equip a block (cobblestone or dirt block), lockdown towards the feet, make a jump and place the block under the character’s feet. Repeat this process until you have reached the top.

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