Genshin Impact Tier List – All Characters From S-Tier To C-Tier

Genshin Impact Tier List

It’s a strategy to bring the best characters from the Genshin Impact into a tier list. There are some wonderful playable characters, and it is fair to say that not all are bad. However, when you go around the plot and open up more Gacha characters and become more fortunate, some teammates are much stronger than others.

Genshin Impact Tier List is a metric to measure the abilities of the heroes in the game. Tier List is defined as a ranking system to rank your heroes from the game. Every game has such a tier list to identify the game meta. Genshin Impact Meta can easily be understood with the help of this tier list.

The key characters in Genshin Impact are the most specialized and strongest characters with their arms or basic form. Then others are fine, but they don’t stand out. Finally, some are not bad, but they are not particularly useful when releasing a decent number of playable characters. You can only use them if you either lack better characters or need them to match a certain skill, type of element, or weapon type. If you wish to have the most appropriate team possible, you can take a closer look at the list provided below.

What is Genshin Impact Tier List?

Genshin Impact Tier List is a way to understand and view all of the game’s powerful and weak champions. This list has been curated by intense observation on all of the abilities of every hero. With a perfect build, you can easily climb up the game rankings by understanding the current meta and how to counter it. The most important part of Tier List is to give an idea of which champ to be used in what scenarios.

Genshin Impact Tier List

Genshin Impact Tier List has been curated by the taking pick rates and impact performance in the game. Since, in every game with many heroes, a meta can always be superior to others. But certain updates regarding the nerf will change the current meta, and this list will be updated accordingly. The following list is divided into 4 tiers: S-Tier, A-Tier, B-Tier, and C-Tier. With S-Tier being the top tier and the C-Tier being the worst tier.

S-Tier in Genshin Impact Tier List

Genshin Impact S Tier
Genshin Impact S Tier

S is the strongest Tier in Genshin Impact Tier List. All the champions in this tier are purely capable of doing insane damages and provide good support for the team. Some of the champions are quite rare to get, but once obtained, you can easily gain victory.


Venti is among the most famous characters of Genshin Impact. He can easily stun an overwhelming number of enemies for an incomparable period of time between his two skills. He’s brilliant in any fight and supportive in most cases, but Skyward Sonnet can also help you solve a few outdoor puzzles, making it a little easier to climb.


Every team wants a great DPS, and Diluc is definitely the best pick. He is especially effective against wood shields that can be easily burned and crushed with his sword and Pyro damage. His magical explosion begins with knockback damage and Pyro damages to surrounding opponents, then manages Pyro losses in the form of fiery phoenix again, Pyro loss in an explosive way and then fires the sword of the Diluc to deal with his usual attack with a little more damage.


Fischl stays in S-tier due to its effectiveness and durability. As a bow user, she usually battles a safe distance. Still, Nightrider is always easier to use and turns to another character to concentrate on DPS or queue a simple combo with the raven’s Electro-attacks. It has two particularly useful skills. Your elemental burst allows you to flee without injury if surrounded or pressed into a corner.


If you have Qiqi, you’ll never want a new remedy. Her ability to heal teammates constantly and do good sword harm is exceptional. She’s powerful battle support; and uses her Cyro skills to freeze opponents and then move to another teammate to complete the task. In comparison, Qiqi’s elementary ability is suitable for Cyro’s basic reactions, lasting 15 seconds, and is not impacted when she leaves war. At last, a decomposed teammate can be resurrected with a 50% increase in their efficiency.


Electro is one of the most critical factors to build a battle reaction if you certainly want your team to have the strongest Electro DPS character Keqing. Being a sword-friendly DPS, she affects any squad. Keqing can replace unlockable destruction, graded loss, and AoE damage. However, the great option about her is the willingness to teleport the battlefield. This is not just useful for Keqing; if you use various attacks, but you need a swap, Keqing will get you in a matter of moments.


Tartaglia was introduced later in patch 1.1. With his powerful hydro abilities, he can easily track all the opponents. Also, he has a great attack speed which makes it more viable against any kind of enemies. He is an S Tier character without a doubt.

A-Tier in Genshin Impact Tier List

Genshin Impact A Tier
Genshin Impact A Tier

A Tier is also powerful but not as S Tier. The champions in this tier are capable of doing good support for the team but they can be easily countered by some enemies.


Jean is perfect but is exceeded by both Venti and Qiqi. Her management and healing of the crowds literally could not keep you alive, but she is amazing if you don’t have either of the above characteristics. As for Qiqi, Jean’s elemental burst scales off her attack status, so it can have as many attack-enhancing things as possible to exploit the advantages of her recovery further.


Mona has the unusual ability to pass across the water and move through the battlefield quickly. She is very qualified to withstand great hydro damage while preventing any upcoming loss. Her elemental burst is extremely effective in immobilizing and drenching opponents. This is excellent for elementary reactions due to the large AoE. Mona doesn’t represent the best DPS or the best Elemental support, but both can do well. She is the best option for any team that requires a Hydro.


Xiangling is a great DPS and Pyro character. It is best used for defensive attacks and the establishment of simple reactions. Xiangling is not a key character because Diluc can play nearly the same position, but much better, as Pyro/DPS. Moreover, the polar arms are not the best in the game, so building Xiangling properly is harder.


Chongyun can be used as a support for DPS or Cyro. As there are ample alternatives to DPS, Chongyun’s added benefit is the potential for Cyro to produce elementary responses. Therefore, Chongyun cannot target more enemies faster, using his elemental abilities to achieve his Cyro effect.


Barbara is an incredible remedy and is meant to be made with high strength. Barbara will cast her elemental abilities to save them easily if teammates get into trouble. It is also great for the preparation of elemental hydro reactions. Their assaults do little harm, but you will need it for these. But you don’t need Barbara any longer when you have Mona for hydro reactions and Qiqi for even better healing.

B-Tier in Genshin Impact Tier List

Genshin Impact B Tier
Genshin Impact B Tier

B-Tier in Genshin Impact Tier List is a place for all the underdogs who are not good, not bad. These champs are only impactful in some conditional situations.


Ningguang is the character you like, even if it’s the least useful part if you really like Geo. She is the strongest geo character today, and the only one able to adequately handle geo results. Besides that, Ningguang is used mainly for defending the team with its primordial ability against incoming attacks. Even if this may be of significant assistance in some circumstances, the healers’ presence and sprinting capability make the shield ineffective for most teams. But walking around the map with Ningguang, in her protection, shows all the places nearby, which makes her one of the best out of the battle characters.


The safest way of using Razor is as a DPS blade. His ordinary sword attacks do great harm, especially if he reaches level 6. However, stronger DPS characters are included in the game, and both Keqing and Fischi are better for Electoral reactions. Razor can have higher damage rates than Keqing, but Keqing is also quicker and more flexible. Razor would not contribute much to the squad when you have any of the important and outstanding characters on this list.


Bennett is a powerful support character, used to build a separate DPS character to inflict fading damage. You would want to turn to a character after using its simple blast, which will benefit from an enhanced attack with Pyro damage like Keqing. If not, Bennett is just an ordinary fighter.

C-Tier in Genshin Impact Tier List

Genshin Impact C Tier
Genshin Impact C Tier

C-Tier in Genshin Impact Tier list is a list of all worst champs in the game. Try to avoid playing these champs if you are going on an intense match. You can play them as fun, but overall these champs are very weak.


Beidou sounds cool but shockingly challenging to use your Elemental abilities efficiently. Right timing is not quick, and enemies don’t often strike consistently enough to maximize the capacity. You better use a character that best sticks up with a decent public order offense.


Noelle is all right though she’s a bit dull. Your shield seems very ineffective because it’s still easier to prevent an injury than to protect. After all, the risk to heal other people is so minimal that you can use a proper protector. However, her ability to elemental burst is pleasant.

Final Words

This post features a Genshin Impact Tier List, which can help you identify the best and worst players in the game. Moreover, on every update, this list is updated and changed to match the corresponding meta. Anyways, Genshin Impact is a game of fun, and you can enjoy it by picking any characters. But this arranged list will provide a well-educated guide to win your fights easily.

Happy Gaming!

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