Genshin Impact Razor – A Powerful Electro Fighter

Genshin Impact Razor

Genshin Impact is a recent game manager that got 10 million installs in a week. Every character in this game has considerable skills and qualifications. Besides, each character has its range of designs, which can be used for victory in some situations. Read on to know more about Genshin Impact Razor.

Genshin Impact Razor is a Claymore-armored DPS Electro warrior and is a wolf boy who struggles at his side with his descendants. He is a vital member of every group. Razor is a highly stable character, decent with anyone, but not fantastic. That said, he’s much easier to obtain as a four-star character than some of the top Genshin Impact citizens.

Genshin’s Impact may be humorous, but the group can be a little distant since most characters are rulers, leaders, or real stars. So, here is how Genshin Impact Razor and some details about the hero.

Genshin Impact Razor – Introduction

Razor is a kid with magic in his personality. He lives in Wolvendom and is barely seen by Mondstadt’s residents. Razor has sharp senses and is exceptionally athletic, passing through the trees at a breaking pace according to a handful of eye-witness videos. He is often seen with his pack of wolves but typically avoids interaction with people.

Genshin Impact Razor is also pronounced as Reza in Japanese, who resides in Wolvekingdom, which is rarely detected by the citizens of Mondstadt. His birthday is celebrated on the 9th of September, followed by the constellation of Lupus Minor. He belongs to the region of Mondstadt affiliated with the Andrius, and he generally prefers to eat Puppy-Paw Hash Brown.

Genshin Impact Razor – Bio

Name: Razor
Sex: Male
Rarity: 4 Stars
Weapon: Claymore
Vision: Electro
Constellation: Lupus Minor
Affiliation: Andrius
Special Dish: Puppy-Paw-Hash Brown
Region: Mondstadt
Birth Date: 9th September
Voice Actors (English): Todd Haberkorn
Voice Actors (Japanese): Koki Uchiyama
Voice Actors (Chinese): Shuai Zhou

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Genshin Impact Razor – Appearance

Razor is a young man with dark, rising grey hair; light red eyes; fair skin, and a left-hand scar. Razor has multiple scars because of his time in wildlife with his wolf mates. A scar is also present in his left cheek, along with many spots, which are the consequence of living with the Wolf family.

Razor Appearance
Razor Appearance

Razor wears green military pants with an orange cape patterned shirt and dark boots. He also wears a dark hooded coat with fancy belts. He always prefers to wear some funky accessories like tooth necklace, thumb-less orange-colored gloves, and gold earring on his left ear, which give him a wild look.

Genshin Impact Razor – Personality

Razor is a fairly blessed young man who finds his family to be his pack of wolves. He wants punishment on those who injured his family but typically considered the few people he meets in the forest. Razor leaves his way to save the citizens he sees in danger, even causing some wild dogs to escape to protect Traveler and Paimon.

Genshin Impact Razor is straightforward and blunt and has little use to the societal expectations and required documents of Mondstadt. He is not a floral speaker and typically talks a few sentences in brief. He is an honest and straight forward guy who speaks less but work hard. Though he has not reflected on Mondstadt’s human-made rules, he is undoubtedly one of the most active playable characters in this game.

Genshin Impact Razor – Talents

Razor Attacking
Razor Attacking

Steel Fang

It is a Normal and charged attack, where up to four attacks will occur quickly during the regular attack. A charged attack consumes strength in time to carry out simultaneous rotating attacks against all enemies in its proximity. Takes a more effective attack at the end of the series.

Claw and Thunder

  • Press: The Thunder Wolf Claw flips, conveying Electro DMG before the Razor. Razor gets an Electro symbol after reaching an opponent that raises its power recharge time. Razors will concurrently have up to 3 Electro symbols, and the current electro symbol cools its duration.
  • Hold: It collects Electro power to activate the lightning storm through a small AoE, which causes enormous Electro Damage and destroys all Electro symbols. Each Electrical character that is cleared is transferred to the Razor Electricity.

Lightning Fang

Invokes the Wolf in which the Elecro DMG is presented to all the surrounding opponents. It cleans up all the Electro symbols of Razor, which are turned into elementary energy for him. The Wolf inside will fight for the duration of the know-how along with Razor.

The Wolf Within

Kills with the usual Electro DMG attacks of Razor.
Razor SPD and Electro RES boost ATK SPD.
Causes Razor to be resistant to the electro-charged state of DMG.
Deactivates the charged assaults of Razor.


One of the passive attacks classified as Passive Talent 1; It reduces Claw and Thunder’s CD by 18 percent. The Claw and Thunder are updated with the Lightning Fang.


The second passive attack is classified as Passive Talent 2; when electricity from Razor is smaller than energy 50 percent, this raises the energy consumption by 30 percent.


The final passive attack is named Passive Talent 3; Reduces bounding your character’s intake in a group by 20 percent. Not placeable with passive talents of precisely similar results.

Genshin Impact Razor – Constellations

Every character in Genshin Impact has a constellation that can be achieved at the respective levels. There are six constellations in Genshin Impact Razor, which are listed below-

Wolf’s Nature

Razor DMGs are increased by 10% for 8 seconds as it absorbs an Elemental Orb or Particle.


Improves CRIT rate by less than 30 percent HP on enemies by 10 percent.

Soul Companion

The Lightning Fang level is raised by 3, where the maximum level is 15.


The enemy’s DEF struck by throwing Claw and Thunder is decreased to 15 percent for 7 seconds.

Sharpened Claws

The Claw and Thunder level is raised by 3, where the maximum level is 15.

Lupus Fulguris

Razor’s sword loads every 10 seconds so that the next daily attack will carry out the 100 percent Electro DMG ATK of Razor’s ATK. Razor will send the enemy an Electro symbol to Claw and Thunder in a lightning strike if it doesn’t use Lightning Fang.

Genshin Impact Razor – Builds

Razor is ideally suited to the traditional DPS position and concentrates on its Electro skills. However, you may already have some high-level DPS fighters and are looking to fill a void with Razor. He may also serve as a warrior with help in that situation. The most used build for Razor is a Physical DPS Build. This build creates the maximum opportunity to increase the damage output of Razor. The build is fully focused on using the Lighting Fand Burst skill.


Genshin Impact Razor Weapons
Razor Weapons

Prototype Aminus

Upon successful attacks, regular or charged attacks are 50 percent likely to damage enemies within a small AoE by an additional 240 percent. It can happen only once every 15 seconds.

Wolf’s Gravestone

The assault rises by 20 percent. Attacks against enemies with less than 30 percent HP have increased the attack by 40 percent for 12 seconds on all party members. It can happen only once every 30 seconds.


Gladiator’s Finale Set

  • Two parts: 18 percent extra damage to the attack.
  • Four parts: 35 percent additional damage from the attacks of Claymore

Thundering Fury Set

  • Two parts: Electronic damage increases by 15 percent.
  • Four parts: Razor raises both overloads, electrical, and superconduct losses by 40 percent.

Final Words

To summarize, Razor is an outstanding DPS character in Genshin Impact. The abilities are fully made to make sure that you can do maximum damage with crowd control. The game developed many such characters with good lore. No wonder this game received such huge installs after its release.

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